8 Best Bernedoodle Breeders in The USA! (2024)


Bernedoodles are a designer dog breed, typically bred from a Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. Many people love this hybrid breed for its intelligence, hypoallergenic genes, and affectionate nature.

Like other Poodle mixes, they have low-shedding coats that come in a wide selection of tri-color patterns. If you’re looking for a Bernedoodle puppy, you’ll want to find a reputable dog breeder.

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Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale in The USA


If you’re interested in adding a puppy to your new home, you can find several Bernedoodle breeders across the United States offering friendly, healthy litters for sale.

We compiled this list of the best Bernedoodle breeders across the United States to help you streamline your search if you’re having trouble finding a reputable breeder.

1. Alpine Bernedoodles


First up on our list of the top Bernedoodle breeders is Alpine Bernedoodles, located in Southwestern Colorado, near the Utah border.

Since 2014, Breeder Kathryn Hayfield has specialized in breeding Miniature, Micro-Mini, and Australian Bernedoodles. She also previously worked as a veterinary technician for 15 years.

Before producing any litters, Kathryn tests her breedable sires and dams for several breed-specific health issues.

Like Progressive Retinal Atrophy, which causes gradual vision loss, and Von Willebrand’s Disease, a genetic bleeding disorder. Each dog also has health clearances for cardiac issues.

All puppies have a two-year health guarantee and get placed on a spay or neuter contract. Miniature and Australian Bernedoodles go to their new homes after eight weeks, while Micro-Mini puppies go home after ten weeks.

If you’re interested in one of Kathryn’s Bernedoodle puppies, you can send her a $500 non-refundable deposit with your application. The average wait time for puppies on her reservation list ranges from six to 24 months.

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2. LK Bernedoodles


Next up on our list of excellent Bernedoodle breeders in the Pacific Northwest is LK Bernedoodles.

Bernedoodle breeder Kate Burch raises her puppies in a safe, climate-controlled home environment to prepare them for life with their new families.

Occasionally, she offers purebred Bernese Mountain Dog, Poodle, and Mini Bernese puppies for sale.

Before producing litters, all potential parent dogs get tested for health and mellow temperaments.

These thorough health checks ensure the parents don’t pass on health problems to their puppies, such as hip, eye, patella, thyroid, and liver issues.

Nine-week-old puppies go to their new homes vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. They also have a two-year genetic health warranty, one-year hip warranty, and get placed on a spay or neuter contract.

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3. Mountain Top Bernedoodles


Mountain Top Bernedoodles is an amazing breeder in Northeastern Oregon specializing in breeding F1, F1B, and multi-gen Bernedoodle puppies.

Amber McDowell raises her dogs and puppies as family members and prioritizes socializing them with adults, children, cats, and other animals.

Amber gets her dogs tested for several congenital health issues to ensure her dogs meet the breed’s set health standards, such as displaced hips, cardiac issues, and tracheal collapse, which causes breathing issues.

The puppies also have a one-year health guarantee for several congenital issues and begin crate, car, and potty training when they’re four weeks old.

Interested applicants can take their puppies home after eight weeks, microchipped, dewormed, and vaccinated. New owners also receive a puppy starter kit with a food sample.

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4. Ranch House Bernedoodles


If you live in the Western United States, one of the top Bernedoodle breeders we recommend is Ranch House Bernedoodles.

Mike and Paula Krull raise their Standard and Miniature Bernedoodle puppies on a spacious ranch with their family. Their puppies have stunning tri-color and bi-color coats.

Mike and Paula prioritize socializing their puppies in a family-friendly environment to ensure they have excellent temperaments before going to their new forever homes.

Their breedable sires and dams have clearances for several breed-specific health issues.

Their Bernedoodles go to their new owners after eight weeks, have a two-year health guarantee, and get placed on a spay or neuter contract. Interested applicants can send a non-refundable $500 non-refundable deposit to keep a puppy on hold.

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5. Bernedoodle Kennels


If you’re looking for a Bernedoodle in Nebraska, consider reaching out to Bernedoodle Kennels in Merrick County.

John Janky and his family raise their puppies in a safe environment to get them accustomed to life as companion dogs. He specializes in breeding Miniature F1 and F1B Bernedoodles.

Their breedable dogs live with the Janky family or in a guardian home. Like most reputable breeders, they test them for temperament and health before producing litters.

Their Bernedoodle puppies have plenty of space to play and run in their fenced yard and sleep in a heated barn that keeps them cozy at night and during the winter.

Interested applicants can send John a $400 non-refundable deposit to place a puppy on hold. Sometimes, he offers “Breeder’s Pick of the Litter” puppies at a higher price than other pups.

In addition, all puppies have a two-year health guarantee for congenital health issues and get placed on a mandatory spay or neuter contract.

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6. Allen’s Doodles


Since 2015, Allen’s Doodles has offered healthy and happy Bernedoodle puppies for sale for anyone seeking the perfect family companion.

Allen Peachy breeds and socializes his puppies in a nurturing environment to ensure they’re in top condition before sending them to a new home. He specializes in Standard and Miniature-sized Bernedoodles with tri-color and blue merle coats.

Each Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog Allen uses for breeding gets tested for elbow and hip issues. They also undergo genetic testing for cardiac issues.

Allen requires all applicants to send a $500 deposit to place a puppy on hold. The prices of the puppies vary based on their size and coat color.

Once their Bernedoodle puppies for sale are eight weeks old, they go to their new homes with up-to-date vaccinations and deworming, and a sample of puppy food. They also get microchipped and have an 18-month genetic health guarantee.

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7. Fort Mason Bernedoodles


If you live near Texas Hill Country, one of the best Bernedoodle breeders in the area is Fort Mason Bernedoodles.

Garland and Joy Gallagher raise their Bernedoodles on a beautiful, spacious ranch as family members before sending them to a perfect home.

Garland and Joy’s dogs undergo rigorous DNA testing and physicals for eye, heart, hip, and eye issues. They only use Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs with exceptional temperaments and health clearances for their breeding program.

They also prioritize giving each puppy up-to-date deworming and vaccinations before they go to a new home.

Fort Mason Bernedoodles offers a 12-month health warranty for genetic health defects.

They can also extend this healthy warranty to a two-year health warranty for hip and elbow dysplasia if you decide to keep your puppy on NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus supplements.

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8. Wolf River Bernedoodles


Are you having trouble finding a Bernedoodle breeder in the Midwest? If so, consider reaching out to Brenda Widmer Wilz at Wolf River Bernedoodles, located in Winnebago County.

She specializes in raising first-generation and multi-gen Bernedoodles in her home and socializes them with children, adults, and other household pets.

Many of Brenda’s sires and dams live in a guardian home and get tested for hip, eye, elbow, patella, heart, and thyroid issues. Any dogs that don’t meet their health and temperament standards won’t qualify for her breeding program.

Eight-week-old Berendoodle puppies for sale go to their new homes with up-to-date deworming and vaccination records, a spay or neuter contract, a microchip registration, a month of free Trupanion pet insurance, and a two-year genetic health guarantee.

Owners who feed their puppy pawTree for a year can extend their health guarantee from two to four years.

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Factors to Consider When Narrowing Down Bernedoodle Breeders


You’ll need to consider several things before choosing a Bernedoodle breeder to ensure that the puppy you buy is healthy and raised by someone trustworthy.

Experience With the Breed

The best Bernedoodle breeders should have plenty of experience working with and raising the breed, from their potential health problems and exercise requirements to grooming tips.

If they specialize in breeding first-generation Bernedoodles, they should also have extensive knowledge about Poodles and Bernese Mountain Dogs to ensure that they produce healthy puppies with sound temperaments.

Health Prioritization

Reputable breeders should get their breedable dogs tested for genetic health issues before producing any limited litters to ensure that the parents don’t pass them down to the puppies.

Despite being a hardy designer breed like other Doodles, they can still be prone to some health defects.

Examples of health issues that Bernedoodles are susceptible to include:

  • Degenerative Myelopathy (gradual limb paralysis)
  • Hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone production)
  • Bloat
  • Knee dislocation
  • Displaced hip joints
  • Heart Disease
  • Skin allergies

Most breeders offer new Bernedoodle owners one to two-year health guarantees for life-threatening health issues.

Trustworthy Labradoodle breeders should also give you a puppy’s veterinary records of their vaccinations and deworming when you take them home.

High Puppy Prices

Most reputable Bernedoodle breeders should sell their puppies at a high price range, usually around $3000 per pup. If you see any breeders selling their puppies for $1000 or less, they’re most likely running a puppy mill.

Limited Litter Production

Consider reaching out to a breeder who produces limited litters per year, typically one or two litters per mother.

This practice lets the breeders focus on each litter at a time without overwhelming themselves and gives the mothers plenty of months of rest before producing their next litter.

They won’t always have puppies available, so you should consider applying for their waitlist so they can reach out to you when their subsequent litters arrive.

Puppy mills usually advertise that they always have puppies available, so you should avoid them and look elsewhere for your ideal Bernedoodle.

Where They Raise Their Puppies

Another factor to consider when choosing a Bernedoodle breeder is the setting where they raise their puppies. They usually keep them and their mothers in their homes to protect them from outdoor elements and diseases.

Home-raised puppies get accustomed to everyday household noises to prepare them for life with their new owners.

Some sires and dams live with guardian families when the breeder doesn’t use them for producing litters. 

Transparent Communication

Trustworthy Bernedoodle breeders always keep in touch with their customers whenever they have questions about raising their new puppy, even after they take the pup home.

They usually reach out to eligible applicants within a few days and email updates about their puppies through email or social media.

Detailed Puppy Contracts

Most breeders provide contracts for new owners to sign to ensure that the puppy they buy as a pet won’t get used for breeding without their approval.

Many of these contracts require owners to get their puppy spayed or neutered by a specific time and show the breeder proof of the operation.

Contracts with a return policy require the buyer to return the puppy to the breeder if they can’t care for them. This clause also informs the buyer not to surrender the puppy to a dog shelter or rescue.

How Much Do Breeders Charge for Their Bernedoodle Puppies?

The average price of a Bernedoodle puppy usually ranges between $3000 to $4000, depending on where you look.

Several factors can impact the cost of a Bernedoodle puppy, including coat color, health coverage, generation, size, and breed popularity.

Most reputable breeders require applicants to submit a non-refundable deposit of at least $500, which adds to the pup’s total cost when placing one on hold. Breeders also charge extra if they offer shipping services.

Conclusion For “Best Bernedoodle Breeders in The USA


The best Bernedoodle breeders should prioritize each puppy’s health and get them accustomed to a home environment before giving them to potential new owners.

Choosing the right breeder can feel overwhelming, so you should consider reaching out to your top options and ask them any questions about their breeding programs.

Hopefully, this list can help you narrow down your top options if you think you’re ready to bring home a new puppy.

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