Pug Puppies In Ohio – Top 5 Breeders! (2024)


Pug puppies are an intelligent, energetic, and loyal breed that is sure to add more fun and life to any home. Pug puppies in Ohio can be found if you do your research.

If you are looking for a Pug puppy, choosing one from a reputable and trustworthy breeder is best. This way, you can find the dog you need for your household.

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Pug Breeders In Ohio


Another major bonus of going through a reliable breeder is avoiding spending excess money on vet visits and suffering needless heartbreak.

This list of Ohio’s top five Pug puppy breeders will help you get a healthy and genetically sound Pug puppy for your family.

1. Silver Maple Puppy & Equine


If you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy Pug puppy breeder in Ohio, Silver Maple Puppy & Equine is a great breeder to contact!

This family-owned breeder raises Pugs and other breeds on their over thirty-acre farm. Pugs from this breeder AKC are registerable on a limited companionship basis with a strict spay/neuter policy.

Pug puppies raised at Silber Maply Puppy & Equine have the best start early on and are socialized often.

The puppies are introduced to people of all ages and animals of all kinds. Pug puppies are thought to be better able to adjust if they are socialized this way.

The puppies at this breeder go home with a one-year health guarantee and are genetically tested to back it up.

Every puppy gets wormed, vaccinated, and given a thorough exam. Transitional supplies like a collar, starter food, and a blanket from the litter go home with every puppy.

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2. Pug Way of Life


The breeders at Pug Way of Life care about the health and temperament of their Pug puppies.

If you are looking for a reputable breeder in Ohio, this is a great breeder to contact about Pug puppies. They offer AKC, CKC, and non-registered Pugs through their breeding program.

They have some color specializations, such as a “Panda Pug” or the Pugs with black around the eyes and muzzle.

It is essential to join their waitlist as soon as you are comfortable to be in a good spot to receive one of these Pugs quickly.

Pug Way of Life offers over sixteen years of experience providing sturdy and stable Pugs.

There is little information about what they offer regarding vaccines or worming regimens. There are a few different ways to contact them to ask further questions.

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3. Sheffield Pugs


If you’re reading this list because you are looking for a reputable Pug puppy breeder in Ohio or the surrounding areas, then Sheffield Pugs is an excellent choice.

This breeder has over twenty years of experience and produced over a hundred show-worthy Pugs. This breeder is diligent in its breeding program and strives to provide the best genetics and health.

A veterinarian checks all puppies that are through Sheffield Pugs with routine care. Each puppy receives a worming schedule and their first set of vaccines. Pug puppies are microchipped, and new owners are given a lifetime registration.

This breeder makes sure to temperament test their puppies to ensure they are ready to go to the outside world.

Sheffield Pugs socializes the puppies often and early and makes sure to start potty training early. They offer a routine to help the new owner transition with their new Pug puppy.

They are great at answering calls if you have any questions.

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4. Tipping Point Farm


One of the best top Pug puppy breeders in Ohio is found at Tipping Point Farm. This breeder takes their passion for Pugs seriously and offers a variety of colors.

Some of the colors provided through this breeder may even surprise you, with some of these colors, merle, pink, pied, silver, and fawn being the most notable.

This breeder takes great care to provide new owners and prospective future owners with information about the Pug breed. Tipping Point Farm takes pride in its Pugs.

All puppies are on limited registration contracts. Some are spay/neuter, and some are full breeding rights; it depends on the agreement between the breeder and the owner.

You can expect each Pug puppy to come wormed and have its first set of vaccines, but you must take your new Pug puppy to a vet within the first three days. This is essential to determine your puppy’s health before anything worsens.

As this rarely happens, an entire replacement plan is available if something is wrong with your new pup.

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5. Candyland Kennels


Candyland Kennels is the last on the list of the top five Pug puppy breeders in Ohio, but they are at the top of their lists every time. This breeder is a reliable breeder of AKC registerable Pugs with championship bloodlines that they are very proud of.

Each dog is showcased, and you can find information about each parent to each planned litter in the immediate future.

All sorts of great information about the Pug breed can be found on their website and Candyland Kennels’ mission statement. Every litter is hand-selected with care to produce the best genetics and health possible.

All puppies are given extra love and one-on-one socialization from birth until they go home.

This breeder will not ship their Pug puppies, but they do everything possible to help you get to your puppy. All Pug puppies will come with their first shots, microchips and registration, and limited registrations through the AKC.

There are transitional items like a collar and a sample of food to help out the new owner when they bring their new Pug puppy home. This breeder is available for questions throughout the life of your pet.

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How To Choose a Pug Puppies Breeder In Ohio?


Pug puppies should be purchased from a reputable breeder. We have provided the following list for those interested in finding a Pug puppy in Ohio or the surrounding area. Numerous breeders produce pug puppies in Ohio.

If you want a successful and well-rounded Pug, you must find a breeder in your area who shares your goals for the kind of pet you want.

Meeting your breeder in person is essential before you deposit, not by phone or video call. Scammers and puppy mills often exploit buyers who provide sick animals without assurance or assistance.

Usually, a reputable breeder will provide as much information as possible from the start to the end of the life of your Pug puppy.

More Information About Pug Puppies In Ohio

Though Pug puppies are not the largest, they are still sweet, cute, and intelligent. Pug puppies and adult dogs are usually healthy.

Pugs are great pets, but before buying a puppy, it is a good idea to research the breed. This will help ensure the dog thrives in its environment.

Pugs are generally characterized as small, intelligent, and energetic dogs with high levels of energy and intelligence. The older the Pug gets, the more prone it is to various health problems.

The most common ailments are sinusitis, breathing difficulties, hip disorders, joint pain, and eye and dental issues.

If you are looking for a Pug breeder, make sure that the breeder guarantees that every Pug puppy they raise will be genetically tested. Dogs will inevitably suffer from several health issues during their lifetimes.

Nevertheless, breeders will ensure that their puppies are intelligent, strong, and come from the best maternal lines possible to have the best chance at success.

Best Pug Puppies In Ohio


You have come to the right place if you are looking for a loving Pug puppy in Ohio. In Ohio, there is a comprehensive range of Pug puppy breeders, and this article lists the top five Pug puppy breeders in Ohio.

Some kennel clubs limit the color of the Pug breed to no more than four shades. Even so, some breeders on this list specialize in all types of Pugs, regardless of color.

There are so many Pug breeders in Ohio that it may seem overwhelming. If Pugs are the breed for you, research them and contact breeders. Veterinary care and grooming are required for Pugs to stay healthy.

Ask the breeder whether they can assist you when buying a Pug puppy during the transition period.

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