4 Best Vizsla Breeders in Tennessee! (2024)


Are you looking for Vizsla breeders in Tennessee? To help you with this, we’ve sorted through and included some of the best breeders in Tennessee to help with your search.

The Vizsla breed is relatively new to the United States.

Before we get into the list, we want to include some information about this breed so that you can become more informed about the breed.

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The Average Cost of a Vizsla Puppy from a Breeder in Tennessee


The national average cost of a Vizsla puppy from a breeder is about $1000.

However, the Vizsla breed is popular in Tennessee, and the average price is a bit higher ($1650-$2000) due to the high number of individuals who utilize this breed, and others like it, for hunting.

Some Questions To Ask A Breeder


As with any puppy purchase, it is vital to come loaded and ready with questions to present to them. These questions will help you determine the health and well-being of your potential partner.

Even if you intend to have the pooch as a family member, these questions are also essential for the breeder, as they will expect you to inquire about the pup if they are reputable.

  • When was the puppy born?
  • Can I meet the parents and the rest of the litter?
  • What is the name and address of the vet that saw the puppy for their 6-8 week appointment?
  • Has the puppy been dewormed?
  • Are there any medical conditions the puppy has been diagnosed with that I should know about?
  • What brand of food does the puppy eat right now?

Of course, these are only a few questions; you can ask whatever ones you come up with in addition to these, and there are dozens, if not hundreds, of good questions.

Common Traits of the Vizsla Breed


One of the big reasons the Vizsla breed is mainly used as a retriever or hunting dog is that they don’t do well in enclosed spaces. As such, they are not very suitable for apartment life.

However, they are effortless to train, as Vizslas are quite intelligent. That doesn’t mean they will listen to you if they feel pent up, only that they respond well to training.

Vizslas are low/moderate on the scale for shedding – but that is easy enough to maintain if you brush them daily.

They are also very friendly to humans, often greeting them with love and affection, but they are also protective if they feel that they or their family is being threatened.

They are very high energy – requiring an hour or more daily physical activity to mellow out. If you don’t meet their needs for daily exercise, they will often take to chewing to vent their excess energy – including furniture.

So, if you value your living room set – we suggest ensuring you give the Vizsla pup daily playtime, walks, or some other means of burning energy.

Vizsla Puppies For Sale by Breeders in Tennessee


Here, we will begin listing the various breeders of Vizsla puppies in Tennessee.

In each section, we’ll include a summary of the breeder and their practice, then include all the ways we’ve found to contact the breeder.

1. Sheldon’s Vizslas


First up on the list is Sheldon’s Vizslas. This breeder has over 18 years of breeding experience and prides itself on the fact that none of the puppies they raise are kept in kennels.

Instead, all pups are held in the owners’ home and are paper/crate trained.

The puppies in training socialize with the family and the adult Vizsla parents throughout the process.

This method ensures that they get the necessary social development skills and are ready to go to their forever home when put up for adoption.

According to the owners, many people have stated that their dogs have been housebroken from day one. In addition, all puppies:

  • Come from select champion lineages, with certifications to prove it
  • Have had their dew claws removed
  • Have had tails have docked
  • Are dewormed
  • Are hip certified
  • Up to date on vaccinations and come with their litter registration

If you’re ready to get your Vizsla puppy from Sheldon’s Vizslas, here’s how you can get in contact with them:

Sheldon’s Vizslas Details:

2. Smokey Mountain Vizslas


Second, we have Smokey Mountain Vizslas. This breeder does not have a dedicated website – instead, they use Facebook as their primary means of communicating a new litter available.

They consider all of their Vizslas their pets before anything else. The pups have free reign of the home, including sleeping in their beds. This breeder currently has a few puppies available when writing this article.

If you’re ready to get in contact with Smokey Mountain Vizslas, you can contact Jessica Johnson, the owner, by using one of the following methods:

Smokey Mountain Vizslas Details:

3. Lorac Vizslas


Lorac Vizslas is third on our list of breeders in Tennessee. Located in Lenoir City, this breeder has several dog show alumni that scored several awards, including Best in Show, Grand Champion, Best of Breed, and many others.

As you might expect, this breeder focuses on raising Vizsla pups to compete in dog shows. Unfortunately, their website is otherwise sparse in information. Sure, there are a lot of photos, but that’s it.

Some captions, but it is challenging to navigate. They also abbreviate a lot of the awards, as though every reader of their website is knowledgeable about the awards.

If you are ready to contact Lorac Vizslas, we recommend using Carol’s email and contacting her that way. Otherwise, you can reach them using the following:

Lorac Vizslas Details:

4. Against the Wind Gun Dogs


The last breeder on this list dealing in Vizsla puppies is in Kentucky. However, this breeder is only two and a half hours from Nashville, Tennessee.

Against the Wind Gun Dogs is owned by Mark Sullivan, a breeder with experience with dogs going back to 1980. Mark focuses on breeding puppies for companionship before anything else – he aims for:

  • Pleasant
  • Easy to handle pups
  • Excellent temperaments and great health

Additionally, Mark has access to over 10,000 acres of public and private grounds that he uses to train the puppies.

This benefit allows the Vizsla puppies to be introduced to various terrain and obstacles, where they are taught how to navigate safely by their experienced parents.

Against the Wind Gun Dogs Details:

Nothing in Stock from these Four Breeders? Try Lancaster Puppies!


While there are a lot of Vizla breeders around Tennessee, we wanted to include an option that was more likely to have a puppy available for adoption, should you catch them in between litters.

This fact led us to include Lancaster Puppies, a store with a strong stance against puppy mills.

This store is considered a “classifieds ad store,” where people can list available puppies for sale across the United States.

We trust this store due to its stance against puppy mills – its home page includes a link to read about how to detect a puppy mill listing.

If a listing is reported as such, they are delisted and banned from being able to post to the site in the future.

If you’re ready to get your Vizsla puppy, then you can get in contact with Lancaster Puppies here:

Lancaster Puppies Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Vizslas?

There are two types: shorthair and wirehair.

How can you tell if a Vizsla is purebred?

A Vizsla will always have a reddish color nose that blends with its reddish fur.

Do Vizslas have a dog smell?

Vizslas do not smell. They are known for not having an odor.

So Where Are the Best Vizsla Breeders in Tennessee?


A Vizsla is a fantastic companion for home and hunting. A mix of retriever and pointer capabilities, it is well suited for both. It may not be as capable as some specialized breeds, but it is good enough for most.

Couple that with their low maintenance, high energy, and innate ability to be trained quickly, and you have a great combination of traits for a new owner interested in hunting.

Even if hunting isn’t on the list of considerations, a Vizsla makes a great family pet – assuming it gets the attention it needs.

We wish you luck finding your Vizsla puppy and that they are healthy and happy. Have a great rest of your day!

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