Do Vizslas Like To Cuddle? Five Tips For Quality Relaxing Time! (2024)

Do Vizslas Like To Cuddle?

The happy-go-lucky Vizsla is purely a delight to be around. Always ready for an adventure, this high energy breed is a perfect fit for active families and loves to be right in the middle of whatever happens to be going on.

Bred originally to be hunting companions, Vizslas are expert pointers, retrievers, and trackers. Their webbed feet enable them to move quickly and effortlessly through the water and give them added stability when covering a wide variety of terrain.

Do Vizslas like to cuddle? Yes. Vizslas are famous for their love of cuddling. They were bred to be not only hunters but affectionate members of the family as well. In order to remain emotionally healthy, they need lots of attention, affection, and cuddles from those they love.

How can I maximize snuggle time??  If you are eager to find out more about the incredible Vizsla, keep reading to learn about their unique traits and quirks and to gain some tips to make cuddling a relaxing experience.

5 Tips For Relaxing Time

Snuggling together on the couch or while in bed is a great way to relax with your Vizsla and to deepen the bond that you already share. Unsure of the best approach or wondering if he is capable of slowing down for a few minutes? The following tips might help.

1. Make sure to get in plenty of exercise

Daily physical activity is a must for Vizslas. This does not mean simply opening the back door and sending him out to play. Get out there with him, have some fun, and be creative.

A game of Frisbee or fetch is a good place to start. If you are not a runner, try taking him for a long bike ride instead. Get him started with some agility training. The options are only limited by your creativity.

If it is too cold or rainy for outdoor activities, games can be played indoors to exercise his body and mind. A flirt pole or simple rope toy can provide lots of fun and exercise (here’s a highly-rated flirt pole on Amazon). Make use of your stairs to get in a good workout, or play hide and seek. Try hiding treats around the house to keep him dashing from room to room.

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2. Make sure that he is well-fed

Most dogs tend to anxiously await dinner and Vizslas are no exception. Their internal clock is impressively accurate and they know if dinner is running late.

You really can not expect a hungry dog who is eagerly anticipating a meal to settle down for some nice, quiet time on the couch, so be sure that his tummy is full before asking him to relax with you for a cuddle.

3. Choose a comfortable, quiet environment

Location is important when it comes to relaxing with your dog. For example, if you try to snuggle with him while sitting on a hard chair that hurts your back, chances are the snuggle time will not last very long. Pick a spot where you can relax comfortably in a quiet room and will likely remain undisturbed for a while.

4. Consider your schedule and find a routine that works

In today’s busy world, finding time to relax can be challenging. Try to decide on a time, either during the day or at night, when activities settle down and the atmosphere is calm. Perhaps after the children have left for school would be a good time. Right before bedtime when everyone is tired is another option.

5. For dogs with anxiety, a ThunderShirt may help

If your Vizsla has difficulty relaxing due to anxiety, a ThunderShirt may be worth investing in. This product, worn like a coat, gently provides constant pressure to reduce all forms of anxiety and boasts an 80% success rate. It’s like giving your dog a really long hug. If you’re not familiar with them, here’s the original ThunderShirt on Amazon.

Vizsla Temperament

People with a sanguine personality are warm-hearted, optimistic, talkative, and very sociable. They are also quite energetic, openly emotional, creative, always ready for fun, and often deliberately seek attention and reassurance. It just so happens that every single one of those traits is also true of the Vizsla.

Vizslas are known to be warm-hearted, gentle dogs who freely lavish affection on anyone who holds still long enough. The sweet, loving nature of the breed accounts for their popularity with families. Most Vizslas are intentionally gentle with children and get along well with both cats and other dogs, provided that they have been well socialized.

A Vizsla is in fact so affectionate that he will often crawl up on a family member’s lap and tenderly rest his head on the side of their neck or curl up beside his owner on the couch for some special snuggle time. This breed loves to cuddle! You could even say that cuddling is their specialty.

This breed is frequently referred to as a velcro dog. In case you are wondering, this speaks of the breed’s deeply rooted need to be as close as possible to their owners at all times. Prepare to say goodbye to personal space if you become a Vizsla owner. They love to stick to their people like, well, velcro!

The upbeat Vizsla tends to be a bit on the vocal side. This doesn’t mean that they are obnoxious barkers, although if neglected or not given enough exercise, this could be an issue. They simply have a wide range of noises and are not shy about it. Grunts, whines, groans, whimpers, yips, and howls. Not much is beneath them when they want to express their feelings.

To say that a Vizsla is sociable might be a bit of an understatement. They absolutely adore people and love to be around them whenever possible. Easily making friends wherever they go, this gregarious breed thrives on human connections.

Vizslas are very active dogs who require lots of vigorous exercise every day. We talk about their exercise needs in much greater detail in this article. Their intelligence should not be underestimated and they need various creative exercises for their ever-churning mind as well. If not provided with an outlet for their physical and mental energy, they can and will invent their own, often with destructive results.

Although Vizslas are always up for an adventure or fun in the backyard, they tend to have a needy side too. They will not hesitate to demand attention, sometimes even resorting to goofy behavior in order to get it. When feeling unsure or afraid, they depend on their owners to offer reassurance and to boost their confidence in life again.

Loyalty and devotion are hallmarks of the breed. They would much prefer to be with their family than with anyone else. While they are indeed friendly towards other people, Vizslas form a strong bond and deep relationship with their owners.

Related Questions

Do dogs (Vizslas) like music?

Yes, dogs seem to respond favorably to certain types of music. Studies have shown that when soft, soothing music is played, dogs appeared calmer and quieter (source). Pop music does not seem to elicit much of a response and heavy metal seems to cause dogs to become agitated and bark more frequently.

What is a dog massage?

A canine massage is a less intense version of human massage and can be performed by you or by a certified canine massage therapist. It can help relieve stress and pain, increase circulation, aid in healing, and improve range of motion. Dogs with separation anxiety often benefit from a good massage. 

Why do Vizslas sleep under the covers?

Vizslas do not have a warm undercoat like other dog breeds, so many enjoy being bundled up all cozy and warm. Some people believe that burrowing under blankets is a throwback to the instinct of creating a den, a private sanctuary where they feel safe and protected.

In Summary

The intelligent and active Vizsla definitely likes to cuddle. Affectionate and loving by nature, Vizslas don’t require much convincing that cuddling is a very good thing and should be enjoyed as often as possible. Choosing the perfect place and time for snuggling will ensure that you and your dog will enjoy many happy hours together bonding with a nice, relaxing cuddle.

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