Pug Puppies In Indiana – Top 5 Breeders! (2024)


Pug puppies are cute, generally well-mannered as adults, and readily sought after. If you’re looking for Pug puppies in Indiana, you won’t have to drive far.

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Pug Breeders In Indiana


If you live in Indiana and are looking for a new Pug to bring home, this list will help you get a jumpstart on your search. Here are the top 5 breeders of Pug puppies in Indiana for 2022.

1. Swaying Sycamore Farm


Swaying Sycamore Farm is first in Indiana’s top five Pug breeders list. At Swaying Sycamore Farm, they take pride in producing Pugs, Llamas, and a couple of other breeds of dogs.

Pug puppies are a specialty with this breeder; they make Pugs with great health qualities and temperaments.

Depending on the paired parents, pugs come in various colors, such as fawn, silver-fawn, black, brindle, and reverse-brindle.

Pug puppies through Swaying Sycamore Farm are good to go to their new homes between eight and ten weeks of age. Every puppy is given multiple checkups during its time with this breeder.

Multiple worming sessions are done, and the puppies are given the first set of vaccines. All Pug puppies from Swaying Sycamore Farm come with a one-year genetic health guarantee.

Microchips and registration are offered extra with this program from the Swaying Sycamore Farm.

Pug puppies in the Swaying Sycamore Farm breeding program have great socialization opportunities. Each puppy is handled and given individual socialization with children and other animals.

Early neurological stimulation and training are also started when the puppies are young to help them develop into well-adjusted adults.

Pug Breeder Information:

2. Koollabs Pugs


If you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy breeder in Indiana, look no further than Koollabs Pugs.

Although Koollabs Pugs does not have a working website, they quickly respond via Facebook messaging, or you can call them and leave a message.

This breeder has over 25 years of breeding experience and is happy to answer any questions about their program.

All Pug puppies are cared for by a compassionate and caring breeder who takes part in every step of the process. Unlike many other in-home breeders, this breeder allows visits to meet the parents and puppies.

If you don’t want to make the trip to Mount Ayr, Indiana, albums of photographs of Pug puppies are available on their Facebook page.

Puppies through Koollabs Pugs are all genetically healthy and tested. Each puppy will be wormed and given its first set of vaccinations. Puppies can be registered through the CKC with a strict spay/neuter policy.

This breeder will take back puppies or grown adults if they no longer have a place in their forever home Pugs are of various colors, some accepted by kennel clubs and some not.

This breeder chooses ethics over show-dog paperwork, produces happy and healthy Pugs every time, and sees that people have the best companions they could ask for.

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3. Applewood Pugs


Applewood Pugs is a reputable breeder of Pug puppies and can be found in Logansport, Indiana. They offer some of the best-bred Pugs in the area with outstanding benefits like early training and socialization.

Unfortunately, the website for Applewood Pugs is no longer connected as a domain. Still, this breeder does answer emails and phone calls relatively quickly and is eager to answer questions about their Pugs.

All Pug puppies are examined, and the parents are health tested and registered by the AKC (at least the acceptable color-coated Pugs).

However, Applewood Pugs offers all colors of Pugs and does so on strict spay/neuter contracts for the Pug’s health and the overall breed’s safety.

Pugs from Applewood Pugs receive worming treatments and the first sets of vaccines to offer them the utmost protection before entering their new homes.

Socialization is vital to this breeder; all puppies are socialized by adults, children, and other animals. This is a small in-home breeder and has a few litters a year.

It is best to call them in your search for the perfect Pug to bring home to ensure they are expecting soon and to get your name on the waiting list.

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4. Chambers Pugs


Chambers Pugs is another small in-home breeder found in Indiana. Unfortunately, their website is down and not a connected domain.

On the bright side, however, they answer phone calls and emails relatively quickly and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Chambers Pugs offers multiple colors of Pug, and not all are of the strict CKC regulation colors.

As this is a minor breeding program, there are only a few litters a year, and you should call or email to inquire about the availability of their Pug puppies.

They offer their Pugs with examinations, worming done, the first set of vaccines, and registration with a microchip.

All Pug puppies are often socialized early by adults, children, and other animals. Training starts early for Pug puppies at Chambers Pugs.

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5. Sycamore Hill Kennel


If you are looking for a trustworthy Pug puppies breeder in Indiana, Sycamore Hill Kennel is a great place to look. This is a hobby breeder, but they take their puppy love very seriously.

Sycamore Hill Kennel specializes in breeding Pugs and Miniature Schnauzers. Reviews are optimistic about this breeder and can be found on the American Kennel Club list of reputable Pug breeders.

The Pugs at Sycamore Hill Kennel are loved and handled often and early. They all have one-on-one socialization, and early training is started to give the Pug puppies good foundations to mature into well-rounded adults.

There is not much information about vaccines and health guarantees offered, but it might be ideal to get ahold of this breeder by phone or email to ask these questions and ensure they have litters available.

Pug Breeder Information:

How To Choose a Pug Puppies Breeder In Indiana?


Finding a reputable breeder when looking for Pug puppies is essential. If you are in Indiana or the surrounding areas looking for a Pug puppy, this list can help!

There are many great breeders that provide beautiful and healthy Pug puppies. It is ideal to find the breeder closest to you and also align with your new pet’s needs.

Always meet your breeder over the phone or video call before sending them any money for a deposit. Scammers and puppy mills steal money from unsuspecting buyers or provide sick dogs with no guarantee or help.

A good breeder will offer great information from the beginning until the end of the process, and sometimes support is even provided after you bring your new Pug home!

More Information About Pug Puppies In Indiana

Pug puppies are cute. They mature into well-rounded adults, and most Pugs are relatively healthy.

When considering getting a Pug, it is vital to research the breed to ensure you can provide the best living situation possible.

Pugs are sturdy little dogs with keen intelligence and lots of energy. Some Pugs can develop health problems later in life, such as sinus problems, breathing issues, hip diseases, joint pains, and eye and teeth degradation.

Finding a reputable breeder that genetically tests their Pugs will prevent you from getting a sick puppy.

While all dogs are prone to health problems eventually, a Pug breeder will ensure that every litter they produce is strong, intelligent, and provided with good foundations for healthy growth and development.

Best Pug Breeders In Indiana


If you live in Indiana and want to find a new Pug puppy to bring home, then you are in the right place.

In this list of the top 5 Pug puppy breeders in Indiana, there are reputable and trustworthy breeders specializing in Pug breeding programs.

Pugs may only be allowed in four colors in most kennel club breeding standards, but some of the breeders on this list specialize in all shades of Pug.

There are many Pug breeders in Indiana, and it may be hard to choose at first. Don’t hesitate to research and make phone calls to determine if the Pug is the right breed for you.

Pugs are lively and energetic and need proper grooming and veterinarian care to maintain their health.

Look for a breeder that will provide support even after you take your puppy home so you have help with any transitional issues that you and your new Pug puppy may face.

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