4 Best Aussiedoodle Breeders in Texas! (2024)


Is it a poodle? Is it an Aussie? Nope, it’s better – it’s both! Hello, and welcome to our little corner, where you can find the best Aussiedoodle breeders in Texas.

Your search for Aussiedoodle breeders is at an end – we’ve got four such breeders on our list, and maybe one of them has the right Aussiedoodle for you!

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The Average Cost of an Aussiedoodle Puppy from a Breeder in Texas


Before we get into the meat and potatoes of the article, we’d like to give you a bit of a gander at a few aspects of the Aussiedoodle. You know, to supply you with some information that y’all might find helpful.

First, we’d like to address the elephant in the room – the average price of an Aussiedoodle puppy in Texas. That price is a range that depends on a few factors. Namely, its size and coloration.

That range is $500$5000. This spread is so wide because some breeders increase the price for smaller toy variants of the Aussiedoodle – especially if the markings are rare and desirable.

Since there are three official sizes of an Aussiedoodle, according to the AKC anyway, the smaller the puppies are expected to be at full size, the more expensive the Aussiedoodle.

Here’s a helpful pricing list to break down the cost based on size:

  • Toy | $1500$5000+
  • Medium | $1000$2500
  • Standard | $500$2000

Pedigree also factors in; in some extreme cases, the stars align to where the breeder charges around $25,000. That’s not a typo.

Some Questions To Ask A Breeder


Believe it or not, when y’all talk to a breeder, questions should be slung both ways.

These questions relax you two during the transactional agreement and provide vital trust-building information to each other. You are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you.

To help you out, we’ll throw you a bone with a list of starter questions – commonly asked. They will serve to show your interest in the Aussiedoodle to the breeder.

  • What size do you expect the Aussiedoodle puppy to get when fully grown?
  • What brand of puppy food should I buy?
  • Are there any medical conditions that they have that I need to look out for?
  • Can I meet their parents and siblings?

Remember, these are not the only questions you should ask. There are entire articles dedicated to that, which we recommend y’all read.

Oh, and be prepared to answer questions about your living conditions, household members, age of children, and others.

Since the Aussiedoodle is generally on the smaller side of breeds, even the standard variation, most landlords are okay with them. Still, you should always get clearance before you adopt any animal into the apartment.

Common Traits of the Aussiedoodle Breed


General Demeanor: [Very Friendly]

An Aussiedoodle is a gentle, friendly, intelligent, and playful breed. They are great with children and are unlikely to bite.

Fur Maintenance: [High]


Aussiedoodles shed seasonally and require daily brushing to prevent their fur from matting.

Additionally, we strongly recommend monthly grooming, as the hair around their eyes can matt up and prevent your poor Aussiedoodle from seeing.

Y’all will want to be careful around their eyes, tails, and butt areas – they are quite sensitive.

You could accidentally hurt them when brushing or grooming them. We recommend considering a professional groomer if you aren’t confident grooming them yourself.

Energy Levels: [Very High]

Word of warning: Be prepared to lag behind this powerhouse of a puppy. They are incredibly energetic and will likely experience bouts of “Zoomies.”

We recommend daily walks if possible, with playtime set aside if walking isn’t possible. If you play tug of war, don’t pull hard suddenly because that isn’t safe for their necks.

On the bright side – they don’t bark much unless they think it’s necessary.

Drooling: [Low, Until they drink water]


Ever seen a dog dribble water out their mouth after drinking some water? Well, be prepared to deal with that thing daily with an Aussiedoodle.

Because their mouth is so furry, it acts like a sponge, sopping up the water and dribbling out over time due to gravity.

We’d recommend training them to wipe their face on a rag after drinking to minimize the risk of creating a slippery spot or ruining your lovely wood flooring.

You can also ask the groomer to trim down the facial hair, which helps combat this issue on a more sporadic level. It’s not drooling, just water or liquid they get their nose into.

Aussiedoodle Puppies For Sale by Breeders in Texas


Alright, here’s what y’all came for – our list of Aussiedoodle breeders in Texas! Let’s get into it, then!

1. Triple Cross Aussies


First up is Triple Cross Aussies, dealing in beautiful toy and mini Aussiedoodle puppies; this business is owned by Julie Moore.

Julie has been raising Aussies since 2004 and believes that “the perfect family dog starts early in its life, with the breeder.” There are numerous benefits to getting your Aussiedoodle puppy with Triple Cross Aussies:

  • Each puppy comes with a lifetime of breeder support
    • This includes answering any questions you may have about your puppy for the lifetime of the puppy
  • Each puppy is exposed to early socialization
  • When the puppy’s eyes open, they begin sounds, sights, and smell training alongside litterbox training.
    • Litterbox training is essential to start the process of housebreaking the puppy.
  • The puppies are introduced to various other household pets, such as cats, birds, and others, so they become more comfortable in homes with those animals.

Triple Cross Aussies charges a $300 deposit to reserve a puppy from a litter, which will be counted towards the final price. The prices vary from $1000 to $2000, based on the two puppies she had available at the time of writing.

If you’re ready to get in touch with Julie Moore, here is how you get in contact with her:

Triple Cross Aussies Details:

2. Awesome Doodle


Next up on our list is Awesome Doodle, a loose collection of private doodle breeders across the United States. The ones that deal with Aussiedoodles in Texas are Natalie and Kris.

Those two live on a 25-acre ranch near Pottsboro, Texas. Natalie is an active chiropractor working out of her office for a living.

As for Kris, he shoes horses as a “farrier.” They also participate in horse training, of which Natalie is a World Championship qualifier in Ranch Sorting and Mounted Shooting.

They are raising mini Aussiedoodles, but there isn’t much else about the pups listed on the page. You will need to go through the Awesomedoodle application process to contact them.

Awesome Doodle Details:

3. Live Oak Aussiedoodles


The third addition to our list is Live Oak Aussiedoodles, owned by Rodney and Cathy Clive.

Unfortunately, Live Oak Aussiedoodles has no dedicated website; their business is done through a Facebook page instead.

The page was created on February 4, 2021, so they are fairly new to breeding compared to other breeders on this list. However, just because they’re new at it doesn’t mean they are bad breeders.

When writing, they had two Aussiedoodle puppies available, one female and one male, born 01/08/23. The male, Sparky, is two-toned, black and white, and the female, Tilly, is all black.

They are standard Aussiedoodles, so expect the price to be lower than other breeders on this list.

Live Oak Aussiedoodles is off to a great start, with five reviews rated at five stars. This caught our eye and earned them a spot on this list.

One of the reviews was bold enough to claim that the experience working with them was amazing – that they were responsive and quick to answer any questions the reviewer had.

Another reviewer described Rodney and Cathy as “beyond professional” and said they’d recommend Live Oak Aussiedoodles without hesitation.

Here’s how to get in touch with Rodney and Cathy Clive:

Live Oak Aussiedoodles Details:

4. Happy Hollow Ranch


Happy Hollow Ranch is the last addition to our Aussiedoodle Breeders in Texas list. This breeder is loaded with information about the family and their experience as Aussiedoodle breeders.

They are committed to raising happy and healthy puppies and providing excellent, professional service to adoptive parents looking for an Aussiedoodle puppy.

Happy Hollow Ranch offers a free lifetime puppy training course from Baxter and Bella. However, that benefit doesn’t apply to sale-priced puppies.

At the time of writing, they didn’t have any puppies available, but the website is very well organized, so when they do, easy to find them!

Here’s how to get in contact with Happy Hollow Ranch:

Happy Hollow Ranch Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Aussiedoodles hard to housebreak?

Aussiedoodles are high-energy, but very intelligent. They may struggle a little at first to be housebroken, but they will catch on.

How often should you bathe an Aussiedoodle?

Aussiedoodles are still relative to poodles, so you should bathe them at least once a month.

Why does my Aussie constantly lick me?

If your dog licks you, it could mean they like you, but it could also indicate boredom, anxiety, or fear.

What Are the Best Aussiedoodle Breeders in Texas?


Aussiedoodle puppies are one of the cutest breeds out there, so it’s not a surprise that you were on the search for one to join your family.

We hope that you managed to wrangle the Aussiedoodle puppy that tickled your heartstrings, and we wish you the best of luck raising your furry bundle of joy.

Have a wonderful day now, ya hear?

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