4 Best Cane Corso Breeders in Alabama! (2024)

Are you on the hunt for the top Cane Corso breeders in Alabama? Well, look no further because we’ve got the inside scoop on the four best breeders in the state!

The breeders listed here are renowned for producing healthy, happy, and well-bred Cane Corso puppies that will steal your heart. So buckle up and get ready to meet the best breeders raising Cane Corsos in the South.

But first, let’s delve into the fascinating history of this ancient and noble breed. The Cane Corso is an Italian mastiff with a rich history dating back to ancient times.

The Romans used these majestic dogs as hunting and guard dogs and were even pitted against bears and lions in the Colosseum!

Over time, the Cane Corso’s popularity spread beyond Italy and into other parts of Europe. Unfortunately, the breed was in danger of going extinct by the 20th century.

However, a tiny but devoted group of the breed’s enthusiasts fought relentlessly to save the species and save it from extinction.

Today, the Cane Corso is a beloved breed for their loyalty, intelligence, and protective nature. Lucky for us, there are some amazing Cane Corso breeders right here in Alabama.

So let’s get started and find your new furry best friend!

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1. Southern Grace Cane Corso


One of the best breeders raising AKC standard Cane Corso puppies for sale in Alabama is the Southern Grace Cane Corso!

This small, family-owned kennel is located in a charming town in Alabama, and the owners’ Pam, Chad, Tori, Hadleigh, and Hunter, are passionate about breeding the best Italian Mastiffs in the country.

At Southern Grace Cane Corso, they believe that temperament is key, and all of their dogs are raised with love, structure, and consistent training.

They even participate in conformation shows and other fun activities with their beloved Corsos.

Their love for the breed started with their first rescue Corso, Jabez, who quickly became the best-behaved dog ever.

And they’re not alone in their love for these amazing dogs – they believe that a Cane Corso can make the perfect family pet and protector, as long as you’re willing to put the effort in their training.

That’s why Southern Grace Cane Corso requires potential puppy buyers to answer a Puppy Questionnaire.

This helps them ensure that their puppies go to loving homes where they’ll receive the care and training they need to thrive. So be prepared to tell them about yourself, your family, your hobbies, and your plans for your new fur baby.

And if you’re wondering whether a Cane Corso is the right breed for you, remember that training is a lifetime effort.

But with consistency and dedication, these amazing dogs can make wonderful companions for years.

Southern Grace Cane Corso Details:

2. Capri Cane Corso


Get ready to meet the Stanchio family and their pack of Cane Corsos at Capri Cane Corso in Alabama!

Jimmy and Dianna, along with their sons, daughter, and granddaughter, are the proud owners of this hobby kennel, where they breed and show the BEST Cane Corso puppies in Alabama.

Capri Cane Corso is an experienced breeder that has been involved with Cane Corso for decades. They have witnessed the breed’s evolution from obscurity to popularity after AKC and UKC recognition.

They have a strong desire to help protect, preserve, and better the breed into the future led to the formation of the Society in America for Cane Corso Italiano (SACCI).

At Capri Cane Corso, they hold the correct type, health, working ability, and temperament as equal requirements in their breeding selection.

All of their dogs live in large fenced runs spread over three acres and do not live in kennels, ensuring that their pups receive the best possible care and socialization required to provide their future owners with the healthiest pups.

In addition, all their pups receive a microchip and a three-year written health guarantee.

The Stanchios have made many friends with top Cane Corso breeders and expert judges in the USA and Italy, who have helped them expand their knowledge and experience by sharing theirs.

So, come visit Capri Cane Corso and meet the Stanchio family and their pack of Cane Corsos! They are happy to share their knowledge with those who would like to own this magnificent dog.

Capri Cane Corso Details:

3. Marsil’s Cane Corsos


Marsil’s Cane Corsos is a Florida-based breeder with over 30 years of experience in producing happy and healthy Cane Corso pups.

Do you want a Cane Corso that is a perfect family dog? Marsil’s should be at the top of your list. While they are quite a distance from Alabama, their high-quality pups are worth the road trip!

At Marsil’s, the breeders are proud to raise well-socialized and friendly Cane Corsos, who are the best companions for their future families.

Their dogs are a part of the family, living in the home with their owners and enjoying 10 acres of land to explore and play on.

Their exposure to nature, a home environment, and other humans ensures a well-balanced temperament.

The physical health of the dogs is also prioritized at Marsil’s – all parent dogs are vetted and tested before being bred.

The puppies are dotted on from birth! A vet inspects them when they are born and then again after 2 weeks for the next 6 months.

But it’s not just about physical health – at Marsil’s, they believe emotional health is just as important.

Their dogs are raised to be great companions, loving nothing more than snuggling up with their owners and spending time with children. They understand that their pups are not just pets but built-in best friends.

If you’re interested in bringing home a Marsil’s Cane Corso, reach out to them quickly because their puppies find new homes fast!

Simply send them an email to reserve your puppy or ask any questions you may have.

With 3 to 4 litters a year, there will surely be perfect Cane Corso puppies in Alabama waiting for you at Marsil’s Cane Corsos.

Marsil’s Cane Corsos Details:

4. Siciliano Cane Corsos


Oh boy, do we have a treat for you! Siciliano Cane Corso is a breeder that’s all about the love for the breed. They don’t do it for the money, oh no.

They do it for the sheer joy and satisfaction that comes with raising these magnificent dogs. And let us tell you, these pups are something special and make the trip to Florida worth it.

At Siciliano Cane Corso, they take their breeding seriously. All of their dogs live in their home and have ample outdoor facilities for their furry friends to run and play.

But it’s not just about fun and games. Their puppies are vet checked, vaccinated, microchipped, and come with health certificates. They even offer a written health guarantee and lifetime support. Talk about dedication!

What sets Siciliano Cane Corso apart is their commitment to breeding even-tempered Cane Corsos that are raised alongside children.

That’s right, these pups are raised alongside toddlers to teenagers, and some even become service dogs! With professional obedience training and excellent temperament, these dogs are the perfect addition to any family.

Their dogs are well cared for and health tested, and they DNA register all of their dogs to ensure the lineage is 100% accurate.

Plus, they aim to meet the breed standard within their breeding program, producing big-head and large-bone Cane Corsos.

So if you’re looking for Cane Corso breeders in Alabama that are all about the love for the breed, look no further than Siciliano Cane Corso.

Siciliano Cane Corsos Details:

How to Choose a Cane Corso Breeder in Alabama?


Are you ready to bring home a Cane Corso and want to find the perfect breeder in Alabama? We have got you covered with some paw-some tips on how to choose the best Cane Corso breeder in Alabama!

  • Research, Research, Research! Before you even think about buying a Cane Corso puppy, you must do your homework. Start by researching different breeders in Alabama and reading reviews from their previous customers. Then, narrow down a breeder with a good reputation and a track record of producing healthy, happy puppies.
  • Meet the Parents! When you visit a breeder, make sure you meet the parents of the puppies – knowledge of their health and treatment is just as important. This will give you an idea of the temperament and behavior of the dogs, as well as any potential health issues.
  • See Where the Pups Play! Visit the breeding facility to observe where the puppies are housed. Make sure the puppies are raised in a spotless, secure environment with lots of space to run around and play. A good breeder will give their puppies excellent care and ensure they have the best start in life.
  • Ask Questions! Don’t be afraid to ask the breeder questions about their breeding program and practices. Ask about the health and temperament of their dogs, their breeding practices, and what kind of support they offer after you take your puppy home. A trustworthy and ethical breeder would be happy to address any concerns you may have.
  • Follow Your Gut! Finally, while selecting a breeder, you should rely on your gut. It’s suggested that you leave if anything doesn’t feel right or if the breeder doesn’t seem to have the dogs’ and puppies’ best interests in mind. A Cane Corso puppy is a big commitment, and you want to make sure you’re getting your furry friend from a trustworthy and responsible breeder.

Choosing a Cane Corso breeder can be daunting – fear not! By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to find the perfect breeder and furry companion for you and your family soon enough!

Conclusion For “Best Cane Corso Breeders in Alabama”


Now that you know about the best Cane Corso breeders in Alabama, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get a furry friend to make your life more joyful and exciting.

From the Southern Grace Cane Corsos to Siciliano Cane Corso, these breeders have years of experience, love for the breed, and dedication to producing healthy and well-tempered puppies.

Choosing the right breeder is challenging but essential, but with the information and knowledge offered here, you’ll have all the skills you need to make the best decision.

Rest assured, there is a Cane Corso breeder in Alabama that is ideal for you whether you’re searching for a family member, a devoted protector, or a furry friend to go on adventures with.

Contact one of these amazing breeders today and bring home your new best friend today!

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