Can Dogs Breed With Foxes? With Coyotes, Wolves, or Hyenas? (2024)

A cute white dog interacting with a young fox in a grassy field.

Dogs are sometimes crossbred with different canine species to create hybrids. This may either occur in nature or by intentional planned breeding by people.

Because foxes and dogs look very much alike, people often wonder if they can mate and produce offspring.

Can dogs breed with foxes? Dogs and foxes cannot breed because they are from two different genuses. Although they look very similar, dogs are grouped in the Canis genus, and foxes are categorized in the Vulpes genus. Their chromosomes are not compatible, so they cannot interbreed.

Dogs can interbreed with certain other animals. When dogs are able to run free, they are likely to encounter these other animals and may even breed with them.

If you are worried about your dog being outside or are just curious about whether or not he or she could breed with a fox (and other critters), read out to learn more. 

Is It Possible for a Dog To Breed With a Fox?

It is not possible for a dog to breed with a fox because they are in a different genus and have a different number of chromosomes that prevents them from reproducing. 

Why Dogs and Foxes Cannot Mate & Produce Offspring

Dogs and foxes cannot mate and produce offspring because their genetics do not match up.

In the unlikely situation where a dog and a fox would attempt to mate, they would not be able to reproduce.

Dogs and Foxes Are Not in the Same Genus

Animals that are not in the same genus cannot mate. Foxes and dogs are in the same family, but they are not in the same genus. Dogs are part of the Canis genus, and foxes belong to the Vulpes genus.

This means their DNA, chromosomes, and genetics are not compatible. 

Dogs and Foxes Have Different Number of Chromosomes

Dogs and foxes have a different number of chromosomes, which makes it impossible for them to interbreed.

Dogs have 78 chromosomes split into 39 pairs. Foxes have between 38 and 64 chromosomes, depending on the species. This prevents foxes and dogs from interbreeding. 

No Natural Sexual Attraction

Dogs and foxes have no natural attraction, and therefore are not likely to attempt to mate. In fact, they are more likely to fight when they come in contact with each other. 

What About Reported Cases of Fox-Dog Hybrids?

While there have been reports of foxes and dogs breeding and some people even claim to have hybrid fox-dogs, these reports are false. It is not possible for foxes and dogs to reproduce.

Can Dogs Breed With Coyotes?

Dogs and coyotes are capable of breeding and producing hybrid pups. These hybrids are called coydogs.

This interbreeding is most common in captivity, and while it can occur in the wild, it is far less common. 

Can Dogs Breed With Wolves?

Front view of a large timber wolf walking in the snow.

Dogs and wolves can interbreed. When both have been raised together in captivity, this type of interbreeding is common.

In the wild, wolves and dogs behave aggressively toward each other and are more likely to fight than breed. 

Can Dogs Breed With Dingoes?

Dingoes and dogs can and do breed often in the wild. These hybrids are usually referred to as wild dogs.

Can Dogs Breed With Hyenas?

Dogs and hyenas are different species from different genera and cannot interbreed. Hyenas are more closely related to cats than dogs.

Can Dogs Breed With Jackals?

Dogs can breed with jackals. Dogs and golden jackals have been successfully bred in captivity, and there have been instances where they have bred in the wild as well.

However, dogs cannot crossbreed with other species of jackals.

Related Questions:

Can Dogs Breed With Fennec Foxes?

Dogs and fennec foxes cannot breed. They are from different genuses and have a different number of chromosomes that make them incompatible. 

What Animals Can Dogs Breed With?

Dogs can breed with a few different other animals that are in the same genus as dogs. Those animals include wolves, dingoes, coyotes, and golden jackals.


Dogs can interbreed with different animals, but they do not do so often in the wild. Most cases of interbreeding occur in captivity.

Dogs and foxes encounter each other in the wild often, but they cannot interbreed because they are not genetically compatible.

They may, however, fight over territory and show aggression towards each other.