French Bulldog Puppies in Missouri – Top 5 Breeders! (2024)

Are you having trouble finding a breeder that raises healthy and well-adjusted French Bulldog puppies in Missouri? You have come to the right place. This article has everything you need to know to find this family-friendly pet in Missouri.

Before getting into details about the breeders, you must know some essential facts about this breed.

French Bulldogs are small, sturdy, and low-maintenance dogs. Their small size, playful nature, and undeniable charm make them a suitable partner for anyone!

The best part about this breed is that they are very alert, which makes them incredible watchdogs. Another great trait of the French Bulldog is that it quickly adapts to changes and, unlike most dogs, does not require much outdoor activity.

It makes them ideal for families or individuals searching for a pet but also have a busy schedule.

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French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Missouri


If you’ve decided to get a French Bulldog puppy, you should aim to find a reliable breeder next.

You cannot get a French Bulldog from just any breeder; Frenchies are vulnerable to multiple health issues such as breathing problems, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and spinal disc issues, among others.

Therefore, you must choose a breeder who is knowledgeable about breeding French Bulldogs, has years of experience in breeding Frenchies.

And actively works to produce Frenchies that are less vulnerable to the above-mentioned congenital diseases through rigorous genetic testing and selective breeding.

Here is a list of 5 French Bulldog breeders in Missouri that fit the bill:

1. Chitawee French Bulldogs


Chitawee French Bulldogs is run by Kathy Clayton, a French Bulldog breeder with more than 25 years of experience.

Apart from being the breeder and owner of Chitawee French Bulldogs, Kathy is also a founding member of the Grove Kennel Club and a member of the French Bulldog Club of America.

Furthermore, Kathy also has help from experienced breeders who are sincerely devoted to their cause of breeding and raising healthy French Bulldogs.

Clayton ensures that her company’s breeding style matches the standards of the French Bulldog Club of America.

She also says that the health concerns involved in breeding Frenchies have inspired her to devote her life to the betterment of the breed. With carefully planned breeding, genetic testing, and public education, they ensure you the best quality.

With the correct methods, they make sure to produce animals that can move correctly and meet your standards.

Chitawee breeders have been given a swooping 5-star rating with brilliant reviews. Their reviews prove that they are not only professionals but also extremely helpful.

Their customers are grateful that the owner always makes time to answer all their questions. Their puppies are not only gorgeous but also well tampered with and easily adjust to new people.

Due to their high-quality breeding practices, Chitawee French Bulldogs has enjoyed tremendous success over the last 25 years and is among the top French bulldog breeders in Missouri.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

2. Watts English Bulldog


Larry Watts and Monty Watts, who are very familiar with the Bulldog breed and share an extraordinary bond with them, are the breeders that run Watts English Bulldogs.

They have been working as breeders since 2006 and take immense pride in the quality of their work.

Watts English Bulldog has the best Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines in their breeding programs. Although their name suggests that they only have English Bulldogs, they breed English and French Bulldog puppies for sale in Missouri.

They are one of the most devoted breeders in town; all their puppies are raised in their home, where they get individual love and attention.

They ensure the health of their puppies through regular vet checks, immunization shots, and dewormings at the recommended times, and standard health tests for the breed. They also provide a health guarantee and health certificates.

Additionally, all their puppies are registered with the AKC. The breeders have been given a 4.3-star rating with excellent reviews. Customers have described the owners as breeders who know what they are doing.

Reviews from past customers have also proved that they breed high-quality pedigree dogs at great prices.

People have also pointed out that they are accommodating and always here to give you advice and answer your questions, even after the sale.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

3. Norton Farm Kennels


Norton Farm Kennels is a small breeder that raises several breeds, including French bulldogs, Toy Poodles, and Free Lance bulldogs.

This family breeder aims to breed healthy, high-quality dogs. All canines are born on their family farm to provide their puppies with the best care.

In addition, they have the two best veterans on board, Dr. Griffin and Dr. Chris. Both doctors have years of experience in Bulldog breeding and health concerns. Moreover, they are both available on short notice in case of emergencies.

Additionally, all their puppies have had their first vaccinations, been dewormed, and microchipped. They also provide shipping services which save you a lot more time.

Norton Farm Kennels breeders believe a well-balanced and nourishing diet is essential to raising healthy puppies. Therefore, they not only feed their pets high-quality dog food but also give Nuvet vitamins to ensure their good health.

The breeders at Norton Farm Raise their dogs with utmost care and love to ensure they make your best companion. They assure you that their pre-spoiled puppies are sure to become your next best friend.

Norton Farm Kennels has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Their reviews prove their fantastic customer service and marketing.

Their customers seem extremely satisfied with their dogs and say that their business is easy to locate and provides all necessary information.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

4. SacRiver Kennels


SacRiver kennel specializes in 6 different breeds, including French Bulldogs, Boston Terrier, standard Shih Tzu, and pocket Shih Tzu. They claim to breed puppies that will blend in with your family and lifestyle.

SacRiver Kennels is licensed by the USDA, and they are registered with the AKC. The focus of their breeding program is the health of their puppies; the pet parents are screened before they are bred to ensure healthy puppies.

Moreover, all their dogs have regular checkups at the vet and are up to date on all their vaccinations. They back their claim by providing a written health certificate with each puppy.

Not only this, but they also have an enclosed play area specially designed for puppies. Puppies who are six weeks or older attend the “Puppy Kindergarten,” where professionals train them.

These training sessions include command training and potty training. This breeding Centre may be ideal for someone who does not have extra time to train their dogs.

SacRiver Kennels have received a 4.9 out of 5-star rating and outstanding reviews. People have not only been impressed by the quality of their breed but also their customer service.

Their customers are delighted and say their puppies are well socialized and doggie trained.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

5. Castlewood Bulldogs


The last on our list of breeders that breed French Bulldog puppies in Missouri is Castlewood, a farm located in Southern Missouri. It has been open since 1994 and is owned by a couple.

They are one of the most experienced breeders and exceptional in their field.

They are also the Bulldog Club of America; all their puppies are AKC registered, providing vet-certified health reports, a 4.7 out of 5-star rating, and great reviews.

According to many reviews online, the owners cooperated throughout the process and helped them finish it without hassle.

Furthermore, customer reviews have confirmed that Castlewood puppies are loved, well groomed, socialized, and healthy!

This should be enough to convince you that their puppies adhere to the standards and requirements of a well-bred dog.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

How to Choose French Bulldog Puppies in Missouri?


If you still have questions about how to choose the right breeder, consider the following suggestions:

Do your research: Check every breeder’s website and social networking site to ensure they are reliable. Furthermore, visit the breeder if you can, to avoid any scams.

This way, you can also meet your puppy beforehand and create a bond with them.

Ask about the breeding program and measures to ensure health: Don’t hesitate to ask the breeder about the steps they take to ensure the health of parent dogs and puppies.

Ask about vaccinations and ensure they have verified health certificates.

Get References: Not only this, but you can also ask your veterinarian or the vets in the vicinity of the breeder about the breeder.

Vets have a lot of information about reliable businesses, especially in their area of practice, and they can confirm whether a breeder is legitimate.

Even though we have mentioned the 5 most reliable breeders in Missouri, additional research and visits will not hurt. Since a puppy is a lifelong commitment, we strongly suggest that you do your own research before committing to a breeder.

Conclusion For “French Bulldog Puppies in Missouri – Top 5 Breeders”


French Bulldogs puppies are not only energetic, fun, and attractive looking but prove to be a great pal for people who would like the companionship of a dog but don’t have the time to care for a high-maintenance pup.

French Bulldogs are small, easygoing, and attractive. Not just this, they are also easy to train as long as you make it seem like a game. However, this is only possible if you get a healthy puppy from a responsible breeder.

Frenchies from unethical breeders often fall sick within a few months.

Owners spend hundreds of dollars on vet bills and countless days worrying about the health of their puppy.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you research each breeder thoroughly before making a choice.

The list of 5 breeders given in this article is an excellent place to start, and we hope that the above information will help you pick a breeder in your best interest.

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