4 Best Cavapoo Breeders in New England! (2024)


Are you looking for Cavapoo breeders in New England? Well, you don’t have to look too far. There are many passionate breeders of this beautiful dog in the region.

They are increasingly becoming popular due to their curious and friendly personality and beautiful, hypoallergenic coat in various colors and textures. However, it is necessary to choose the right breeder who is sincere in their efforts to produce healthy and well-loved dogs.

They should be willing to provide lifelong support and guidance to ensure that their puppies go to loving and responsible homes.

An honest Cavapoo breeder should be knowledgeable, ethical, and committed to producing healthy, well-socialized puppies.

Let’s have a look at some of the most reputable breeders who have ethically bred Cavapoo puppies for sale in New England:

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1. Ole Field Farm


Ole Field Farm is a breeder of small designer dogs with decades of experience, from purebreds to popular poodle mixes.

Maryland is near New England states, so it will take you a short drive to visit this breeder from anywhere in New England.

Many famous personalities like the previous president and first lady, professional sports players, and even a governor have had their puppies from Ole Field Farm.

They cater to the need of everyone and offer the best quality Cavapoo puppies to their clients.

The puppies from this breeder are gentle, friendly, and intelligent because of the breeder’s rigorous, selective breeding practices.

The dogs chosen for breeding go through health tests and screening to ensure that the puppies are well-tempered and well-rounded since birth.

Once the puppies are born, they are vaccinated, as appropriate to their age, and examined by a licensed veterinarian regularly.

They’re trained and socialized early to be well-behaved around people, children, and other animals.

The cost of purchasing a healthy, adorable Cavapoo puppy from Ole Field Farm is $1000 to $1800. This price includes crate training for the pup, their vaccination, deworming, and microchip.

These puppies make the ideal lap dogs, and if you’re considering getting one, then this breeder is surely worth considering.

They live in a big greenhouse with shutters for shades, loved and cared for by Joyce Fleming, who would gladly answer all your questions.

Ole Field Farm Details:

2. Dobralco Cavapoos


Are you unable to find a trustworthy that sells Cavapoo puppies in New England? Try Dobralco Cavapoos in New York.

It is a small-scale breeding business where puppies take birth and are raised inside the breeder’s home, familiar with people and household activities.

All the dogs are DNA tested for genetic health and other breed-specific diseases and issues.

In addition, the breeder is transparent about their practices and displays everyday life at home on their social media sites for people to believe in their true intentions.

At Dobralco Cavapoos, a vet checks all the puppies at regular intervals, and are vaccinated according to their age.

They come from a healthy and happy environment, where they live amongst kids and pets. They are well-socialized, fun, easy to train, and eager to learn.

The goal at this breeder is to go for quality rather than quantity, which is why there’s a waiting list for interested buyers.

The price of each Cavapoo puppy is $2500, and if you want to secure a place on the waiting list, then a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required.

Moreover, the cost includes a one-year hereditary health guarantee for the puppy.

The process is straightforward if you want to adopt a puppy from them. You can view the available puppies on their website. If any puppies pique your interest, email them to get on the ‘Pick List’ for the litter.

Once the puppies reach the age of four weeks, the list will be closed, and you will be emailed to pick your choice from the litter. Once you have done that, you can visit the site and see the puppy yourself.

The puppies are transported safely to families, and the fee is around $300 for that for those who can’t arrange a pickup.

Dobralco Cavapoos Details:

3. Mulberry Farm Cavapoos


Another place to get Cavapoo puppies in New England is Mulberry Farm Cavapoos, located on the border of New York, a 2 hour’s drive from New Jersey and 3 hours from Massachusetts.

The breeder claims to raise Cavapoos, Schnoodles, and American Cockapoos with the best health, appearance, and temperaments.

Mulberry Farm puppies are exceptionally loving, gentle, and calm lap dogs with low-dander, low-shedding characteristics. The breeder strives to breed for the finest looks and top-quality health.

The breeder’s website is well-kept and allows you to explore all the dogs in the breeding program.

The dams and sires are selectively chosen for their temperament and colors to produce high-quality, beautiful-looking puppies.

Most of the dogs are American Kennel Club champions and have the perfect ability to become lifelong companions.

Adopting a puppy from Mulberry Farm starts with filling out an online application form. It will ask you for details regarding your living situation and availability at home.

Once your application is accepted, you will be notified and asked to provide a $500 non-refundable deposit to join the waiting list for an upcoming litter.

There are a few requirements of Mulberry Farm Cavapoos that you should consider.

For instance, they don’t give puppies to families who will leave them alone for more than four hours or already have more than two dogs.

The owners should also not be smokers as it affects the home’s quality and the dogs’ health.

The breeder also requires that you should be able to provide transportation or pick up for the puppy because shipping isn’t a service of Mulberry Farm.

After contacting them, you can schedule a visit, and they’ll gladly answer all your relevant questions.

Mulberry Farm Cavapoos Details:

4. Coastal Cavapoo


Last on our list of Cavapoo breeders in New England is Coastal Cavapoo, one of the top-quality breeders with ACK-registered dogs and puppies.

All their dogs and puppies are listed on the website along with necessary details like their weight, generation, colors, and name.

Coast Cavapoos is well-known in the region for their puppies’ excellent appearance, health, and temperament, which they claim to achieve through selective breeding and thorough research and planning.

The dogs live in a cage-free environment here, in their dog room. They are only put in a crate during bedtime or mealtime; otherwise, they can roam and run on the grounds or play inside the room, depending on the weather.

The dog room also has a grooming area, where they are handled by the owner, who is a retired groomer herself. In addition, there is a camera to monitor them when they’re left alone.

Coastal Cavapoos also has a whelming puppy room, where mother dogs use a quiet and heated place to give birth and keep the puppies in as long as they’re old enough to regulate their body temperature.

For the initial three weeks, the puppies live here with their mothers, and then they’re moved to the puppy nursery next to the den.

In the whelping room, they can hear people walk, talk and watch TV to get used to the everyday sounds of a happy, healthy household. It caters to their necessary socialization skills.

If you’re interested in getting a puppy from Coastal Cavapoo, join the waiting list by contacting them. Each puppy comes with a one-year health guarantee that ensures the hereditary health of the puppy.

Additionally, the breeder offers their customers lifetime support and training for adopters. Their puppies are highly in demand because of their quality, health, and customer service.

Coastal Cavapoo Details:

More About Cavapoos in New England


Cavapoo, also known as Cavadoodle or Cavoodle, is a hybrid mix of poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This small-sized designer dog makes lifelong companions to families with children or empty-nesters and individuals looking for a pet. They are adaptable and do well in all living situations.

Cavapoos are known for being eager learners, making training fun and easy.

They are great social companions and love to be around people and other pets. The most they’ll demand from you are endless cuddles and a few hours of activity to satisfy their active and playful nature.

Cavapoos are a delight to have, and your household will never feel joyless if there’s a Cavapoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most desired Cavapoo color?

Ruby coats are considered the most desirable in Cavapoo puppies.

Are Cavapoos calmer than goldendoodles?

Cavapoos are much more relaxed than the energetic and active goldendoodle.

How long can Cavapoo hold pee?

Cavapoos, after they’ve been fully house trained, will only need to go out every five hours or so.

Where Are the Best Cavapoo Breeders in New England?


Choosing a breeder for the perfect Cavapoo puppy can be difficult. Still, there are certain factors that you must consider, such as their reputation, which you can confirm through testimonials or forums like Reddit.

Visit their website to see if they’re a member of any well-known organization and practice ethical breeding according to the breed-specific standard.

You can schedule a visit to see the dogs yourself and ask as many questions as possible to ensure you make the right choice.

There aren’t many Cavapoo breeders in New England, so you may have to look in bordering states like New York and Maryland, and we suggest you do thorough research before getting a puppy.

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