Pug Puppies In Massachusetts – Top 5 Breeders! (2024)


Known for their intelligence, activity, and loyalty, Pug puppies are sure to add more fun and excitement to the lives of those who adopt them. Pug puppies in Massachusetts are easy to find.

If you are in the market for a Pug puppy, there is no better way to get one than to choose one from a reputable and trustworthy breeder.

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Pug Breeders In Massachusetts


Choosing a reputable breeder can save money on vet visits and prevent unnecessary problems with the Pug puppy growing up.

We have compiled a list of Massachusetts’ top five Pug puppy breeders so you can find a Pug puppy that is healthy and genetically sound.

1. Highland Pugs


One of the best top Pug puppy breeders in Massachusetts is Highland Pugs.

You can find this breeder by searching for Pug puppies in your local area on Good Dog. This website only publishes information about reputable breeders in the area of interest.

Temperament and health are among the priorities for this breeder. Pug puppies do not go home before ten weeks, giving them a better chance at transitioning.

The reviews for Highland Pugs are all positive and talk about bright and charming Pugs that delight the entire home.

You can contact this breeder through the Good Dog website and leave your contact information if you have any questions. You can also call or email the breeder with the contact information below.

Pug Breeder Information:

2. Majoray Pugs


If you are looking for a specific color of Pug puppies, like black or fawn, look no further than Majoray Pugs. This is a reliable and reputable breeder of black and fawn Pug puppies in Massachusetts.

While this breeder does not have a website, they are listed on InfoDog with a simple posting.

With over fourteen years of experience with breeding Pugs, Majoray Pugs is a trusted breeder found in Massachusetts. A listing of the Pugs is visible and registered through this breeder for litter creation.

There is no information found about anything else this breeder has to offer. It is wise to contact this breeder for more information concerning vaccines and worming schedules, contracts, pricing, and benefits of their breeding program.

All Pug puppies come on a strict spay/neuter contract and have limited registration with the AKC. This means that the Pug puppy you bring home is agreed only to be used as a companion animal and won’t be bred or used as a show dog.

Pug Breeder Information:

3. Butterfly Kisses Pugs


Another reliable breeder of Pug puppies found in Massachusetts is Butterfly Kisses Pugs. They are passionate about their Pug breeding program and offer several litters a year.

This breeder can be located by searching Pawesome Puppies, as they have no other website or social media to provide.

The breeders at Butterfly Kisses Pugs raise companions and show dogs and sell them on limited contracts and registrations. It is crucial to contact this breeder long before you need a Pug puppy because their waitlist is currently longer than usual.

Feel free to reach out to them and leave a message or voicemail if you want more information. Be sure to ask about vaccines offered, how soon your puppy can go home, and what is the essential part of the breeding program to them!

Pug Breeder Information:

4. Pug Puppy Breeder of Boston


If you are in the Boston area of Massachusetts and looking for a reputable Pug puppy breeder, check out the Pug Puppy Breeder of Boston. They specialize in AKC-registered puppies and are focused on health and temperament.

All puppies are genetically tested and examined before returning to their new homes.

Puppies get their first vaccines and go through a worming treatment to ensure they are healthy upon arrival to their new homes. This small in-home breeder produces only a few litters a year.

All puppies are thoroughly cared for with early neurological stimulation and early socialization. Puppies are introduced to children, adults, and other animals to help them live well-adjusted lives.

This breeder provides all of the puppies with high-quality food and vitamins to build strong bones and joints. The transition of their Pug puppies to their new homes is essential to this breeder; samples of the food and vitamins are sent along with them.

Pug Breeder Information:

5. Pet Express Boston


Although Pet Express is not the breeder of the Pug puppies you seek, it is a reputable finder and partner of trustworthy and reliable private Pug puppy breeders in Massachusetts.

All of the puppies you find through Pet Express get the same benefits and are guaranteed to be happy and healthy dogs.

All puppies receive one-year guarantees for health and genetics free of defects. They offer spay/neuter certificates with strict spay/neuter contracts to help you accomplish the job.

There is a lot of great information about the Pug breed on their website, which can help gauge whether you are ready for this breed to be in your home.

The Pug is considered a pure-blooded dog by AKC standards and will come with all available information and appropriate registration paperwork.

You must follow up with this process to have your dog registered in the system for the breeding program to mark down.

While the breeders are not listed until after you have reached out to Pet Express, all breeders are sure to be certified and provide the best care for their parents and puppies.

Pet Express is nationwide, and while they ship puppies for extra costs, it is highly recommended to find the Pet Express closest to you to have the least traumatic effects on the new Pug puppy.

It is hard to tell what kind of socialization or training the Pug puppies will receive because no individualized breeder information exists.

Pug Breeder Information:

How To Choose a Pug Puppies Breeder In Massachusetts?


It is highly recommended that you purchase your puppy from a reliable breeder. There are many places in Massachusetts where you can find a Pug pup.

If you live in Massachusetts or the surrounding area, we have listed the top five local Pug breeders.

Massachusetts is home to several breeders who produce pug puppies. For a successful and well-rounded Pug, you need to find a breeder in your area who shares your goals.

Before you make a deposit, you must meet your breeder in person, not by phone or video. Many buyers are exploited by scammers and puppy mills that sell sick animals without any assurances or assistance.

Pug puppies should be provided with as much information as possible by a reputable breeder from the beginning to the end of their lives.

More Information About Pug Puppies In Massachusetts

While Pug puppies are one of the smallest breeds, they are still delightful, cute, and intelligent. They are generally healthy dogs and puppies.

Pugs make excellent pets, but before investing in a pup, it is a good idea to research the breed. This way, you can ensure the animal’s quality of life.

Generally, Pugs are small, intelligent, energetic, and intelligent dogs. The older a Pug gets, the more health problems it will likely suffer. Sinusitis, breathing difficulties, hip disorders, joint pain, and dental issues are the most common ailments.

Whenever you are looking for a Pug breeder, make sure they guarantee that all puppies they raise will be genetically tested. Unfortunately, dogs will inevitably suffer from several health problems throughout their lifetime.

Breeders, however, ensure their puppies come from an excellent maternal line and are intelligent, strong, and have the best chances of success.

Best Pug Breeders In Massachusetts


If you are from Massachusetts or the surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place if you are seeking a puppy.

There are many Pug puppy breeders in Massachusetts, and the following article lists the top five Pug puppy breeders in Ohio.

There are kennel clubs that limit the color of the Pug breed to four shades. Despite this, some breeders listed here specialize in all types of Pugs.

As you can imagine, there are many Pug breeders in Massachusetts. Do your research and contact breeders if you are interested in Pugs.

Pugs require veterinary care and grooming to remain healthy. The breeder may be able to help you during the transition period if you are purchasing a Pug puppy.

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