English Bulldog Puppies in California – Top 6 Breeders! (2024)

If you’re looking for English Bulldog puppies in California, you’ve come to the right place!

English Bulldogs are the kind of dogs that would be delighted to accompany you in any activity – whether to take a short walk around the neighborhood or a much-needed afternoon nap – an English Bulldog would do it all with you!

The English Bulldogs are known for their short muzzles and flattened face appearances. They are excellent pets due to their sweet, gentle deposition, people-oriented personality, and ability to get along well with children.

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English Bulldog Puppies For Sale in California


This article lists 6 English Bulldog breeders in California where you can get a healthy and well-bred puppy! However, we recommend you get in touch with each breeder before committing to one.

Note that the Bulldog Club of America also warns against unethical breeders solely breeding for profits and compromising the health of their puppies.

Therefore, the BCA strongly recommends buying from reliable and experienced breeders as they go out of their way to ensure the best health for their puppies.

1. Graybull Bulldogs


Graybull Bulldogs is operated by Kay and Bill Gray, a couple who are self-proclaimed Bulldog fanatics. Kay has been an AKC Bulldog judge for 15 years and a Bulldog lover for over 25 years.

They started their Bulldog breeding venture over 2 decades ago by establishing Graybull Bulldogs, a facility dedicated to breeding the best possible Bulldogs with good conformation, excellent health, and sound temperament.

Graybull Bulldogs is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Bulldog Club of America (BCA). Moreover, Kay and Bill are active members of The Pacific Coast Bulldog Club (PCB) and the Bulldog Club of America, Division III (BCA – Division III).

Kay’s extensive experience as an AKC judge and close involvement in multiple Bulldogs Clubs of America informs her breeding program. She is familiar with the protocols required to breed healthy Bulldogs and even improve the breed.

Moreover, the AKC recognizes Graybull as a breeder of merit. The breeders are happy to answer questions and queries regarding the vaccination, deworming, and health guarantee for their puppies via in-person meetings or phone calls.

Therefore, we highly recommend asking the breeder about these details once you contact them.

Their puppies are sold as pets on limited registration-spay/neutered contracts. On the other hand, puppies sold for show prospects come with complete AKC registration and breeding rights; however, each show puppy’s arrangement varies.

English Bulldog Breeder Information:

2. Newcomb Bulldogs


Whether you’re looking for a pet or a show dog, Newcomb Bulldogs has it all. Home to gorgeous and strong Bulldogs bred for conformation and companionship, the breeder has 50 years of experience in breeding English Bulldogs of uncompromising quality.

The breeder takes pride in breeding healthy, happy Bulldogs that conform to the standard; they also pay special attention to the temperament of their dogs and ensure they have a sound and calm demeanor.

Newcomb Bulldogs is also registered with the Bulldog Club of America (BCA). They follow the BCA’s breeding guidelines closely; therefore, you can rest assured you will get only the highest quality puppies!

The breeder behind Newcomb Bulldogs is a notable and active member of the Bulldog community. She served as an AKC judge for many years, and her knowledge of Bulldogs informs her breeding program.

All her dams and sire are show winners, and she promises to produce puppies that are bred and trained to be show-quality dogs.

Information about the pedigree and health of her parent dogs is available on the website.

You can fill out the contact form to get in touch with the breeder and ask any questions you may have about vaccination, deworming, and the health guarantee of the puppies.

To know more about the upcoming litters and the purchasing process at Newcomb Bulldogs, contact Brenda Newcomb at the contact details mentioned below.

English Bulldog Breeder Information:

3. English & French Bulldogs – California Bulldog Association


English & French Bulldogs – California Bulldog Association is a family-owned breeder with over 15 years of experience breeding English and French Bulldogs.

They are committed to raising the highest quality, AKC-registered French & English Bulldog puppies in California.

Located in Southern California, all puppies at the California Bulldog Association are AKC registered as the breeder strongly believes in ensuring the authenticity of the breed.

Moreover, they work with several reliable breeders in Southern California. So, if you cannot find your ideal English Bulldog, the breeders are happy to help you find one from one of their trusted breeders.

Please note that they are not a puppy store or a pet directory; they are a family-owned breeder that breeds high-quality Bulldogs but is also in touch with other Bulldog breeders in California.

So, they can recommend breeders if you cannot find the Bulldog you are looking for.

The breeder also arranges meet and greet upon requests. In addition, you can inquire about puppies’ health, vaccination, and genetic testing, health guarantees, and other details upon meeting the breeder.

English Bulldog Breeder Information:

4. Woodcreek Ranch Bulldogs


Another excellent breeder offering well-bred English Bulldog puppies for sale in California is Woodcreek Ranch Bulldogs. All puppies at Woodcreek are home-raised in a healthy and comfortable environment.

In addition, all their puppies come from champion bloodlines; the details of parent dogs are detailed on their website.

Woodcreek Ranch also works closely with Angel care Animal Hospital in Murrieta, California, to ensure the health of their puppies.

All puppies at Woodcreek Ranch Bulldogs are guaranteed to be in good health, properly vaccinated, and tested and treated for any intestinal conditions.

Moreover, the puppies have a health guarantee for genetic diseases for one year and hip dysplasia for two years.

The breeder requires interested owners to submit a deposit to reserve their puppy along with the online puppy application.

English Bulldog Breeder Information:

5. KJ’s Bulldogs


KJ’s Bulldogs is next on our list of breeders offering English Bulldog puppies in California. It is home to the most gorgeous and adorable Bulldogs you’re ever likely to come across!

Raised at the breeder’s house with the utmost attention to the dogs’ health and nearby environment, these dogs receive all the attention and care that the breeder has to offer.

At KJ’s Bulldogs, the breeders strive to ensure the conformation, quality, safety, and care of all their Bulldogs. The breeder has over 10 years of experience in breeding the highest-quality English and French Bulldogs.

Moreover, the dogs are also socialized well with children and other dogs. So, if you’re looking to bring a Bullie into a home with children or other pets, look no further!

All puppies are up-to-date on their vaccination shots, are entirely AKC registered, and come with a 1-year health guarantee.

English Bulldog Breeder Information:

6. Big Bulldogs CA


Last but not least, Big Bulldogs is another excellent option for those looking for French & English Bulldog puppies in California. The breeder raises standard and mini-Bulldogs, focusing on the health, temperament, and looks of the puppies.

With decades of breeding experience, the breeders at Big Bulldogs go out of their way to ensure you receive the highest-quality Bulldogs out there.

All parents are tested for genetic disorders before breeding to ensure the good health of the puppies.

Moreover, all puppies are up-to-date on their vaccination shots, are dewormed, and have a 2-year health guarantee. The Big Bulldogs website has 100s of videos, photographs, and client testimonials that prove the authenticity of the breeder.

You can visit Big Bulldog’s website for the latest news on upcoming litters and the purchasing process. You can also obtain information about the Bulldog breed and learn from the breeder’s experience.

To get a puppy, fill out the online application form available on the website.

English Bulldog Breeder Information:

  • Address: Fallbrook, California
  • Phone Number: 760-580-6084
  • Website: Big Bulldogs
  • Social Media: Twitter

More Information About English Bulldog Breeders in California


If you’ve decided to adopt an English Bulldog, you’ll have to decide between adopting from a rescue or purchasing a puppy from a breeder.

If you decide against adoption, the next step will be to choose a reliable and experienced breeder; however, finding one is easier said than done.

While there are many good breeders, such as the 6 breeders mentioned in this article, you will also come across illegitimate breeders or puppy mills.

These illegal breeders compromise the health of their puppies and sell them for lower prices which should be avoided. Remember, a healthy puppy is a happy puppy!

But how exactly can you differentiate a good breeder from a puppy mill? Listed below are some proven signs of a reputable breeder.

A reputable breeder will always:

  • Have years of breeding experience
  • Vaccinate and deworm their puppies
  • Offers a health guarantee of at least 1-year
  • Gets their puppies checked by a vet before they’re sent off to their forever homes
  • Is open to visits by interested customers
  • Will require you to sign a contract
  • Provide genuine paperwork for vaccinations and vet visits

Conclusion For “English Bulldog Puppies in California – Top 6 Breeders”


Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting yet overwhelming process. Finding a reputable breeder and waiting on long lists can be bothersome. However, be assured that your English Bulldog puppy will make it all worthwhile.

We wish you the best of luck in finding the right English Bulldog for your family!

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