7 Best Cockapoo Breeders in Missouri! (2024)


Missouri residents know that the cockapoo is one of the trending breeds in their state. The best cockapoo breeders in Missouri are just a drive away from your home.

Since they were introduced to the United States in the 1960s, cockapoo breeders in Missouri have produced and sold thousands of cockapoo puppies, rehoming them with families who are fans of the designer breed. 

Are you interested in adopting a cockapoo? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve researched and compiled a list of the top cockapoo breeders in the state. Some are family-run businesses, while others are reputable kennels with strict policies against puppy mills. 

Purchasing your cockapoo puppy from a breeder who will meet the dog’s medical and social needs is important.

The breeders on this list will do just that, ensuring you’re bringing home a puppy that will be healthy and well-socialized, ready to join your family. 

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1. Angel Wing Pets


Angel Wing Pets is first on our list of the top cockapoo breeders in Missouri.

They’re a family-owned and operated breeder convenient to families in the southwestern part of the state, though they may be able to meet you at a location about an hour away from their kennel.

Shipping by ground or air is also available if you need this service!

The Angel Wing Pets team is licensed by the USDA and the state of Missouri, so you can rest assured they’re a reputable puppy breeder.

Your dog (and his parents) will be vet-checked, vaccinated, wormed, and well-cared for in the weeks leading up to adoption.

Your dog comes with a one-year health warranty, too. Your dog is sold as a companion only, so you’ll need to have it spayed or neutered to maintain your end of the contract. 

The deposit to hold a puppy is $515, which is deducted from your dog’s final cost. The price will vary based on several characteristics, but the cockapoo breed typically costs around $1,200.

In addition to cockapoos, Angel Wing Pets breeds mini bernedoodles and Cavalier King Charles spaniels. 

Angel Wing Pets Details:

2. K-Jac’s Kennel


K-Jac’s Kennel is next on our list of the best cockapoo breeders in Missouri. They’re another breeder located in the southwesternmost part of the state. If you’re close to Branson, you’re close to your new, healthy cockapoo puppy!

K-Jacks, like Angel Wing Pets, is USDA-licensed, and they’re inspected by three entities each year: the USDA, the state of Missouri, and a licensed veterinarian.

The vet is on call throughout the year and is always available to give little pups the attention they need. 

To purchase a puppy, contact the breeder! Let them know which dog you’re interested in, then place your deposit.

The $200 deposit will be deducted from the final purchase price of your cockapoo puppy, which is surprisingly affordable! You can bring home a cockapoo puppy for a total cost of between $400 and $500. 

Dogs come with a seven-day guarantee against fatal illness and a one-year guarantee against congenital defects. Your puppy will be updated on vaccines and wormers before going home with you!

K-Jac’s Kennel Details:

3. Foglesong’s Spring Creek


Foglesong’s Spring Creek Nursery is located in Moulton, Iowa, so northern Missouri residents are just a hop, skip, and jump away from the breeder.

Puppies are healthy and affordable, and the breeder produces several litters yearly. You can view the available puppies on the website or contact the team for information about upcoming or expected litters. 

Once you find a puppy, you’ll be asked to complete an adoption application. If you’re approved, you’ll be invited to place a deposit on your dog.

This will hold your puppy and reserve your place on the waitlist. Deposits are transferable to another litter should you decide none of the puppies match your criteria. 

We love that this cockapoo breeder allows buyers to negotiate on price. While they certainly won’t give dogs away, the team wants healthy puppies to be accessible to more American families.

In addition, they accept Afterpay, a third-party financing option!

Typically, puppies cost $1,000, and breeding rights are available! If you’d like to allow your dog to produce pups, you can pay an additional $500 for the right to do so. 

Foglesong’s Spring Creek Details:

4. Triple A-BC Pups


Triple A-BC Pups is located in Lancaster, Missouri. They are one of the top cockapoo breeders in Missouri, but they also serve residents of Iowa.

If you’re in the Lancaster area, call to schedule a visit to the facility! They’re a family-owned and operated breeder, and you can meet the humans and animals your puppy will be raised with!

Triple A-BC Pups raises cockapoos and cavapoos, so check with the website to discover which breed is available when you’re ready to purchase.

You can place a deposit to hold a dog, but it’s non-refundable! Please be sure you’re ready to adopt your dog before doing so. 

Your little one will be farm-raised by many other critters, so your household sights and sounds will be second nature to your dog.

Of course, your puppy will be given a clean bill of health before being sent to a new home. 

Bring your dog to the vet within a few days of purchase, and speak to the Triple A-BC team about your health guarantee and your dog’s spay or neuter requirements. 

Triple A-BC Pups Details:

5. Crockett Doodles


Crockett Doodles serves a nationwide customer base, so we’ve included them in our guide to the best cockapoo breeders in Missouri.

They’re located in Greenville, South Carolina, so if you’re in the south, please stop by!

Otherwise, you can meet one of their partner breeders at a location closer to you, or you can arrange for the delivery or shipping of your dog to your local airport. 

Crockett Doodles is quite a prolific breeder! You’ll find that hundreds of pups are typically available for purchase, but they’re by no means a puppy mill.

Instead, this kennel utilizes a large network of responsible families who act as guardians for your puppy until it’s time to go home with you. 

Your dog will be vet-checked, vaccinated, wormed, and ready to join a healthy new family. Each dog has a health guarantee, but you must agree to spay or neuter your dog by age one.

Dogs are sold as companions only – you are not permitted to breed your puppy. 

Should you have any questions about your dog – now or later in his life – reach out to Crockett Doodles! While they’re a large breeder, they’ll take time to answer questions and address your concerns for your dog’s lifetime. 

If you’d like to arrange to ship for your dog, please contact Crockett Doodles! Rates are set by the zone you live in, and you can expect to pay between $579 and $1,099 for the delivery of your dog. 

Crockett Doodles Details:

6. Premier Pups


Premier Pups is another breeder that offers nationwide delivery of dogs.

They specialize in little breeds – cockapoos, corgis, and shih tzus are a few of the breeds they sell, and all come from foster families across the United States.

In most cases, your puppy will be home-raised and will come with an industry-leading 10-year health guarantee. 

Premier Pups dogs are sold as companions, so you’ll likely have to sign a spay or neuter agreement for your puppy. Ask the kennel for more information on the timeline for this.

Furry friends will be vaccinated and wormed before being shipped off to your home, and parents have been genetically tested, too!

Purchasing a puppy is easy-peasy! You’ll find the one you’d like to bring home, then either select the adopt button or the reserve button. If you choose to reserve, a deposit will be required.

Otherwise, click “adopt.” You’ll enter your zip code, and the shipping options will be displayed. Choose your favorite, then proceed to checkout. 

When your puppy arrives at your home, he’ll have all his papers in order.

If you adopt a purebred dog instead of a cockapoo, you’ll receive any available registration papers. Otherwise, vet records will be sent to you with your dog. 

Premier Pups Details:

7. Creekside Puppy Adoptions


Finally, Creekside Puppy Adoptions makes our list of the best cockapoo breeders in Missouri – despite being located in Illinois!

They are a short drive for some Missouri residents, or you can have your dog delivered to you. Ground delivery is offered through Furry Freight. Air travel is not offered at this time. 

View the available puppies on the Creekside website; you can sort by breed. Once you find a pup, you can place a deposit.

The deposit for your dog is usually around $200, and that’s deducted from the total purchase price of your dog. Most cockapoo puppies cost between $2,000 and $2,300, depending on sex and other characteristics. 

Creekside Puppy Adoptions offers lifetime support for their dogs – and for you! If you have questions, contact the team for assistance if any problems arise.

Creekside wants to ensure its babies are housed in safe and responsible homes, and they’ll support you in any way they can as your puppy grows. 

Creekside Puppy Adoptions Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my cockapoo’s coat not curly?

A cockapoo with more poodle in its ancestry will have a curly coat, A cockapoo with more spaniel in its ancestry will have a straight coat.

At what age does a cockapoo’s coat change?

Between 7 and 9 months, a cockapoo will start growing an adult coat.

Should cockapoos be shaved in summer?

Cockapoos do need to have a shorter hair cut when the weather warms up.

So What Are the Best Cockapoo Breeders in Missouri?


Whether you live in Kansas City or across the Show-Me State in St. Louis, there’s a cockapoo breeder in Missouri that’s a good fit for you.

Begin with the breeders on this list, then do your research. Visit the breeder, if possible, and get a feel for how your puppy has been raised. 

Once you find a cockapoo breeder – and puppy – you love, begin the adoption process! Your new little dog is waiting for someone just like you! 

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