7 Reasons Why Your Dog Won’t Go Outside With Anyone but You (2024)

Golden Retriever gazing up lovingly at female owner while walking together amidst fall foliage.

Dogs do well with routine, especially when they are training or learning a new command.

If you are trying to potty train your dog or just want to be able to let him outside to play, you may need to find a way to help him trust others in your family.

If your dog only goes outside with you, there are things you can do to correct the behavior. 

Why will my dog only go outside with me? If your dog will only go outside with you and refuses to do so with others, it could be due to improper training or separation anxiety. The reason could also be related to a previous negative experience, lack of socialization, pain or illness, stubbornness, or recent changes to the home environment.

If your dog refuses to go outside with anyone but you, be sure to read on to find out why and what you can do about it. 

Why Your Dog Won’t Go Outside With Anyone but You

If your dog only goes outside with you, there could be many reasons for the behavior. Here are some to consider.

1. Separation Anxiety

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety and do not like to be away from their owners. They can even be destructive when they feel isolated or alone.

Your dog may only go outside with you because he doesn’t want to be outside without you and always wants to be close to you.

2. Previous Negative Experience

If your dog has ever had a negative experience with something outside, such as being attacked by another animal, yelled at by another person, or just startled by a vehicle, he may relate the outdoors with something scary or bad and prefer to only go outside if you are nearby to protect him.

3. Stubbornness

Sometimes dogs won’t go outside just because they are stubborn. You will need to work with your dog to correct this behavior with proper training.

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4. You Unknowingly Foster the Behavior

If you have accidentally made it so your dog only feels comfortable going outside with you or if you have been the only one to ever take your dog outside, this could just be a habit, and you will need to break it.

5. Irrational Fear / Lack of Socialization

When dogs don’t get to spend a lot of time outdoors or have not had proper socialization, they are often scared of new things and develop irrational fears.

The more you take your dog around other people and coax your dog to go outside with others, the more your dog will get used to the idea.

6. Recent Changes

Dogs are sensitive to change, and if you have made any changes to your landscape, such as a fence or new plants and décor, had new neighbors move in next door, or have any other major changes to your home life, your dog may feel uncomfortable or apprehensive going outside without you.

It will take some time for your dog to adapt to the changes and feel comfortable again.

7. Pain or Illness

Your dog may be suffering from an injury or may be in pain and only want you near him.

Your dog depends on you for support and comfort, and if you can’t go outside with him, he may not want to go outside at all.

How To Help Your Dog Become More Comfortable With Others

A family of 5 walking a young Golden Retriever on a woodland trail in autumn.

If your dog won’t go outside with anyone else but you, he likely needs to be properly socialized. Here are some ways you can socialize your dog.


The best way to socialize your dog is to simply take him around more people and other dogs. You can arrange playdates with other dogs and owners and encourage your dog to enjoy the experience.

Eventually, your dog will relate new people and dogs to positive experiences.


Walking your dog often introduces him to new sights, sounds, and people and helps these things feel less threatening and new, and it allows him to adapt to changes and new things more easily. 

Try having someone else accompany you on these walks so that your dog gets used to being outside with someone other than you gradually.

Dog Park

Take your dog to a dog park where he will be able to meet new dogs and people and gain confidence.

You can do this regularly, and your dog will not get so anxious around new people and new situations and may be more likely to trust others.


Proper training will help your dog get used to going outside with other people. You will need to encourage this behavior and reward your dog when he goes outside with others.

The more you coax your dog to do this, the easier it will become.

Related Questions:

Why Does My Dog Not Want Anyone Near Me?

Dogs are very protective, and they may see other people as a threat. If they are not properly socialized, they may not feel comfortable with other people or even other animals being around you.

Proper socialization and training can help correct this behavior.

Why Won’t My Dog Potty on a Leash?

Some dogs feel anxious when they are on a leash or feel like they should be walking or doing something else. Your dog may associate the leash with something other than answering nature’s call.

Walk your dog around your yard on a leash or take him to the same place every time to help him relate the leash with using the bathroom. 

Final Thoughts 

If your dog refuses to go outside with anyone but you, he may be anxious or just lack proper training.

Understanding the reason behind the problem will allow you to correct your dog’s behavior and continue with training. 

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