6 Best Basenji Breeders in Massachusetts! (2024)


Are you looking to introduce a new puppy into your home and family? Do you find the Basenji breed intriguing, as they tend to howl once in a while instead of bark loudly? If so, you’ll need to find the best and most qualified Basenji breeders in Massachusetts.

In the guide below, learn about the best Basenji puppies for sale that Massachusetts residents will love to bring home. Are you ready to find out why these puppies are perfect for your family and where to find the best one? Then, let’s get started!

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Why Basenji Puppies Make a Wonderful Pet


Basenji pups make excellent pets for families with small children and older children. These dogs are affectionate with family members and friendly with children. As such, your kids will have a best friend to play with for years to come. 

Furthermore, the dogs are relatively good with other canines. As such, your Basenji puppy can work well with your older dogs.

Further, these canines are generally healthy, so you won’t need to stress about their veterinary needs. You’ll also stay entertained with the Basenji, as these dogs need constant exercise and are full of energy.

Top Breeders of Basenji Puppies for Sale in Massachusetts


The best Basenji puppies for sale Massachusetts breeders raise for families come from Eldorado Basenjis and Boston Basenji breeding organizations.

These are the two main top breeders of Basenji dogs all over the state of Massachusetts. Below, we provide more information about the impressive breeders and the pups they raise.

1. Eldorado Basenjis


A team of sisters (Pam Geoffroy and Sheila Lund) runs the Eldorado Basenjis organization. They raise healthy and happy Basenji puppies and breed them to become show dogs or nice family pets.

Here, you can usually find puppies, but you may find a few adult dogs to adopt too.  On their website, you can view photos of the Basenji puppies available for sale.

You can pick out a Basenji adult dog as well by looking through their website. You can also view some frequently asked questions about the Basenji breed, whether they’re easy to train, and any medical problems of the breed.

Eldorado Basenjis Details:

2. Boston Basenji


You can find the Boston Basenji breeder in Middleton, Massachusetts, which is only 20 miles north of Boston, MA. The breeders have high-quality dogs and will provide you with an AKC-registered Basenji from a champion bloodline. 

Since this rare breed does not have many breeders available in New England, you may want to contact the Boston Basenji organization right away.

Those dogs are great for families along with showings and competitions. On the website, you can check out the gallery of adult dogs and the puppies that were sold in prior years.

The site also has links and information about the Basenji breed. So, check it out to see if the Basenji dog best fits you and your family. Basenji adoption Massachusetts residents should seek starts with the two top breeders in the state.

Boston Basenji Details:

Best Basenji Breeders NH Residents Should Check Out


The best Basenji breeders New England provides also come from the state of New Hampshire. The two top New Hampshire breeders that you should check out include Elizabeth Reed and Mata Hauri Basenjis. 

The breeders have plenty of space for the pups to play and enjoy the outdoors. If you love the breed and are looking for top-quality dogs, these are the breeders to speak with if you live in New Hampshire or nearby.

The breed is relatively rare, so you may have trouble finding a wide selection of breeders.

3. Elizabeth Reed


Elizabeth Reed runs a breeding organization where families can adopt Basenji puppies meant just for them. She breeds happy and healthy pups with great personalities and socialization skills.

If you want to get a puppy from Elizabeth Reed, apply or ask a question. Each puppy can go home with you once they are at least 12 weeks of age.

That is because every puppy needs time to spend with its mom, dad, and siblings to grow and gain social skills.

That way, you will also know whether the pup is healthy and developing appropriately. Elizabeth Reed does offer a one-year health guarantee for all its puppies. 

You will need to put down a $300 deposit to get a puppy, while the total cost ranges from $1,500 to $2,000.

If you’re looking to adopt a Basenji for sale Iowa breeders are selling, then the New Hampshire breeders may not be the right choice. However, if you are living in New England, you might want to check out Elizabeth Reed’s dog breeding business.

Elizabeth Reed Details:

4. Mata Hauri Basenjis


The Mata Hauri Basenjis business has been running ever since 1969. The company breeds the intelligent and active Basenji dog for families to love and play with for years to come.

You can check out their website to see the available puppies and adult dogs that have won numerous championships. 

All of the Basenji puppies here are tested on their health and hip strength.

The breeders check their thyroid levels as well. You can adopt the puppies once they turn eight weeks of age and get their first shot. You’ll get to take them home with a health certificate.

The Mata Hauri Basenjis organization ensures their puppies have a good temperament. You can purchase the pups for around $2,000. Right now, there are red and white Basenji puppies available for sale.  

Debbie Hauri owns the business and tries to breed Basenji puppies that are easy to train and have a gorgeous look and optimal health.

Early socialization is vital for the puppies, which Debbie Hauri ensures takes place soon after birth. If you want a lovable Basenji pup from New Hampshire, contact the Mata Hauri Basenjis business.

Mata Hauri Basenjis Details:

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Outstanding Basenji Breeders in CT and Nearby


The best Basenji breeders in the nearby states like Connecticut, New Jersey, and Virginia include Jublie Basenjis and Bellator Basenjis. 

If you’re looking to find great breeders who raise wonderful puppies, you will need to understand that the Basenji breed is rare, but the few breeders around do provide high-quality, healthy, and playful pups.

The breeders attempt to raise pups with good temperaments and happy moods.

5. Jublie Basenjis


Carolyn Boutchyard has been breeding Basenji pups for more than 30 years in the state of Virginia.

This breeder makes sure the puppies undergo rigorous testing standards, checking for eye problems, hip dysplasia, thyroid levels, and Fanconi Syndrome.

The Jublie Basenjis organization provides you with an application process where you can provide information about yourself and your family while the breeder then matches your needs with the best Basenji pup they have available. 

You will need to visit the breeder in person to adopt and pick up your puppy. The pups get to go home with you after 10 weeks of age. You will need to contact the breeder to learn about its cost and health.

Jublie Basenjis Details:

6. Bellator Basenjis


Bellator Basenjis is an organization located in southern New Jersey, only a few hours away from Washington DC and New York City.

The puppies are produced to adhere to several basic standards from the American Kennel Club (AKC). You can find healthy and happy Basenji dogs with good temperaments from this breeder.

So, drive over to Penns Grove, New Jersey if you want to check out this Basenji breeder.

Lizabeth McCargo has been running the breeding company since 2014. You can check out the puppies available on their website gallery and learn more information about their canines.

Bellator Basenjis Details:

How Much Does a Basenji Puppy Cost?


You will find that a Basenji dog costs at least $1,200 when you buy one from a breeder. However, you will see that there are a few Basenji dog breeders who can sell the puppy for as much as $3,000.

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000. If you want a specific number, you will likely see your final cost land somewhere around $1,800.

You will also need to remember that a breeder of your Basenji puppy will require a deposit.

Expect to put down a deposit of around $300 once you’ve picked a particular puppy. The final payment is due when you pick the puppy up from the breeder to take home.

How to Take Care of Your Basenji Puppy


Basenjis are an excellent breed, as you don’t have to worry too much about grooming. You need to clean him with a cloth and then brush his fur a few times per week. The pups tend to lick themselves and groom similarly to cats.

You will also need to create an eating schedule for your pup and avoid overfeeding the canine. Take them to the vet when necessary, but luckily those dogs are relatively healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Below, you can learn several straightforward answers to common questions about the Basenji dog breed.

Are Basenjis rare?

Basenjis are a rare breed. They are the 84th most common breed of dog out of 155 breeds recognized under the AKC standards. If you want a Basenji breed, you will likely need to hang out a while on a breeder’s waiting list. 

Once you do have the dog, you will get to spend the next 12 to 16 years of your life with the pooch. Enjoy your days playing with the mischievous creature.

Is the Basenji breed AKC registered?

The American Kennel Club first recognized the Basenji as a dog breed in 1944. As such, the breed has spent nearly 80 years recognized as an AKC-approved breed. You can learn more about the breed on the AKC website.

Can you leave Basenjis alone for a long time? 

Basenjis do love spending time with their family members and loved ones. You can potentially leave a Basenji alone for up to eight hours if you have to get to work. As your puppy grows, it will get used to spending some time alone.

Conclusion For “Best Basenji Breeders in Massachusetts”


When searching for Basenji puppies for sale that Massachusetts and New England breeders provide, the list above should have given you a good starting guide. Start selecting out your favorite breeder and gathering up the funds for a Basenji. 

Make sure to purchase a dog crate, food bowls, and a leash once you’ve decided to get a puppy. Prepare your kids and teach them how to pet a dog gently. Before you know it, you’ll have a lovable Basenji puppy bouncing around your home. 

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