English Bulldog Puppies – Top 7 Breeders in the US! (2024)


Flaunting gentle, friendly, and extremely courageous personalities, English Bulldog puppies are also known for their muscular, thick-set, and distinct ‘sour mug’ faces. English Bulldog puppies are highly sought after in the US.

So, if you’re looking for English Bulldog puppies in the US, here’s a list of some of the best breeders in the business!

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1. Sugarplum Bulldogs


Sugarplum Bulldogs provides multi-champion AKC-registered English Bulldogs. All its puppies are adorable little furballs that mature to weigh about 25 to 55 lbs.

The breeder prefers the smaller English Bulldog puppies since they are more playful, and although they are still sensitive to high temperatures, their smaller bodies are better at coping with harsh weather and life in general.

Sugarplum aims to produce happy, healthy, and old-fashioned English Bulldogs with their characteristic wrinkled coats and friendly personality.

The breeder co-owns a kennel in the mid-west with a woman with 35 years of experience in raising and training small-sized English Bulldogs; she also manages the breeding and whelping program.

Due to increased canine popularity worldwide and occasional travel constraints, Sugarplum has realized that most people prefer to have their puppies transported via White Glove transport or Nanny Flight transport.

Sugarplum Bulldogs provides a one-year health guarantee which covers genetic and hereditary diseases. Also, every puppy comes with a complete medical record and health certificate.

Sugarplum Bulldogs Details:

  • Location: 66 Woodlawn Ave, Bristol, Rhode Island 02809, USA
  • Phone Number: 703-507-1996
  • Website: Sugarplum Bulldogs
  • Social Media: Facebook

2. Hot Stuff Bulldogs


Another great source of French and English Bulldog puppies for sale in the US is an elite breeding team based in Georgia called Hot Stuff Bulldogs.

This kennel has provided adoption, training, and mentoring services for French and English bulldog-centric individuals and families for over 19 years.

The English Bulldog breeder also develops close relationships with all its customers and provides 24/7 support and guidance to raise the new canine babies.

Hot Stuff Bulldogs prioritizes health above everything else and gives the puppies three sets of vaccines, after which they don’t need any new shots until they’re ten months old!

The puppies receive anti-parasitic treatments and are dewormed and microchipped. Moreover, the breeder begins early potty training and ensures the puppies are well-socialized with children, adults, and other dogs and animals.

All parent dogs at Hot Stuff Bulldogs come from superior bloodlines and are robustly health-tested to ensure they produce the healthiest and most gorgeous English Bulldog puppies.

Once you’re ready to adopt one of their babies, you’ll receive its health certificate, AKC registration, medical documentation, and a lifetime guarantee of free online vet assistance.

Moreover, the puppies have a two-year health guarantee covering genetic illnesses.

The good news is that Hot Stuff Bulldogs can ship puppies to various locations in the United States. Flight tickets to major international airports and a pet passport are included in the puppy’s cost!

Moreover, the breeder offers products to help customers raise their puppies, like their personalized Puppy Safe Incubator. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Hot Stuff Bulldogs Details:

3. Brenglora Bulldogs


Third on our list of English Bulldog breeders in the US is a breeder that sends its puppies around the US via air courier – Brenglora Bulldogs!

Established in 1979, Brenglora Bulldogs is one of the nation’s oldest reputable purebred English Bulldog breeders – almost 40-plus years.

The business provides top-quality English Bulldog puppies that hail from European champion bloodlines. This is not a kennel-based facility, and the puppies are born and raised in the breeder’s home among children, adults, and other dogs.

Brenglora Bulldogs got into the breeding business solely to protect, enhance, and improve the breed standard.

The breeder makes sure to use the pedigrees of the best English Bulldogs parents so that the puppies produced are the best in terms of health, personality, and temperament.

Moreover, Brenglora Bulldogs is veterinarian, state, and AKC-inspected and approved. It is also among the top-rated English Bulldog sellers on Facebook.

All puppies have a one-year health guarantee and a spay/neuter agreement. The breeder offers standard colors in purebred Bulldogs, such as red, light fawn, and white; the fawn or dark red mostly features white markings.

Brenglora Bulldogs Details:

4. Big Bulldogs


Big Bulldogs is a breeder based in Fallbrook that provides purebred English and French Bulldogs with superior health, temperament, and appearance.

When you adopt puppies from Big Bulldogs, rest assured you’re benefiting from more than 25 years of experience in raising and training Bulldogs.

All the parent dogs are health-tested, and only the highest-quality sires and dams are selected for breeding to eliminate potential genetic issues in litters.

The standard male English Bulldogs are 14 to 15 inches tall and weigh approximately 50 pounds, whereas the female English Bulldogs weigh approximately 40 pounds.

All the English Bulldogs feature the healthiest skin and the finest-textured coats with different color patterns.

All the dogs and puppies are AKC registered and come with a pedigree going back three generations of parental genealogy.

Big Bulldogs socializes all its puppies and also gives crate training. They are also vet checked, dewormed, and up-to-date on all age-appropriate vaccinations.

In addition, the breeder provides a market-competitive two-year health guarantee, and experienced representatives are available 24/7 to guide customers throughout the life of their canine companion.

Big Bulldogs Details:

  • Location: Fallbrook, California, USA
  • Phone Number: 760-580-6084
  • Website: Big Bulldogs
  • Social Media: Facebook

5. Bullies for Families


Our next breeder providing happy and healthy English Bulldog puppies for sale in the US is Bullies for Families. They’re a family of Bulldog breeders aiming to breed perfect high-quality Bulldogs in Georgia, and they’ve been in operation for over ten years.

The breeder raises its puppies with love and dedication and provides AKC registration. They are raised in the breeder’s home around family and friends and socialize with kids, other Bulldogs, and household pets.

The puppies go on walks and boat rides and enjoy indoor playtime daily.

Bullies for Families meticulously selects parent Bulldogs from champion bloodlines that exhibit consistently stable temperaments and top-quality health.

This ensures their puppies are healthy and free from skin, joint, and breathing defects.

The breeder maintains a close professional relationship with highly skilled veterinarians who evaluate all the puppies before adoption.

All English Bulldog puppies have a one-year health guarantee covering genetic and hereditary health issues. You can contact the breeder via phone or email to learn more about their training and enrichment practices.

Bullies for Families Details:

6. Castlewood Bulldogs


Castlewood Bulldogs is a Southern Missouri-based breeder that occasionally provides retired adult Bulldogs to approved homes.

The breeder offers high-standard English Bulldog puppies and strives to educate and inform customers considering adopting a Bulldog.

Based on 20 wooded acres, the breeder’s journey with Bulldogs began in 1994, and to date, they have bred six champion Bulldogs and produced many other major points.

By combining US and European bloodlines into its breeding program, Castlewood Bulldogs aims to produce puppies with the best health, conformation, and temperament.

The breeder is a member of various clubs and associations, such as the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and The Bulldog Club Inc.

If you’re looking for information about the English Bulldog or just random facts and guidelines about the breed, their website features a very informative and helpful blog section.

All English Bulldog puppies have a spay/neuter contract, health guarantee, and limited registration. Moreover, the breeder offers to fly with your puppy personally and hand-deliver it at your nearest major airport.

Castlewood Bulldogs Details:

7. Exact Classic Bulldogs


Last but not least on our list of English Bulldog puppies in the US is Exact Classic Bulldogs.

This family-sized breeding kennel is devoted to raising and training household companions and show-quality English Bulldogs.

The breeder aims to exceed the breed standard for health, adherence, and temperament and selects the best bloodlines for their breeding program.

Regarding accolades, Exact Classic Bulldogs is a Hall of Fame breeder recognized by the Bulldog Club of America for producing more than 50 AKC Champions! It is also a Breeder of Merit recognized by the AKC.

The prices of their Bulldogs vary with each litter and depend on the puppy’s parents, size, color, and markings.

For more information about their puppies’ training, enrichment, and health testing, you can contact the breeder via phone or email.

Exact Classic Bulldogs Details:

How to Choose English Bulldog Breeders in the US


The AKC describes the standard English Bulldog as composed and kind, firm and brave, and displaying a pacified demeanor rather than being aggressive or vicious.

However, they highlight that the gait of the English Bulldog is somewhat peculiar – shuffling with a sideways motion – and the coat is flat, straight, and short with a fine texture. The skin is soft and loose, particularly in the neck, head, and around the shoulders.

These puppies usually have health and temperament issues as well. So do yourself a favor and never purchase low-quality and low-priced English Bulldog puppies from backyard breeders or unauthenticated pet stores.

Always choose Bulldog breeders that strive to improve the breed standard.

Here are a few aspects to focus on when looking for a reputable breeder:

  • Transparency
  • Verifiable credentials
  • A clean and well-maintained facility
  • Mostly positive online and in-person reviews
  • Health warranties, preferably covering genetic and hereditary diseases
  • Vaccinations and essential health testing
  • Updated and informative websites
  • Substantial experience in breeding English Bulldogs
  • Safe and responsible shipping

More Information About English Bulldog Puppies in the US


Agile, sturdy, and confident English Bulldog puppies are mild-tempered and become quickly attached to their families and loved ones.

Many physical features set them apart: thick, loose skin on the forehead, a wrinkled brow, a squished nose, an undershot jaw with skin drooping and flapping on each side, and let’s not forget the rolling gait.

You cannot mistake English Bulldog puppies for any other breed!

The English Bulldog comes in various colors and patterns but is mostly smooth and glossy. Adult Bulldogs can weigh as much as 50 pounds, but that doesn’t mean they’re lazy critters.

Bulldogs like taking brisk walks and require regular exercise coupled with a specific diet to stay fit and healthy. However, one of the best things about them is their low endurance and zero requirements for huge yard space.

When they feel particularly relaxed, English Bulldogs enjoy lounging in an air-conditioned room.

Also, their short snout can lead to labored breathing in hot weather, so remember to keep them hydrated and avoid extensive outdoor activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are English Bulldogs as aggressive as Pitbulls?

English Bulldogs sometimes get mistaken for Pitbulls. However, they are not Pitbulls and do not share the same temperament. English Bulldogs are not at all aggressive.

Are English Bulldogs easy to train?

English Bulldogs work a little differently than other dogs. They are not easy to train, but they will respond to love and affection. Use positive reinforcement in your training endeavors.

Do English Bulldogs like to be held?

English Bulldogs are known for their very affectionate nature. They love to be held and cuddled often!

English Bulldog Puppies – Top Breeders in the US


Well, we’ve pretty much done the hard work for you. Now all you have to do is pick a breeder, and you can begin your journey of finding your perfect lifelong canine companion!

Remember: before signing up for adoption, ask the breeder any questions or doubts about the Bulldog breed or the adoption process.

Then, once everything is clear, sit back and wait while you’re matched with one of the cutest English Bulldog puppies in the United States!

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