4 Best Cockapoo Breeders in Massachusetts! (2024)


Cockapoos are a popular hybrid breed that combines the friendly and affectionate nature of Cocker Spaniels with the low-shedding coat of Poodles. When searching for Cockapoo breeders in Massachusetts, it is essential to do your due diligence to find a breeder that adheres to best breeding practices.

These dogs are great companions for families, couples, or individuals living in apartments or homes with smaller yards.

Choosing the right breeder is critical to bringing a new puppy into your family. This will ensure you bring home a healthy, happy, well-socialized, and ethically-bred puppy.

A reputable Cockapoo breeder in Massachusetts will prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs. This means providing proper nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care.

A responsible breeder will also perform health screenings on their breeding dogs and provide medical records for their puppies.

The 4 Best Cockapoo Breeders in Massachusetts


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1. Erin’s New England Cockapoos


Erin’s New England Cockapoos is located in Cape Ann, MA, and is known for producing puppies with sound health and temperament. It is a private breeding program owned by a dog-loving family.

The family produces home-raised Cockapoos that will bring joy to your home and not have you visiting a vet every week.

All their dogs are pampered, adored, and treated like family members. As a passionate breeder, this family prioritizes their dogs’ and puppies’ health and well-being over profit.

They are passionate about this breed and would go the extra mile to provide Cockapoo lovers with exceptionally bred and raised puppies.

This family has been breeding exceptional companion Cockapoos since 1993. With about three decades of experience, you can be sure your puppy was bred and raised by competent hands.

After receiving your puppy, you will also benefit from their experience and knowledge about this breed.

The family is committed to creating long-lasting relationships with their customers and puppies by offering lifetime support. You can rely on them for support and guidance as long as your dog is alive.

All their dogs undergo a series of health tests to ensure they are free from the health conditions associated with this breed.

They aim to produce healthy puppies free of congenital defects that could be detrimental to their life in the future.

Despite being a small home breeder, Erin’s New England Cockapoos produce from two to six litters yearly.

This means you can rely on them for quality puppies several times a year. They do not breed the dams always; they are allowed to rest for many months or a year before being bred again.

One unique thing about this family is that they pause everything they are doing and focus on their new litter. When they have a litter of puppies, they are entirely devoted to their upbringing, health, and happiness.

They ensure the puppies are thoroughly socialized, confident, cuddly, playful, and smart by the time they are ready to join their new families.

Erin’s New England Cockapoos Details:

2. Richard’s Luxury Kennels


Richard’s Luxury Kennels was established in 1973, making it one of the oldest Cockapoo breeders in Massachusetts.

Since its establishment, the breeding business has been family-owned and operated. The business started as a dog kenneling service but expanded into a breeding program over time.

Today, besides kenneling services, the family offers many Poodle hybrid puppies, including Cockapoos. Years of handling other people’s dogs have made this breeder adapt to raising healthy and sturdy Cockapoo puppies.

The family has a top-notch puppy care plan that helps them provide optimal care for the puppies and dogs. They have routine vet checks to make sure the puppies and dams are always healthy and strong.

No dog gets bred in this program without the family first running extensive genetic testing to reduce the chances of hereditary conditions, such as progressive retinal atrophy.

Richard’s Luxury Kennel is a large breeding business, producing and raising healthy puppies throughout the year. Despite producing many litters yearly, the breeder does not stress their female dogs.

They give them a breeding space of up to a year before breeding again. This helps them produce healthy and happy puppies without the life-threatening health conditions associated with the Cockapoo’s parents.

Another benefit of buying a puppy from this breeder is their extraordinary socialization and training program. Their puppies are extremely socialized from birth until they leave for their forever homes.

Once it is safe for them to interact with other dogs, they allow them to socialize with other dogs, pets, and the family.

Your puppy will be comfortable around kids and other animals before they arrive. The puppies also undergo crate and potty training at the right age before going home.

The services of this family go beyond kenneling and breeding; they also offer grooming, brushing, and nail trimming services. You can always bring your Cockapoo to them for an excellent grooming and trimming session.

Another reason many pet owners love them is that they don’t hold back information. If you prefer to groom and nail-trim your Cockapoo, they can give you all the expert advice you need to make the process smooth and easy.

Richard’s Luxury Kennels Details:

3. Town and Country Cockapoos


Town and Country Cockapoos is a highly respected breeder that produces healthy, social, and well-behaved puppies. The breeder’s mission is to promote knowledge and understanding of Cockapoos.

Health is one of the top priorities of this breeding program. They don’t breed or add dogs to their breeding program without conducting thorough vet checks.

All their breeding dogs are examined and cleared by a licensed vet. This breeder takes these measures to produce puppies that are not only healthy but also genetically strong.

One unique thing about Town and Country is that they only breed dogs two years and above. This allows the dog to mature fully, making it easy to spot any genetic defects that might crop up.

Besides health, this breeder also considers temperament and structure when choosing their breeding dogs.

Only good-tempered and well-structured dogs are allowed into the breeding program. Their goal is to produce all-around puppies that will make excellent family companions and show dogs.

Town and Country work hard to guarantee the puppies receive appropriate socialization and stimulation. The puppies are handled from a young age and exposed to various environments, sights, and sounds.

They are also socialized with kids, adults, and other animals daily.

The breeder also guarantees the health of their puppies. They offer a one-year health guarantee against genetic defects. We also love their after-sale support.

They work with new customers and teach them the best ways to train their puppies. Cockapoos require frequent grooming to maintain their stunning look; this breeder will help you start the grooming process.

Town and Country Cockapoos Details:

4. Chesley Hill Cockapoos


Chesley Hills Cockapoo is a passionate and experienced Cockapoo breeder serving various New England states, including Massachusetts.

It is a family-owned breeding program dedicated to helping families in CT, MA, NH, VT, RI, and NY find healthy and well-bred Cockapoo puppies.

All their Cockapoos are bred from health-tested parents with good temperament and structure.

Many breeders claim to “health test” their dogs without proof. This breeder runs complete health tests on all their breeding dogs, and you can see the results on their website.

All their females are purebred Cocker Spaniels registered with the AKC. The family lovingly raises healthy and happy puppies that will be a great addition to your home.

Chesley Hill was established in 2013 when the family welcomed its first litter of Cockapoo puppies. All their puppies are raised and cared for in their house.

They treat the puppies like family members and try to place them in homes where they will be loved and cared for the same way.

They have kids who play and socialize with the puppies daily. This helps improve their socialization skills and prepares them for their new families.

If this is your first time owning a Cockapoo, Chesley Hill is one of the best breeders from whom to get a puppy. They offer excellent after-sale support to provide you with all the help you need when raising your puppy.

Chesley Hill Cockapoos Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cockapoos lap dogs?

These dogs do love to snuggle, but they are not necessarily lap dogs.

Do Cockapoos like water?

Cockapoos are natural-born swimmers who love the water.

Are Cockapoos hard to potty train?

Cockapoos are intelligent, so they quickly pick up on commands and potty training.

Where Are the Best Cockapoo Breeders in Massachusetts?


Those are some of the best Cockapoo breeders in Massachusetts. In addition to finding a reputable breed, it is essential to consider your lifestyle and needs. Cockapoos have specific needs, such as frequent grooming.

These dogs also need a lot of attention. Hence, you want to make sure you are up to the task of owning a Cockapoo before bringing one home.

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