Cockapoo Puppies in Denver – Top 5 Breeders! (2024)


If you are searching for the best breeders raising Cockapoo puppies in Denver, this is the right place.

What do you get when you cross a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle? A Cockapoo!

First bred in the early 1960s, the Cockapoo is one of the oldest designer dogs. This original doodle dog has all the traits you want in a pet dog; it is intelligent, loving, low-shedding, fairly healthy, and friendly.

Cockapoos are considered small dogs, typically weighing under 20 pounds. However, a Cockapoo‘s size depends on its parents’ size.

Moreover, like other mixed breeds, Cockapoos may have the qualities of one parent more than the other. Generally, all Cockapoos are loving and easy-to-train little dogs who love to be a part of your family.

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1. PuppySpot


PuppySpot is one of the best and most well-reputed dog marketplaces in the US.

They work in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the American Humane Society; hence their puppies are guaranteed as inspected and regulated.

So far, they have sent more than two hundred thousand puppies to their home forever, which is remarkable. Their puppies are health guaranteed for ten years.

They also offer and ensure safe and secured home delivery of puppies to your doorstep through their exceptional transportation network.

Owners of this business are dedicated dog lovers with vast experience in breeding and selling puppies.

The husband and wife and their children are dedicated to raising healthier and happy puppies. Their mission statement reads, “Our mission is to make lives better by placing healthy puppies in happy homes,” and they are doing it in its true sense.

They operate through a network of breeders throughout the US. They are very careful in the selection of breeders and buyers. They have set very high standards for both of them, and they strictly adhere to them.

When it comes to health care, they believe in nose-to-tail health checks. So, the puppy sent home has the assurance of PuppySpot to be healthiest.

Therefore, you can rest assured the puppy you get from them will be ethically bred and healthy!

PuppySpot Details:

2. TLC Kennel


TLC Kennel is based in Colorado but ships Cockapoo puppies for sale in Denver and nearby areas. It is a family-operated business. They have been in business for the last 4 decades and are licensed by the USDA.

TLC Kennels has an excellent breeding program and required facilities at their farms, such as rooms with a controlled environment and their veterinary hospital.

These facilities help them to raise some of the best Cockapoos in the area.

They aim to make the dogs the best friends of humans. They select the best specimen of every dog breed for raising the best puppies.

They select an English or American Cocker Spaniel to crossbreed with a purebred Poodle. The idea is to transmit the best of the parents’ traits to the young Cockapoos.

Using a Poodle as the sire and Cocker Spaniel as the mother, they produce fantastic Cockapoos, which are intelligent, lovely, and healthier. Moreover, they are easy to train.

TLC Kennels offers 7 days special guarantee against hepatitis, distemper, pneumonia, and leptospirosis from the date of buying their Cockapoo. However, they are always ready to take care of any other sickness so that you can contact them anytime.

Their pups are health guaranteed. They are regularly vaccinated and dewormed per schedule.

They also help you by sharing a diet plan for the puppy you bought from them. They also provide all required post-sales assistance on the health care of puppies.

TLC Kennel Details:

3. Pawsitively Cockapoos


Next up on our list of breeders with Cockapoo puppies in Denver is another well-reputed breeder in the US named Pawsitiveley Cockapoos.

They are based in Fort Lupton and have been operating for a long time. They are one of the most trusted breeders in the area, and their specialty is breeding the F1 Cockapoos.

Pawsitiveley Cockapoo breeders use large, toy, or miniature Poodles and American Spaniel Cockers for crossbreeding. Their sires are Poodles, and their moms are American Cockers.

They produce Cockapoos in various sizes and colors. Each litter may consist of puppies of different sizes and colors.

The best part? Their price structure is reasonable and should be well within your reach. Like any other good breeders, they are much more selective regarding prospective buyers.

You must provide complete details about yourself while applying for a Cockapoo pup. If they are satisfied with your credentials, they will offer you to come to their place to choose a pup.

Their puppies get personal attention right from the day of birth. They focus on the health care of the young puppies. All puppies are vaccinated and dewormed.

Moreover, special attention is given to the training of the puppies to ensure that they are socialized and ready to go with their new family.

If you visit their website, you will find a specimen of the application form, deposit agreement, and health care and sales agreement.

This may help you to enter into a reasonable agreement with them. You can also find details and photographs of currently available puppies on their website.

Pawsitively Cockapoos Details:

4. H & H Red Canon Canines


H & H Red Canon Canines is based in Red Canon Park, Sunny Southern Colorado. They have a good reputation in the breeders’ community.

They use selective breeding practices, including parents’ health testing with OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America) and Embark dog DNA test.

They also practice a program aimed at the habituation and socialization of dogs.

All the puppies at H & H Red Canon Canines are nurtured through ENS exercises (Early Neurological Stimulation) right from the beginning. The pups are trained through exercises on sound and smell.

Each puppy undergoes the VPAT, an aptitude test. It helps them to identify the puppy’s unique abilities.

Using this data, they decide what further is required to strengthen the puppies so they can go to their future home without any problem.

They produce different types of Cockapoos, such as F1, F2, F2B, and F3 Cockapoo puppies, for sale in Denver and other cities in Colorado.

The F1 type of Cockapoo comes from pure-breed Cocker and Poodle parents.

The F2 generation comes from 2 Cockapoo parents, whereas the F2B generation comes from either a Poodle or a Cocker. F3 Cockapoos belong to the multigenerational category.

All puppies are reared with maximum care. Each puppy undergoes various programs to make them social and affectionate with their new family.

Timely vaccination and deworming are essential parts of the raising plan of every pup.

You can visit their website to search for the available Cockapoos. They also notify their upcoming litter on their website.

H & H Red Canon Canines Details:

5. Mary’s Cocker Haven


Last on our list of breeders raising healthy Cockapoo puppies in Denver is Mary’s Cocker Haven.

It is purely a family-run business, involving even the owners’ grandparents. They produce the best American Cockers and Cockapoos.

Their mission statement is to produce puppies that can be ranked as the best in the business for pet lovers so that they can get their dream pups for their families. When they deliver the puppies, they ensure that they are:

  • AKC registered.
  • Up-to-date vaccinated
  • Their dew claws and docked tails are removed
  • They are health certified
  • Their complete health record is available and given to the buyer
  • A travel crate is also provided in case you want the puppy to be shipped to your place

They also follow all the standard practices while raising the puppies, such as regular and timely vaccination, deworming, health checks, socialization, and training.

Being a family-operated business, the puppies get personalized attention and care that turns them into loving and affectionate little companion.

Photographs of their currently available Cockapoos are available on their website. Upcoming litters are also available on the website.

Mary’s Cocker Haven Details:

How to Choose Cockapoo Breeders in Denver?


Choosing a suitable breeder is very important when bringing home a Cockapoo for your family.

You have to be vigilant and aware of basic things about the correct breeder selection. Some of the important aspects are explained below:

  • Reputation: The breeder must be a well-reputed Cockapoo breeder in the area. You need to check their reputation online, ask the local vet and dog community.
  • Experience: Experience is also very important. You should check their credentials and see whether they have enough experience raising quality Cockapoos.
  • Health Testing: There should be no compromise on this important aspect. The breeder must have a history of proper health testing of their pups.
  • Socialization and Training: Get complete information about the training and socialization strategies they adopt to make the pups acceptable to the buyers.
  • Facilities: The breeder’s place must have all the basic facilities available on their farms. You must check and confirm by personally visiting their site.

More Information About Cockapoo Puppies in Denver

  • The Breed’s Characteristics and Temperament: Cockapoos are a crossbreed and inherit most of the characteristics from their parent. It is known for its low shedding and mostly non-barking traits. They are loyal and love their owners. They are human-friendly and also get along easily with other pets.
  • The Breed’s Specific Needs: They need daily brushing. Keep an eye on their diet. Some of them tend to be heavy eaters and may gain weight, so a balanced diet must be ensured. They need daily exercise and walking.
  • Training: They are intelligent; hence can be trained easily. However, the best way to train them is to offer incentives such as games. You need to implement a systematic training program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cockapoos good house dogs?

Cockapoos are friendly, gentle, and sweet-natured, making them excellent family pets.

Do Cockapoos shed or smell?

Cockapoos will shed a little bit, based on their lineage. They really only smell if they need a bath.

How often should a Cockapoo be groomed?

These dogs need to be groomed and trimmed every four to six weeks for sanitary reasons.

So Where Are Cockapoo Puppies in Denver – Top Breeders?


Cockapoos are very affectionate and loving dogs. They are low shedding and, therefore, fit for people with allergies.

Finding a perfect Cockapoo for your family in Denver may not be easy. Denver doesn’t have many breeders who deal in raising Cockapoos. However, there are many reputable breeders in the adjoining areas.

It’s not a bad deal even if you have to travel to a far-off area in search of a reputable Cockapoo breeder.

Beware of puppy mills. Make sure that you buy the pup from a well-experienced and well-reputed breeder. Get complete information about the parents before you decide to buy the Cockpapoo.

We hope you soon get a perfect match for your family.

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