5 Best Labrador Breeders In Tennessee! (2024)

Are you searching for the best Labrador breeders in Tennessee or maybe Labrador puppies for sale in Tennessee? This article is the place to be!

Labradors are well-known for being sociable. They are affectionate companions who form strong bonds with the family and get along well with humans from the neighborhood.

Fortunately, Tennesee has plenty of places for an active family to allow their Labrador to go hog-wild, running and playing whenever the need arises.

Pick up your new Labrador puppies for sale in Tennessee at one of the places indicated below.

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1. Pleasant Knoll Champion Labrador Retrievers


You can find the lovely Pleasant Knoll Champion Labrador Retrievers breeder on 300 acres of rolling hills where the animals have more than enough space to run about, explore, hunt, and exercise.

It is a large amount of property that includes four ponds where they can do water exploration. The females are excellent and caring mothers who train their puppies how to hunt, explore the water, and get some physical activity.

All puppies receive vaccines at six, nine, twelve, and fifteen weeks, and deworming medication gets administered every two weeks. By eight weeks and beyond, the puppies are cheerful, healthy, well-socialized, and ready to be a part of a new home.

The owners’ goal is to raise happy and healthy puppies who will be placed in loving and caring homes. Their Labrador puppies have grown to be successful as hunting dogs, therapy animals, and beautiful companions for families who rely on them fully.

Their bloodlines, females, and puppies also receive registration with the American Kennel Club.

Pleasant Knoll Champion Labrador Retrievers Details:

2. Rocky Flats Kennels


Rocky Flats Kennels is a small breeding program that produces no more than up to three puppy litters per year. AKC Registered Labrador Retrievers in the colors of yellow, black, and fox red are among the breeds that they specialize in inbreeding.

Moreover, their goal is to produce and show well-balanced dogs in terms of shape, intellect, gentle demeanor, and retrieving abilities. All of their canines are registered with the American Kennel Club and have received all necessary health certifications.

Furthermore, their kennels are family-owned, and they consider all of their pups a part of their entire family. They request an application to be completed and submitted via email and an in-person or phone interview.

Rocky Flats Kennels Details:

3. MTN View Kennels


MTN View Kennels is well-known throughout the Southeast for producing superb, versatile Labrador Retrievers that are well-suited for the picky owner looking for a companion with the disposition to work and be the ideal friend.

The facility is on a beautiful farm in East Tennessee with over 25 acres, where they raise and train their Labradors with love from the day they are born.

The team has more than 20 years of combined expertise in training great Labrador retrievers for police work, service dogs, and field hunting, ensuring that every client gets equipped with the right companion.

Each Labrador comes with the most desirable breed character traits and health assurances available. Every Labrador puppy from MTN View Kennels has a great temperament, is all registered with the American Kennel Club, and is up to date on vaccinations.

MTN View Kennels Details:

4. Johnson’s Labrador Retrievers


Johnson’s Labrador Retrievers have gotten inspected and approved by the AKC. Moreover, it has a license to operate in Tennessee and has more than a decade of experience in breeding Labradors.

The facility has four and a half acres of land, with a creek situated in a peaceful part of The Big Bend State.

A doghouse is located in each yard and is insulated, has vinyl flooring, and gets equipped with an air conditioner and heater that operates all year to keep the Labradors nice and cozy.

Moreover, the property contains two birthing yards where the mums have and nurture their babies.

Johnson’s Labrador Retrievers is committed to delivering the highest service to its clients and customers. They exclusively breed the highest-quality Labrador Retrievers.

Johnson’s Labrador Retrievers Details:

5. Three Bears Labradors


Finally, the fifth on the list of the best Labrador breeders in Tennessee is the Three Bears Labradors.

Three Bears Labradors are professional Labrador breeders. Quality English Black Labradors, Yellow Labradors, and Chocolate Labradors get bred at this facility.

Always striving to have the finest breed of dogs available, their canines are descendants of some of the most well-regarded dogs in the country.

The breeders raise their dogs in their own house and aim to breed for temperament, massive blocky heads, sleek tails, perfect shape, and type in their offspring.

Furthermore, they conduct health and DNA testing on all of their dogs, and they are OFA certified to ensure that they are the healthiest Labrador puppies in Tennessee.

Three Bears Labradors Details:

How to Choose a Labrador Breeder in Tennessee


It is an exciting moment for all families when they welcome a new family member into their homes.

But before anything else, a lot of work and effort goes into finding the best Labrador puppies for sale in Tennessee and acquiring them from the best Labrador breeders in Tennessee.

Breeder’s Reputation

Even though puppies in stores appear to be cute, they typically get purchased from puppy mills that do not adhere to the same requirements as a breeder.

Although these puppies may tug at your heartstrings, they are prone to have health issues as they age. Making the right choice for selecting an experienced and trustworthy breeder will create all of the significance.

Health Concerns

By allowing their puppies to reside in the home with their parents, reputable breeders ensure that they get an early start in socialization. When mating, the dogs’ genes and health get prioritized.

Therefore, after having a litter of puppies, the parents (mothers especially) are given ample time to recuperate from their ordeal before getting bred again.

DNA and health tests are a must. If the breeder verifies that they do the tests, request to see a copy of the report and confirm that they will be able to discuss the findings.

More Information about Labradors in Tennessee


Tennessee is brimming with dog-friendly lodging, dining, and entertainment options.

The leash law in Tennessee stipulates that a pet dog must be under the supervision of its owner at all instances and cannot be allowed to run free throughout the community.

Unaccompanied dogs can roam freely on their owner’s land. They are not permitted to stray onto the other person’s property or the streets and public locations.

It is possible for a dog wandering at large to be detained and kept in a shelter for at least five days when the leash law gets violated.

After paying an impound charge, the pet owner will be able to retrieve his dog. With each consecutive impoundment of the pet, the impound charge will rise proportionally.

Conclusion For “Best Labrador Breeders in Tennessee”


Labradors are such an adaptable and clever dog breed. The Labrador is well-known for having excellent manners and being joyful, attentive, and friendly.

Labrador puppies in Tennessee are particularly well-suited for households with young children, making them a perfect choice for a loving and loyal family dog.

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