How Much Do Puggles Cost? Real Breeder Prices! (2024)

Puggle puppy licking his paw

Have you been longing for the adorable squishy family pet that is a Puggle? Are you wondering whether these dogs are available and affordable for your family?

Here is everything that you need to know about how much Puggles cost, as well as some tips on choosing a breeder.

How much do Puggles cost? Puggles cost between $800 and $1800, depending on the breeder and the color of the dog. You may be able to find Puggles available for cheaper, but the chances that these breeders will be less reputable increase. 

Compare actual breeder prices, learn what we looked for in breeders, and find out some questions that you should be sure to ask. Read on to find out some other important information about bringing home your Puggle puppy.

Actual Breeder Prices

Prices vary for Puggles, so what are reputable breeders actually charging? We found breeders who seem to be reputable and long-standing who raise puppies in their homes and follow all health requirements.

Some didn’t list prices, but of the ones that did, their puppies range from $800 to $1,800. The price difference was largely due to the dog’s color. There does not seem to be a significant price discrepancy due to gender among Puggles. 

What we looked for in breeders

Aside from the usual information like the link to the breeder’s website, their location, the number, and the price puppies are typically available for, we also checked if breeders offered special services such as delivery. 

Most importantly, all of these breeders offer healthy puppies and make demands on the buyer that the puppy should be kept indoors, receive proper veterinary care, and be treated with love. These breeders are happy to take back a dog if someone should decide to rehome, showing their commitment to their dogs throughout life. 

Breeder Location Price Services
Cute Puggle Ohio $800 Delivery
Puggle Puppies New Jersey $1,000 – 1,800  
Prairie View Puggles NE Missouri Contact for price Shipping
Pugglesville Washington $1,000 Shipping
Kanine Kisses North Texas Contact for price Shipping

What to look for when choosing a Puggle breeder

The price for Puggles varies dramatically, which may cause you to search out the best deal for your adorable Puggle puppy. After all, why pay significantly more for a puppy that is no cuter than the one that is more affordable?

While it is certainly possible to find more affordable Puggles from family breeders near you, accidental litters, or older puppies that have not sold yet, but be wary of pups that are for sale at a low price from large puppy dealers. 

These dealers claim to connect small breeders to national buyers but don’t trust them unless they connect you directly to the breeder and you are able to ask the questions that we’ve discussed here. Too often, these large dealers are not screening their breeders carefully. 

Breeders post a cute story and adorable pictures, but in fact, dogs may be raised in terrible puppy mill conditions. You need to know about the conditions that your puppy and their parents are kept in before you buy.

Questions to ask a Puggle Breeder

1. How are your puppies raised?

Puggles are small breed dogs who are made to live with their people. You should not tolerate any breeder who does not raise puppies in their homes, among their family and other pets.

The Puggle that you bring home should have been well socialized with people, be comfortable with all kinds of surfaces, and have begun potty training.

2. What do you do to guarantee my puppy’s health?

Puggles are not an AKC registered breed, therefore there are not necessarily suggested screenings for them. That said, a very responsible Puggle breeder will screen for luxating patella and eye problems in their breeding stock.

Look for breeding dogs that are AKC registered, since most Puggles are first-generation mixes between a pug and a beagle.

3. What can you tell me about your dogs?

You shouldn’t be able to get your breeder to stop talking about their dogs. Most people who choose to breed Puggles do so because they have fallen in love with this squishy breed or because they love aspects of the Pug and want to produce a healthier dog that maintains what they appreciate about the pug.

Breeders should discuss the virtues of both beagles and pugs that they own, as well as why they think the Puggle is the perfect family dog. If breeders don’t seem enthusiastic about their dogs or what they do, you can suspect that they are only doing it for the money and that they may not be entirely honest.

4. Can I tour your facility?

Many breeders will not allow you to actually walk into their facility, out of fear that you could spread contagious disease. However, there should be a glass viewing area where you can look into the area where puppies are born and raised.

You should also be allowed to meet some of the adult dogs who are fully vaccinated. Even if you are a distance away and don’t actually intend to visit the facility, knowing that the breeder is willing to give you this option shows that they don’t have anything to hide.

If you can’t physically visit, see if the breeders are willing to show you videos of the facility and the puppy. 

Getting ready for your new puppy 

You’ve done your research and saved the cost for your puppy, initial medical care, and supplies, and put down a deposit for your new fur-child. Now, what should you do to get ready for your new puppy? Here are a few things that you can do to prepare.

Puppy proofing

You will be amazed by what your Puggle puppy finds their way into. Your Puggle will follow their nose into all kinds of trouble unless you lock your house down carefully.

Even though you should be supervising your Puggle anytime they are loose in your home, they can still get into things so quickly that puppy-proofing is essential. Put child locks on any cabinets that your puppy may be able to open, and make sure that trash is completely Inaccessible.

Prepare a crate

Even if you want to spend every second with your Puggle, there will certainly be times when you can’t pay attention. Your Puggle should come with some basic potty training, but they are still likely to have accidents. 

Every time that your Puggle puppy has an accident and you don’t notice, their potty-training goes a step back. While Puggles aren’t particularly known for being difficult to potty train, the breed can be a bit stubborn and distractible sometimes, so it is extra important to be strict about potty training. 

Choosing a crate

Standard wire dog crates work well for Puggles and have the benefit of being able to be folded and put away when your dog gets older and needs it less often The crate that you choose should be big enough for your Puggle to stand up and move around comfortably, but not so big that they feel like they have room to eliminate and still have somewhere to lie down. 

We like this straightforward, affordable Midwest Life Stages crate because it is big enough for your full-grown Puggle but has an optional divider panel so that you can reduce the space your puppy has for potty training.

This crate is 36 in long and 27 in tall, which should be large enough to serve your Puggle throughout life. This crate has two doors, which makes it much easier to orient in your space and still have easy access to the door.

Water bowl

Your dog needs access to water while they are in the crate, especially if they are going to be chewing on a food toy or bone while they are in there. Unfortunately, Puggles are not known for being especially graceful or self-aware, and it will be very easy for your puppy to knock over a water bowl.

In order to give your dog water without having them spill it all over, choose a water bowl that firmly attaches to the crate and lift it high enough that your dog won’t accidentally step in it.

MidWest Homes for Pets Snap'y Fit Food Bowl | Pet...

We like the Midwest Homes for Pets bowl because it has a firm and sturdy attachment that keeps your dog from spilling but allows you to easily remove the bowl for cleaning and refilling. Furthermore, this stainless steel bowl is unlikely to fall victim to your puppy’s teeth.

Kong puppy toy 

Just as a pacifier soothes and calms a baby, the Kong puppy toy acts as a calming and soothing balm for your Puggle puppy. Both pugs and beagles are known for being highly food motivated. This is great when you are training, but unfortunately, it can easily lead to obesity when Puggles are fed from a bowl. 

The Kong toy allows you to turn mealtime into entertainment time. The puppy rubber is specially designed to soothe your teething puppy.

If you stuff it with food and treats, your Puggle will be more than happy to spend some time in their crate and work on the toy. It’s a good idea to give your puppy the majority of their food out of a toy such as this.

Related Questions

Are Puggles healthy dogs?

Puggles tend to be relatively healthy. They usually don’t suffer from breathing issues or back problems like pugs. They may inherit bulgy eyes from both beagles and pugs, which can lead to some eye problems.

Small dogs like pugs, beagles, and Puggles can be prone to luxating patella. That said, in general, the Puggle is quite healthy.

Do Puggle puppies require a lot of training?

Puggles can be a bit on the stubborn side, as both beagles and pugs have their own minds. Therefore, it is very important to offer firm and consistent training to your Puggle throughout their puppyhood and adulthood.

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