How To Fit Two Dogs in a Car? These Are the 5 Safest Options (2024)

Two Corgi dogs hanging out of a car window.

Traveling with one dog isn’t always easy, but when you have two, even a short trip to the vet can be a problem unless you have a plan and are prepared. If you need to fit two dogs in a car, you’ll need to consider your options.

How do you transport two dogs in a car? The best way to transport two dogs in a car is with crates or dog seat belts. These methods allow you to secure the dogs safely so they won’t be able to move around and distract you in the car and so they are kept safe if you have an accident or a car problem.

If you are planning to travel with two dogs in your car and need to know how to do so safely, read on to learn about the different options. 

Traveling Safely With Two Dogs in the Car

When traveling with your dogs, the most important thing is to make sure they are safe. That means keeping them secure so they are not able to move around and distract the driver or injure themselves. 

Option #1. Use Two Crates

If you have the space in your car, it’s best to put each dog in their own crate. The crates can be placed in the seat or in the back of your car (but never in the trunk!).

It’s important to ensure each dog has enough room in their crate to move around and rest comfortably, and you should make sure the dogs do not get too hot or cold while traveling.

Option #2. Use One Crate and One Dog Seat Belt

If you are limited on space, you may only be able to use one crate and might need to secure the other dog with a dog seatbelt.

The seatbelt connects to your dog’s collar and the car’s seatbelt latch and will keep the dog from moving around the car freely.

This one is adjustable, comes highly recommended, and is easy to install.

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Option #3. Use Two Dog Seat Belts

If your car does not have enough room for two crates or if you simply don’t want to crate your dog while traveling, you can use a doggy seat belt for each dog.

If possible, make sure there is at least one empty seat in between the dogs and shorten the seat belts enough that they can’t get tangled around each other.

Make sure the seat belt is long enough to allow the dog to move around enough to be comfortable.

Option #4. Install a Dog Barrier

If you don’t mind your dog moving around in the car but want to keep the dogs separate or prevent the dog from getting to the driver, you can install a dog barrier.

These come in different sizes and materials. Some are made for small cars, and others are designed for larger cars such as SUVs.

The barriers allow each dog to have its own small space without having to be crated or connected to a seat belt.

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Option #5. Dog Car Seat for Each Dog

Dog car seats are an option for small and medium-sized dogs. They attach to the seat, boost the pet up so they can see out the window, provide a comfortable resting area, and secure the pet safely.

They come in different designs and styles and can be installed on almost any type of seat.

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Are There Laws About Dogs Riding in Cars?

Many states do have laws about dogs riding in cars. The specifics of these laws can vary by state or location, but many require dogs to be secured or enclosed if they are in a moving vehicle.

Drivers who fail to obey these laws can be fined, so ensure that you’re familiar with your locality’s laws. 

Can Two Dogs Travel in One Crate?

It’s never a good idea to put two dogs in one crate. The dogs could become injured, feel overcrowded, and even act aggressively toward each other.

It’s best to give each dog their own crate so they will be comfortable and safe during your drive.

Safety Guidelines When Traveling With Dogs

If you are going to be traveling with dogs, you want to do everything you can to keep them safe. Here are some safety guidelines to keep in mind. 

  • Crate the dogs and secure the crate in the car.
  • Use a dog seatbelt when possible.
  • Make sure the dog is in a ventilated area of the car.
  • Make stops to allow your dog to use the bathroom and drink water.
  • If your dog has anxiety when riding in the car, ask your vet for a sedative to help calm him.
  • Never leave the dog in the car unattended.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when not in a crate or connected to a dog seatbelt.

Related Questions: 

What’s the Safest Place for a Dog in the Car?

The safest place in the car for a dog is in a crate that is anchored to the vehicle and in the back seat or cargo area.

This will ensure the dog is comfortable and secure during the drive.

Why Do Dogs Love Car Rides?

Dogs love to experience new things, and when they are in the car, they enjoy new sights, sounds, and smells.

Many dogs also relate the car ride with a particular destination, so if they often go places they enjoy, they will be happy to ride in the car to get there.


If you have more than one dog that you will be traveling with and you want to make sure they are safe when they are in the car, be sure to consider putting your dogs in crates or buckle them in with a seat belt.

If your dog is secure, it will make your drive easier and safer.

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