Labrador Puppies in Massachusetts – Top 4 Breeders! (2024)

Getting a Lab puppy would be an excellent idea for any family. They are also friendly and companionable housemates who easily connect with everyone in the family, both young and old which is why we have a list of the best Labrador puppies in Massachusetts for you!

If you are in Massachusetts and you are looking for the best place to buy Lab puppies, we created this guide for you. Being a large dog breed, Labs are susceptible to hips and elbow dysplasia.

However, the best Lab breeders in Massachusetts conduct thorough health tests before breeding to ensure their sires and dams are free from such conditions. 

In this article, we will highlight some of the reputable and reliable Lab breeders we found in Massachusetts after our thorough findings. For quality and healthy Lab puppies in Massachusetts, check out our list below. 

The Best Labrador Breeders in Massachusetts


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1. Excalibur Labradors


After extensive research, we found Excalibur Labradors to be one of the few reliable Lab breeders in Massachusetts. Excalibur is an excellent breeder with a focus on quality, health, and temperament.

This AKC registered breeder specializes in breeding English Lab Retrievers with exceptional health and conformation. 

Excalibur is also known for its fine quality AKC Registered Bernese Mountain Dogs. Raising different dog breeds in the same space helps socialize the pups. It exposes and makes them friendly to other pets.

Located in Acushnet, Massachusetts, this breeder has puppies all over the United States, including Florida, Maine, New Jersey, New Hampshire, etc.

Excalibur is owned by a family whose home is situated on seven peaceful acres of land. Their home is set back about 400 feet off the road and surrounded by woodlands, making it an excellent place to raise puppies. 

They have more than enough space for the pups and dogs to run around, play, exercise, and explore freely.

The family purchased their first Lab in 1990 after hearing about the loving traits and personalities of the breed. They decided to share the love they experienced from this breed with other families by venturing into breeding. 

Excalibur is a breeder with high standards, as they conduct thorough research and a series of health tests before adding any dog to their breeding program.

The family genuinely loves this breed and does everything possible to ensure they provide you with the healthiest and happiest Lab puppies possible.

All their puppies are born and raised in their home. They give the pups the utmost dedication, socialization, and care.

The pups from this breeder come with a written health guarantee to protect against congenital defects. In addition, all pups are dewormed, up-to-date on vaccination, and vet-checked before going home.

The family starts the pups on NuVet vitamins for optimal health. They also send the puppies home with 30-day free health insurance.

Besides this, Excalibur is careful about who goes home with their puppies. They only place their puppies as family pets in loving homes. 

Excalibur Labradors Details:

  • Address/Location: 229 Perry Hill Rd, Acushnet, MA 02743
  • Phone Number: 508-951-3179
  • Website: Excalibur Labradors 

2. Pacheco Kennels


Pacheco Kennels is one of the oldest Lab breeders in Massachusetts.

Owned by a lovely family consisting of George, Joan, Kim, and Kevin Pacheco, this breeding program has been in existence since 1972. With several decades of experience, Pacheco has mastered the act of selective breeding. 

You can rely on this family for quality puppies with excellent pedigrees. All their puppies are from superior bloodlines. The sires and dams are vigorously DNA and health-tested before joining the breeding program. 

For decades, this family has only focused on the Labrador Retriever. They strive to breed only the highest quality Labs and place them as family pets in the right homes. The Pacheco family are responsible breeders who play by the rule and breed ethically. 

Their breeding facility is at their home, situated on 10 beautiful acres, so the puppies and dogs have the perfect living conditions and environment.

In addition to producing quality puppies, this family prides itself in customer satisfaction, fairness of business practices, and spare no expenses or cut corners to ensure you have the happiest and healthiest puppies. 

This family’s love for animals also extends to other animal programs. They donate 1,000 pounds of cat and dog food to shelters in need monthly. The family believes every animal should be happy, and the practice starts with their pets. 

George and Joan, the owners of this program, have 42 years of experience in this field. We checked them out on Instagram and Facebook, and we were amazed by their enormous number of good reviews.

They have raised the bar on what should be expected of a breeder. Like their dozens of customers nationwide, you will not regret buying a puppy from this breeder. 

Pacheco Kennels Details:

3. Sunapee Labradors


Established in 2005, Sunapee Labradors is a passionate and well-educated breeder. This small kennel is located in Sterling, Massachusetts, about 40 miles west of Boston.

With almost two decades of experience, Sunapee has discovered a strategy for selectively choosing its breeding dogs and pairing the right sire and dam to produce exceptional puppies. 

Sunapee is AKC-registered, and all its dogs are bred according to the AKC standards. This family is dedicated to preserving the quality and temperament of the Lab Retriever. They love this dog’s athletic quality and versatility and aim to keep it that way. 

Health and temperament are the top priorities in the breeding program. The family only breeds dogs with excellent health records. They also access the temperaments of the sires and dams before mating them.

The breeding dogs are screened for elbow and hip dysplasia by the OFA. They examine their eyes yearly to ensure they are in the perfect condition for the task. 

Sunapee Labs also test their dogs for exercise-induced collapse (EIC) and PRA.

They breed to continue their kennel and place their pups in companion homes. Sunapee sells all its puppies on limited AKC registration. However, you can contact them if you want full registration.

Sunapee Labradors Details:

4. Silver Brook Labs


The number four spot on our list of the best Lab breeders in Massachusetts goes to Silver Brook Labs. Not many breeders in MA have been able to build the kind of reputation Silver Brook has built over the years. 

If you are looking for perfectly healthy, top-quality, and great-looking Lab puppies in Massachusetts, Silver Brook Labs is one of the best options to consider. They produce AKC standard Labs with various coat colors, including:

  • Fox-red 
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Silver 
  • Chocolate 
  • Champagne 
  • Charcoal-black 

This family runs an impressive, robust breeding program, as all their Labs are carefully selected from champion bloodlines. Before breeding, full panel genetic tests are carried out on all the sires and dams.

The tests also extend to the hips and elbows of the dogs to ensure they are free of dysplasia. A certified practitioner also examines their heart and eyes yearly to make sure they are always in perfect condition. 

Silver Brook is a small family-operated breeding farm situated on 14 acres. All the puppies are born and raised in their home as family members.

They have kids who help with the socialization of the puppies. Your new baby would have gotten used to being around kids before coming home. 

They also adopt Early Neurological Stimulation and Puppy Culture in raising their puppies. Your new puppy will be a blessing to your home rather than a burden.

They also have an in-house vet that cares for the pups and dogs, ensuring they are healthy, sound, and up-to-date on vaccinations and other preventative medications. 

Silver Brook Labs Details:

Conclusion For “Labrador Puppies in Massachusetts – Top 4 Breeders”


Different breeders have different priorities in their breeding programs.

Some focus more on pre-breeding, which is conducting thorough health tests before breeding, while some focus more on post-breeding, including training, socialization, and more.

We highly recommend you choose a breeder with a perfect balance, as both aspects are important. Choose a breeder that focuses on health testing, training, temperament assessment, and socialization.

The Lab breeders listed here feature a balance of these traits. You can contact the one closest to you to start the adoption process. 

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