Labrador Puppies in Michigan – Top 4 Breeders! (2024)

Choosing the Lab breed as your new family pet is a great choice, as these dogs make excellent family companions. They are one of the most sought-after dog breeds in the US which is why we have a list of the best Labrador puppies in Michigan for you.

Labradors originated in Canada and are the most popular dog of 2021, according to CNN. However, the increased popularity of this breed can be a blessing and an issue, as the number of puppy mills and shady breeders is increasing steadily. 

After thorough research and consultations, we have compiled a list of some Lab breeders in Michigan you can trust. We listed these breeders because of their reputation, experience, breeding standards, and ethics.

We also recommend you conduct a phone or physical interview with them before making any commitment. 

The Best Labrador Breeders in Michigan


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1. Michigan Elite Labradors


Michigan Elite Labradors offers AKC-registered Lab puppies with excellent health and temperament. The ultimate goal of this breeder is to produce great family pets and companions.

Steve and Alisha are the proud owners of this breeding program. They have years of experience in this field, and you will not regret buying your pup from them. 

All their pups are bred for calm demeanours, making them excellent companions for families and individuals. The pups from this breeder also have field and show potential, so you can raise them for fieldwork. 

Steve and Alisha are certified “Bred with H.E.A.R.T.” Breeders with the American Kennel Club. Apart from being AKC-registered, all their puppies are bred according to the AKC standards.

The couple ensures the dogs through extensive health testing before adding them to the breeding program. 

Michigan Elite is dedicated to Labs and is passionate about their many wonderful qualities.

Their goal is to bring the love of a Lab to families and homes nationwide. They started the breed program in June 2005 and expanded the kennel after getting married in 2009. 

The couple is blessed with two wonderful kids – Isabelle and Bohden. Isabelle was born in 2012, and she has been an integral part of the breeding program. Bohden was born in 2017, and he gets to grow up with these wonderful dogs.

All their puppies are well-socialized, as they are handled daily by people of different ages and races. The family also exposes them to various textures and sounds to ensure they have a smooth transition to their home. 

In addition, the puppies go home with a two-year health guarantee against all hips and elbow conditions. The breeder also offers a lifetime guarantee on all puppies against genetic defects.

However, the condition for keeping the lifetime guarantee is keeping your new puppy on an approved top-quality feed. 

Michigan Elite Labradors Details:

2. Blackwoods Labradors


If there is one thing Blackwoods Labradors is very good at, it is raising Labs to be a great addition to their new homes.

We were impressed with the comments and recommendations on their testimonial page. They have customers nationwide who are happy with their purchase. 

Blackwoods does a great job of raising healthy and happy puppies. They have a high breeding standard and puppy-raising protocol.

Blackwoods is a family-owned breeding program located in Otisville. All their dogs are health-tested and health guaranteed; rest assured you will go home with a perfectly healthy pup. 

The family strives to produce well-socialized, quality, healthy, and personable pets for families and individuals. You can also rely on this breeder for various Lab colors, including:

  • English white
  • Chocolate 
  • Black and red
  • Yellow

Living on 40 acres of land, this family has enough room for their dogs and puppies. On their small hobby farm, they also raise cats, horses, and goats. The pups are exposed to different animals, which prepares them for multi-pet homes. 

This family has been producing and raising dogs for more than 25 years. They dedicated the last 10 years to raising only this breed. It has not been easy breeding and raising Lab ethically, but the family do love it. 

The couple travels far and wide to find the elite pedigrees to add to their breeding program. Their goal is to ensure you get the best puppy possible, one that is healthy, sound, and free of genetically hereditary diseases. 

Your puppy will come home with a two-year genetic health guarantee – an assurance every pet owner needs when buying a puppy.

In addition, the couple is offering lifetime support to all their customers. Hence, you can reach out to them whenever you have questions or need assistance with raising your pup. 

Blackwoods Labradors Details:

3. Superior Labradors


Superior Labradors has been producing Labs with superior bloodlines since 2009. They provide healthy, well-balanced, and happy companions for Lab lovers in the United States.

Superior Labrador is one of the most trusted breeders in this state. With a Google rating of 4.9 out of 5.0, customers nationwide are impressed with the puppies from this breeder. 

This family-owned and operated breeding program has created a strategy to selectively breed superior bloodlines of health-tested and DNA-tested labradors. They produce Labs in yellow, chocolate, and black color coat. 

After putting so much effort into producing the best quality puppies, the family protects their investment by delivering the pups to only loving families who will appreciate them.

They examine their customers to ensure the puppies are released to the right home. 

Superior Labradors also aims to better this dog breed over time by following the original standard of the Labrador Retriever. Another unique thing about this breeder is that they strongly encourage kennel visits – one of the traits of a good breeder. 

You can visit their kennel to meet the parent of your pup and the breeder. They will show you around the kennel, and you can see where and how your new baby is raised.

Puppies go home after eight weeks of intensive care, love, training, and socialization. The breeder also allows multiple visits to your pet as it progresses. 

In addition, they have made the purchase process very easy by allowing you to pay and secure your puppy online. They have a highly functional website that helps streamline your puppy-buying process. 

Superior Labradors Details:

4. Cherryacre Labradors


Holding the fourth position on our list is Cherryacre Labradors. Owned and managed by Terri and Gordon Micallef, Cherryacre Labradors is a trusted and reliable Lab breeder in Michigan.

They are a small breeder located in Dexter and are responsible for producing various healthy and happy Labs with various color coats. 

Established in 2004, this coupon has almost two decades of experience breeding and raising Labradors. They strive to produce all-around quality Labs with a focus on confirmation, health, temperament, and structural soundness. 

In addition to being excellent companions and family pets, the pups from this breeder can perform in the show ring and field. Cherryacre is a Breeder of Merit with the AKC and a member of the Huron River Labrador Retriever Club. 

The couple produces only a few litters yearly, so you should jump on their waiting list whenever you see an opening. All their breeding dogs are health- and DNA-tested to ensure the pups are free of congenital diseases.

They also offer a one-year health guarante to protect against genetic defects.

Cherryacre Labradors Details:

Conclusion For “Labrador Puppies in Michigan – Top 4 Breeders”


There you go! Those are some of the best Lab breeders in Michigan you can buy your puppy from.

However, you should do your due diligence by contacting the breeders and asking them questions about their pups, breeding process, health guarantees, and more.

We also recommend visiting their farms or kennels to the parents, health reports, and where your future puppy is raised. 

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