French Bulldog Puppies in Maryland – Top 5 Breeders! (2024)

If you are looking for French Bulldog puppies in Maryland, then look no further! We have compiled a list of the top five breeders in the area.

Getting a puppy is a big investment; therefore, make sure you are buying from a reliable, ethical, and experienced breeder.

Unfortunately, puppy mills are widespread in every state, and it can be challenging to differentiate between a legitimate and illegitimate breeder.

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French Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Maryland


To steer clear of unlawful breeders, you must look out for red flags. Some common markers of puppy mills include a no-visit policy, inability to show AKC registration and lack of proof of genetic testing and health records.

If a breeder is exhibiting all these markers, tread very carefully as they are most likely a puppy mill! Although French Bulldogs are a great choice for first-time pet owners, getting one from puppy mills can be a devastating mistake.

However, if you get a French Bulldog from a reliable breeder, you can’t ask for a better pet!

To get yourself a friendly, healthy, and adorable French Bulldog, peruse our list of 5 responsible French Bulldog breeders in Maryland.

1. Pony Tail Kennels


Pony Tail Kennels is one of the more responsible breeders offering French Bulldog puppies in Maryland.

They have been breeding puppies since 2009, and with 15 years of breeding experience under their belt, this breeder is well-known and well-loved in the area.

They raise French Bulldogs and French Bulldog Mixes. This means their puppies are a mix of French Bulldog and Boston Terrier puppies. In addition to this, they also sell Dachshunds and Beagles.

If you are looking for a responsible breeder that has been around and knows about their dogs, then Pony Tail Kennels is the breeder to choose. If you are interested in purchasing from Pony Tail Kennels, then you should know the following:

  • All puppies will receive an initial veterinarian visit before they are sent to their new homes.
  • All puppies will receive a health certificate before they are sent home.
  • All puppies are up to date on their shots and deworming before they are sent home.
  • There is a 72-hour health guarantee where all the puppies must be checked within 72 hours of going home for the health guarantee to be valid.
  • All new owners are not allowed to see puppies until they are eight weeks old.
  • All puppies require a $50 non-refundable deposit to book the puppy. You can book more than one puppy.
  • After you have booked your puppies, you can then contact the breeder to make your selection. A further $200 deposit will be made towards holding the puppy until you make the final payment.
  • All deposits go towards the final payment of the puppy.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

2. Ellie Frenchies


Ellies Frenchies are a small home-based breeding facility that offers purebred French Bulldog puppies for sale in Maryland. They do not have a kennel and do not believe in breeding puppies for only commercial purposes.

Their dogs and puppies all live with them in their home, and they make sure they are given all of the love and attention they deserve. Occasionally when there is litter available, they do offer them up for sale.

There is a waitlist you can put your name on if you are interested in purchasing a puppy. There is no deposit required for the waitlist.

If you are interested in purchasing from Ellie Frenchies, then you should know the following:

  • You do not have to put a deposit to be put on the waitlist.
  • Puppies are picked from three weeks of age. After you pick your puppy, the breeder wills end pictures and videos of the puppy.
  • All dogs are AKC registered, but that is limited in nature, and they cannot be shown or bred.
  • The price for the AKC registered limited puppies are between $3,200-4,000.
  • Full AKC registration is available, but it is only provided to a few, and it is not the norm.
  • They can provide the puppies to you if you live in the Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, and Virginia areas by meeting you
  • If you live outside the above radius, you will need to come and pick up the puppy yourself. They will not airship the puppy.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

3. Home of the French Bulldogs


Home of the French Bulldogs is a veteran Maryland breeder that breeds standard and rare colored French Bulldog puppies in Maryland.

All of their adult dogs are American Kennel Club (AKC) registered and have gone through DNA testing to check for any genetic abnormalities. They believe in raising their puppies in the home and giving special attention to their diet.

They do not feed dry kibble to their puppies but homemade nutritious meals every day. This includes freshly cooked food like sweet potatoes, yellow potatoes, rice, ground beef, chicken, and fish.

If you are interested in buying from Home of the French Bulldogs, then you should know the following:

  • They provide a flight nanny for the transportation of all puppies. They do not believe in putting puppies in cargo as the temperatures are not safe.
  • The pricing of the puppies depends on the color of their coat. The more exotic colors are pricier.
  • All puppies will come with a health record showing that they have been immunized for all current shots.
  • They will also receive a health certificate after undergoing a physical exam by a vet.
  • All puppies come with a one-year health warranty.
  • Generational pedigree is available to view if requested by potential owners.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

4. Wicked French Bullies


Wicked French Bullies has French Bulldog puppies for sale in Maryland. If you are interested in purchasing French Bulldogs from healthy European bloodlines, then this is the breeder for you.

All of their dogs are AKC registered and are of the highest quality. They have believed in breeding the best French Bulldogs for the past 17 years and will go to any extent to achieve this.

Wicked French Bullies has planned litters each year. If you are interested in purchasing from them, it would be a good idea to visit their webpage so you can stay updated on any upcoming litters.

If you are interested in purchasing from Wicked French Bullies, then you should know the following:

  • All puppies come microchipped and with a health guarantee.
  • All puppies are raised on their farm and well-socialized at a young age. They are taught to respect other animals and to stay away from water.
  • All puppies are up to date with immunizations before they go home.
  • All puppies are potty trained before they leave home.
  • Currently, all of their puppies are sold out but do check back to see if there are any upcoming litters scheduled soon.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

  • Address: 270 Eareckson Ln, Stevensville, MD 21666
  • Phone Number: 410 320-1451
  • Website: Wicked French Bullies

5. Idylss French Bulldogs of Distinction


If you are interested in buying French Bulldog puppies in Maryland from this breeder, then you should know that not only are they AKC registered, but they are members of the French Bulldog Club of America.

The breeder, Ingrid Gleysteen, takes pride in breeding only the finest pedigree of French Bulldogs that are AKC registered.

Idylss French Bulldogs of Distinction is a fan of the breed and have some great information about the French Bulldog breed and its unique characteristics.

You can tell that the breeder takes an active interest in learning more about the French Bulldog breed.

Idylss French Bulldogs of Distinction has many pictures of their adult dogs and puppies on their website. If you are interested in purchasing from Idylss French Bulldogs of Distinction, then you should know the following:

  • The surrounding that the breeder has provided for the French Bulldog puppies is vast, with beautiful gardens and a large amount of running space.
  • Idylss has over 20 years of breeding experience.
  • They do not often breed because they take care to only breed the highest pedigree of French Bulldog puppies.
  • Once pregnancy is confirmed, information about upcoming litters is shared on their website.
  • All parents are DNA tested.
  • All health tests are carried out once the puppies are born.
  • All puppies are microchipped before they are sent to their new homes.
  • They make welcome inquiries from interested parties, and you can contact them through their contact form on their website.

French Bulldog Breeder Information:

How to Choose French Bulldog Breeders in Maryland?


With the above-mentioned list of breeders, you will be sure to find French Bulldog puppies in Maryland in no time! When looking for a breeder, you will want to make sure that they are responsible and reliable.

If you want to double-check a breeder’s legitimacy, then it is always a good idea to look at their ratings and check whether they are AKC registered or not.

If the breeder is open to taking questions from you and agrees to have you visit the premises, then this is a good sign.

In the end, your gut feeling will always tell you if you are dealing with an honest and responsible breeder.

Conclusion For “French Bulldog in Maryland Puppies – Top 5 Breeders”


If you are looking for French Bulldog puppies, then we have given you a great list to start from.

Knowing your puppy is coming from a loving home where they are given attention and care is an important first step in the puppy-buying process.

Here’s to hoping you find your French Bulldog puppy soon!

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