4 Best Pug Breeders in New England! (2024)

Are you looking for a Pug in New England? Here’s a list of our top picks for Pug breeders in New England to help you buy one.

Before we get on the list, let’s learn a little about this adorable dog. Popular for its wrinkly and punched-in face, curly tail, and large eyes, the Pug will instantly melt your heart.

Pugs make great pets as they thrive on the companionship of their owners.

Their charming and friendly demeanor makes them easy to train. Although Pugs are prone to Obesity, a healthy exercise regimen will keep these dogs fit and healthy.

You will not regret buying this bundle of cuteness. But before you proceed, check out our guide for more information on Pug puppies in New England.

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1. Felzar French Bulldogs and Pugs


The first Pug breeder that has made it to our list is Felzar French Bulldogs and Pugs.

As an intelligent and thoughtful breeder, Felzar French Bulldogs and Pugs have a carefully designed breeding program that specializes in producing puppies for health and temperament.

As members of Pug Dog Club of America, Patriot Pug Dog Club, and Souhegan Kennel Club, Felzar French Bulldogs and Pugs have been breeding quality and healthy dogs for over two decades now.

All the puppies here come with a limited AKC registration.

Since health is a number one priority, all the puppies are dewormed and microchipped.

Before you are handed your puppy, they have had their DHPP vaccine, have undergone a thorough medical examination, and come with a health certificate.

The puppies come with a 2-year health guarantee against genetic illnesses and are to be spayed/neutered once they are a year old.

In case of any other illnesses reported within 3 days of possession, you can apply for a refund within 14 days.

To help you choose the perfect puppy for you, Felzar’s allows you to visit once the puppies are 6 weeks old. Each puppy comes with a puppy pack to help you get started on their routine and training.

The puppy pack includes a harness or collar and leash, the puppy’s food sample that they are currently consuming, a blanket with the scent of littermates and toys along with a daily schedule for the puppy.

If you have to take a vacation and can’t find anyone to look after your puppy, Felzar’s offers affordable boarding which covers both pick-up and drop-off for only $22.

Felzar French Bulldogs and Pugs Details:

2. Fairytale Frenchies


Fairytale Frenchies specializes in Pugs and French Bulldogs; both are raised with great love and care.

As one of the premier Pug breeders in New England that offers AKC-registered puppies, Fairytale Frenchies prioritizes improving the breed’s health, which is one reason why their puppies are given Nu-Vet multivitamins daily.

The puppies are all up to date on their necessary vaccinations and are fed a high-end raw food diet.

Each puppy comes with a 3-year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support on how to go about caring for your puppy as they grow.

Fairytale Frenchies specializes in breeding black, fawn, chocolate, and other colors of Pugs.

Their Pugs have double-curl tails and non-protruding eyes and have been health tested to ensure they are free from any health concerns.

Since this breeder has a waiting list for their puppies for sale in New England, you can secure your place through a non-refundable deposit and visit the facilities before making your final decision.

If, at any point in time, you want to return the puppy, they’ll take back the puppy as they ensure the health and happiness of their puppies.

There are only 3-4 litters per year, and for you to visit their facility to decide which puppy you want, you can call for a visit and provide the necessary identification information to make it happen.

Fairytale Frenchies Details:

3. Pug Puppy.com


Raised and nourished in the house with a loving family, Pug Puppy.com raises the healthiest Pug puppies for sale in New England.

Their main priority is taking measures to advance the pug breed while providing unmatched quality care. Not only that, they focus on the health and safety of their Pugs, which is why they currently do not ship Pugs via flight.

Are you worried about traveling to Boston to collect your puppy? Do not worry!

Pug Puppy.com offers to deliver your pet via ground delivery in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and most areas in New England.

Their one-acre facility includes a large area for run and play, ensuring their dogs are healthy and active. Each dog here has learned to swim, as they also have an inground pool at their facility.

To ensure the health of their puppies, all the Pugs are treated for heartworms every month and are up to date on their vaccinations.

Moreover, Pug Puppy puppies are AKC or CKC registered, with a 10-day money-back health guarantee.

They offer lifetime support to the families they choose to give their Pugs to and to make their transition to a new home easier; with their puppies comes a toy with the scent of the parent and a sweater for cold weather.

The puppies here are both playpen/kennel and puppy pad trained.

Pug Puppy.com Details:

4. KayJo Pugs


Last on our list of Pug breeders in New England is KayJo Pugs, a home-based kennel that has been breeding and training Pugs in Maine for many years.

Based on a 2+ acre area of land, Kayjo Pugs ensures that all their pug puppies are healthy and active.

The puppies are crate trained and raised in the house, which makes their puppies easy to be around and fit your house or apartment.

They do not breed randomly; KayJo plans their breed carefully beforehand with AKC or RFK-registered parents. However, not all of their puppies are registered.

To save yourself a spot to have one of their carefully bred puppies, you are required to make a non-refundable deposit.

For puppies to be shipped internationally, they are provided with a health certificate that lasts 10 days after it has been issued.

The puppies come with a spay/neuter contract and have received the necessary health examinations before leaving their facilities.

If at any point you are unable to care for their puppy, you will have to return it to KayJo Pugs, as each of their pugs is special to them.

They would rather have their puppy back than you send it to a rescue. By the time they reach you, the puppies have had their distemper vaccinations and have been put on a deworming medicine.

The final payment is to be made once the puppy is 5 weeks old, but in case you cannot make pick-up arrangements.

KayJo Pugs has no problem keeping your puppy up to 8 weeks so that they can reach their forever home smoothly.

KayJo Pugs Details:

How to Choose Pug Breeders in New England


Pugs are a wonderful breed, but not all Pug puppies in New England come from a healthy breeding environment and practice.

To have a companion that is happy and healthy, make sure to do thorough research when choosing a breeder.

Here are a few points to consider:

  • Credibility: transparent breeding practices are synonymous with credibility. When choosing a breeder, you must be vigilant of the facility and ask questions about it and its practices. A credible breeder will be open to your questions.
  • Breeding practices: if a breeder has a waiting list and only breeds a few litters per year, this is one of the signs that they have safe breeding practices. Stay wary of breeders churning out puppies as a careful breeder will never put their puppies under stress and will only breed from registered dog parents.
  • Reputation: a reputable breeder will have good reviews and will undoubtedly feature their happy and satisfied customers on their website or social media. Check out the reviews and their customer services before you pick a breeder for your pug puppy.
  • Support and resources: if you are new to the world of dogs and are a first-time puppy owner, you will need help caring for your puppy better. Make sure to pick a breeder that offers lifetime support and provides resources to the puppies so they are well taken care of.

Conclusion For “Best Pug Breeders in New England”


While creating our list of Pug breeders, we have included breeders with multiple specializations.

Some prioritize health, while others focus on producing champion material Pugs. So, you can choose a breeder depending on your preference for health, training, or a good reputation.

Whichever breeder you choose, ensure that it best fits your specific needs. Visit multiple breeders, read their policies and contracts, and consider all your options before buying a puppy.

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