Find Pomsky Breeders Near You – Complete List By State! (2024)

2-month old Pomsky puppy
Image Credit: Dwight Sipler

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Pomsky Breeders in Alabama (AL)

Blue Sky Pomskies

Birmingham, Alabama

Blue Sky Pomskies Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Donna, a registered nurse, leads a small in-home breeding program for Pomskies.

JoLynn’s Pomsky Country Bumpkins

Montevallo, Alabama

JoLynn’s Pomsky Country Bumpkins Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We have a Pomsky and a Pomeranian and now we have 2nd generation Pomsky puppies. A new designer breed of dogs, they are very intelligent and sweet as can be.

Pomsky Breeders in Alaska (AK)

Midnight Sun Pomskies

Wasilla, Alaska

Midnight Sun Pomskies Website

Phone: 907-723-1428

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We fell in love with Pomskies several years ago and are thrilled to now produce our own right here in Alaska. We fully DNA test each of our dogs to ensure that we are producing the best and healthiest Pomsky puppies possible.

We have poured thousands of hours of research into what we do, and becoming Pomsky Breeders was no small decision! Our lives revolve around our furry family members and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you are wanting to add a perfect tiny ball of fluff to your family get in touch with us!

Pomsky Breeders in Arizona (AZ)

T.C. Pomskies

Queen Creek, Arizona

T.C. Pomskies Website

Phone: 480-284-3095

Email: [email protected]

Bio: I started breeding Pomskies in 2014 and had over 43,000 followers and over 200 happy customers. My page was attacked by a Kennel Club that breeds fake Pomskies and now I’ve had to start over.

That’s ok though the hard work and dedication that my family and I put into our Pomskies is definitely something for other breeders to worry about. We are proud members of Embarks Breeding program and all our dogs pass 167 + genetic disease testing and are DNA tested to prove we use only Siberian and Pomeranian only.

Rose Peek Pomskies

Prescott, Arizona

Rose Peek Pomskies Website

Phone: 928-830-4636

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Our Pomsky journey started back in 2012 when we were the first breeder to join the Pomsky Club of America (PCA)! Our goal is to produce TOP QUALITY Pomskies for families all over the country.

We have come so far since we began in making our Pomskies how we have visioned, a mini Husky with true Husky markings blue eyes and thick builds and coats!

Arctic Design Pomskies

White Mountains, Arizona

Arctic Design Pomskies Website

Phone: 480-559-7317

Email: [email protected]

Bio: On March 5th, 2012 we sired the first intentional litter of Pomskies ever born here in the US and have been in love ever since! Since then we have learned a lot about Pomskies and have watched our lines develop into something far more remarkable than we had ever dreamed!

Its been very exciting to watch this hybrid take off and the feedback we get is just amazing and full of love for our dogs! I deeply love my involvement with this hybrid and feel good about bringing people and families so much joy into there lives!

I delight in meeting the new owners and sharing in their excitement. I love watching as the puppies I produce grow up to be beloved members of their family and community. You can see for your self on our Facebook page where many of our past puppies can be seen as adults.

Pomsky Breeders in Arkansas (AR)

Arkansas Pigtrail Pomskies

Huntsville, Arkansas

Arkansas Pigtrail Pomskies Website

Phone: 479-789-4356

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Over the last couple of years I decided that I wanted to raise Huskies at first but not long after seeing these so-called “Pomskies” on the Internet I fell in love. My dogs both huskies and Pomeranians are AKC registered And tested through Embark for genetic diseases and are cleared.

Pomsky R Us

Huntsville, Arkansas

Pomsky R Us Website

Phone: 479-582-5606

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We have been breeding champion bullmastiffs since 2003 and decided it was time for something small. Something cute and fuzzy! So we looked into this breed and fell in love. And here we are! Pomsky Pomsky everywhere! – Tim and Sonya Worley

Pomsky Breeders in California (CA)

Northern California Pomskies

Northern California

Northern California Pomskies Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Northern California Pomskies is a small Pomsky breeding program. We are dedicated to the health and temperament of our dogs and seek out only desirable traits to pass on to our puppies.

We strongly support responsible breeding practices and responsible ownership. This is reflected in our dedication to quality and our continued use of a strict spay and neuter contract. We are constantly seeking to improve our program and produce the very best Pomskies.

Acacia Pomsky Puppies

Oroville, California

Acacia Pomsky Puppies Website

Phone: 530-552-9357

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We are a small family breeder located in beautiful Northern California. It is our goal and responsibility as a breeder to ensure we produce quality, healthy, and happy puppies that have good temperament, and are loving and loyal in character.

Pomskies are stunning, highly intelligent, outgoing, social, and affectionate. They make ideal family companions and are a pleasure to own. We maintain the best possible standard of health and care in all of our dogs and puppies. They are members of our family.

SoCal Pomskies

Oroville, California

SoCal Pomskies Website

Phone: 714-710-5001

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We breed Pomsky puppies (Husky and Pomeranian mix) in beautiful Southern California (think small husky). Fully grown they average about 20lbs to 25lbs. All of our husky moms are part of our family, meaning we only have as many as we can let live indoors, cuddle on the bed and be loved like all dogs should.

We take our momma Huskies to the beach, dog parks, and even go urban mushing. Dad Aspen loves keeping up with the girls no matter what the activity.

Arctic Pomsky

Riverside, California

Arctic Pomsky Website

Phone: 951-903-4988

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We are three families working together to breed the most adorable Pomskies; that has the look of a Husky, and the smaller size and fluffier coat from a Pomeranian.

Pomsky Breeders in Colorado (CO)

Mile High Pomsky

Lakewood, Colorado

Mile High Pomsky Website

Email: [email protected]

Pomsky Breeders in Connecticut (CT)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in Connecticut. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in Delaware (DE)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in Delaware. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in Florida (FL)

Crystals Creations

Daytona Beach, Florida

Crystals Creations Website

Phone: 386-631-3003

Email: [email protected]

Bio: With many years of experience, our dedication to our dogs and puppies is apparent in their quality, the time dedicated to their raising and our happy puppy families!

We are located in beautiful and sunny Florida. What sets us apart from other breeders is not only our home environment but we DNA health test our dogs. All of our puppies are raised indoors alongside our family.

Pearl of the Orient Pomskies

Ponte Vedra, Florida

Pearl of the Orient Pomskies Website

Phone: 561-676-6377

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Young Filipino Family who now moved to Florida with his wife and two sons; Paolyn the Pomsky and Celine the husky are two females that he now breed. They are both home pets first before breeders.

Both girls are spoiled and been” health tested and trained by John himself. He strives for excellence and so passionate about pets. He owns the biggest pet sitting company in North East Florida

Pomsky Breeders in Georgia (GA)

Once Upon A Pomsky

Milledgeville, Georgia

Once Upon A Pomsky Website

Phone: 478-234-6048

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We are a small hobby breeder of Pomsky puppies. Our Pomskies, Huskies and Pom’s are part of our family, and live in the house with us. We only crate them at night, and they run around the house and in our back yard all day.

I have three small children and 2 cats, so all our puppies will be socialized around kids and other animals. Please make sure you are well informed about Pomskies before purchasing a puppy.

Alpha Poms & Pomskies

Ballground, Georgia

Alpha Poms & Pomskies Website

Phone: 678-557-3809

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Our love and dedication to Pomeranians and Huskies is our singular motivation to better both breeds. We devote our home and time to the nurturing of each and every puppy to ensure the best foundation and quality of life.

We are proud to partner with you to provide a long, loving life for our babies. It is our privilege to enrich the lives of others and provide your new furry family member.

Pomsky Breeders in Hawaii (HI)

Pomskies of Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii

Pomskies of Hawaii Website

Phone: 808-797-1379

Email: [email protected]

For the Love of Pomskies

Ewa Beach, Hawaii

For the Love of Pomskies Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: There is a $5,000 adoption fee for Pomsky Darlings and $2,500 adoption fee for Husky Darlings. Thank you for loving these amazing babies as much as we do!

Pomsky Breeders in Idaho (ID)

Rocky Ridge Pomskies

Salmon, Idaho

Rocky Ridge Pomskies Website

Phone: 208-768-7744

Email: [email protected]

Bio: At Rocky Ridge Pomskies, we offer the most personalized experience possible.

The Pomsky puppies you’ll find with us are true Pomskies and the highest quality you can get- not second or third generation, with unknown interruptions to the lineage that dilute their purebred status.

Sun Valley Pomskies

Hailey, Idaho

Sun Valley Pomskies Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We are a small family-owned and operated Pomsky breeder located 15 minutes outside of Sun Valley, Idaho.

Pomskies are the perfect companion dogs and we strive to produce healthy, loving, and well-tempered Pomskies!

Snake River Pomskies

Blackfoot, Idaho

Snake River Pomskies Website

Phone: 208-680-1727

Pomsky Breeders in Illinois (IL)

Chi-Town Pomsky

Chicago, Illinois

Chi-Town Pomsky Website

Phone: 773-865-8949

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Chi-Town Pomsky is a small family breeder located in Chicago, IL. Our puppies are born and raised in our home (in the living room, in fact!) alongside our 4 happy, active children. Chi-Town puppies are handled on a daily basis and showered with love and attention around the clock.

They are exposed to age-appropriate noise, varying areas in our home, and social scenarios that build healthy socialization skills and prepare them to be happy, well-rounded family pets for their fur-ever families!

Oxsana Perfect Pomsky


Oxsana Perfect Pomsky Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Healthiest, best personality and beautiful dogs in our program. Only high-quality dogs with high-quality puppies. Pomskies are not a toy breed. they are a small-medium dog. They are very energetic, always happy and loyal canines.

Pomsky Breeders in Indiana (IN)

Indiana Pomsky

Northern, Indiana

Indiana Pomsky Website

Phone: 260-306-5531

Email: [email protected]

Bio: 4+ years of raising THE BEST Pomskies! If you are looking for high quality, husky masks, blues eye, great temperaments, socialized, DNA and health tested moms and dads you are at the RIGHT place!

Pomsky Puppies 4 U

Goshen, Indiana

Pomsky Puppies 4 U Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We are a small family that is located in Northern Indiana, that want to share our love of dogs with you. We are raising Pomsky puppies, and we are very excited that we just had two litters! Pomskies are a cross between a female husky and a male pomeranian.

Pomsky Breeders in Iowa (IA)

Sugar Creek Puppies

Donnellson, Iowa

Sugar Creek Puppies Website

Phone: 319-470-1526

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Our adults dogs are raised from puppies and given the love and care that help them to become the Best mothers for your new Pomsky Puppy. We take great pride in the way we raise our Pomsky Puppies and it is our belief that the Puppies should have great nutrition and be raised in a caring and extremely clean environment.

We spend numerous hours with your new Puppy who receives the attention they need as they grow.

SZ Rolling Acre

Afton, Iowa

SZ Rolling Acres Website

Phone: 641-745-9939

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Nestled in the rolling farm ground of central Iowa, SZ Rolling Acres LLC raises top-quality Pomskies that fit the needs of a diverse lifestyle. We raise Pomskies that are active, family-oriented and have high intelligence to do whatever is asked of them.

Excellence and perfection is what we strive for. Our dogs come from top-notch pedigrees with the best temperament, structure, and ability. Our dogs are health tested prior to breeding as well as guided through many temperament tests to assure they have the best disposition you can find.

Pomsky Breeders in Kansas (KS)

Precious Pomskies

Topeka, Kansas

Precious Pomskies Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We pride ourselves in being a part of the Pomsky Club of America which holds us to the highest standards of breeding by following a strict set of guidelines and Code of Ethics.

We here at Precious Pomskies strive to produce healthy, beautiful, and well-tempered Pomsky puppies. This is just the beginning of this amazing breed and we are so excited to see what the future holds for it! Puppies range in price from $2,500-$3,500.

Pomsky Breeders in Kentucky (KY)

Husky Heaven

Sandy Hook, Kentucky

Husky Heaven Website

Phone: 606-495-1194

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Husky Heaven is a proud breeder of Siberian Husky’s and Pomsky’s, located in Eastern Kentucky. Husky Heaven is a breeder of AKC and CKC, “purebred” Siberian Husky’s and Pomsky’s. Pomsky’s may have CKC papers or not registered.

I really love the different colors and patterns the Siberian Husky comes in. As a dog lover since a small child, this is one of my favorite dog breeds.

Pomsky Breeders in Louisiana (LA)

Bayouland Pomskies

Denham Springs, Louisiana

Bayouland Pomskies Website

Phone: 205-405-2552

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We are a small breeder of quality, affordable, home raised F3 Pomskies. Our dogs are all DNA tested through Embark and our puppies come with a written health guarantee. We offer delivery by flight nanny if not local.

Pomsky Breeders in Maine (ME)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in Maine. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in Maryland (MD)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in Maine. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in Massachusetts (MA)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in Maine. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in Michigan (MI)

Frozen River Pomskies

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Frozen River Pomskies Website

Pomsky Breeders in Minnesota (MN)

Bluebird House of Pomsky

Elk River, Minnesota

Bluebird House of Pomsky Website

Email: [email protected]

Southern Minnesota Pomskies

Lime, Minnesota

Southern Minnesota Pomskies Website

Phone: 612-598-7228

Email: [email protected]

Bio: All of our breeding dogs undergo a series of tests. They are also DNA tested with Embark. All litters come with a Wisdom Panel report. So you can be confident that you are purchasing an amazingly healthy Pomsky for your family.

Magnum Pomskies

Lime, Minnesota

Magnum Pomskies Website

Phone: 612-490-4818

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We only breed Pomskies. We have all IPA registered Pomsky puppies. We have F2 Pomskies and F3 Pomskies. Regular worming and nail trims. DNA testing is done to help you get the best Pomsky puppies.

We Embark test all our Adult Pomskies before breeding them and they are all clear of any and all issues that could be passed on. All of our puppies are sold with a 2-yr health guarantee. Also only sold as pets on a spay and neuter contract.

Pomsky Breeders in Mississippi (MS)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in Mississippi. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in Missouri (MO)

Shoal Creek Puppies

Southwest, Missouri

Shoal Creek Puppies Website

Phone: 417-846-7267

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We are a farm family located in Southwest Missouri. We have been involved in farming all of our life, and have lived at this location for 29 years. In the past year we have added dogs to our farm. We love our animals and want the best for all of them. Here on the farm, we raise grass-fed beef, dairy cattle, dogs and grandchildren.

We follow a strict system of deworming and vaccinating our puppies, which was set up by our vet. We wish to provide you with a healthy, happy, loving puppy (family member)

Southern Paws Pomskies

West Plains, Missouri

Southern Paws Pomskies Website

Send a Message

Bio: We are a small family-operated kennel in West Plains, Missouri. We keep our breeding program to just 4 “mating” dogs per year, our dogs are members of the family and not just used for breeding purposes.

We love our Siberians, Poms & Pomskies and we are always filled with JOY whenever we are able to connect families with one of our pups or a pup from another breeding participant in the IPA.

Purebred Pomsky

Kansas City, Missouri

Purebred Pomsky Website

Phone: 620-215-2431

Bio: Raising quality pets has been a cornerstone of the Purebred Pomsky residence for over twenty years. Our ancestors have been breeding and raising puppies though for over 50 yrs.

We take great pride in our heritage and history and treat every puppy like it’s a family member.

Pomsky Breeders in Montana (MT)

Warm N Fuzzy Pomsky

Billings, Montana

Warm N Fuzzy Pomsky Website

Phone: 406-670-4969

Bio: We love Pomskies so much we have decided to breed them. We play with each & every puppy and give them love, hugs, and kisses. We try and stay in touch with their new owners and get new pictures. That, of course, is up to the new owners.

Pomsky Breeders in Nebraska (NE)

Roy Ranch

Scotia, Nebraska

Roy Ranch Website

Phone: 308-750-5328

Email: [email protected]

Bio: In 2016 Donald and Dena started to get into raising Pomskies. Their love for the Husky breed began when they rescued Cisco from a local Humane Society. The passion grew when they purchased Max and started the Pomsky program on their ranch in Nebraska.

The Pomskies bring much happiness to the Roy Family and are guaranteed to bring happiest to your household.

Cedar Creek Pomskies

Northeast, Nebraska

Cedar Creek Pomskies Website

Bio: We are crazy passionate about our love for our fur family and so excited about being able to share in this together. We are looking forward to where this journey takes us and enjoy meeting new people along the way!

Just a little about us…..We are just a small-town couple located in Northeast Nebraska who, after lots of research, fell in love with the Pomsky breed! It’s our goal to produce healthy, well-tempered, and highly socialized puppies!

Pomsky Breeders in Nevada (NV)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in Nevada. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in New Hampshire (NH)

TLC Pomskies

New Hampshire

TLC Pomskies Website

Phone: 406-670-4969

Bio: Nestled on 12 acres in the beautiful Monadnock Region of New Hampshire, we are breeders of the cutest, sweetest and finest mix of dogs you will ever meet: Pomskies (100% Purebred Pomeranian + 100% Purebred Siberian Husky).

Pomsky Breeders in New Jersey (NJ)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in New Jersey. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in New Mexico (NM)

Snowoof Pomskies

Silver City, New Mexico

Snowoof Pomskies Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We breed, train, love, and live with Pomskies, also known as Arctic Spitz. We have several litters of puppies each year towards our goal of creating a calm, companion-sized spitz breed with exotic Siberian Husky type markings, stunning eyes, fantastic temperament, and lifelong good health.

Pomsky Breeders in New York (NY)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in New York. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in North Carolina (NC)

Pristine Pomskies

Charlotte, North Carolina

Pristine Pomskies Website

Phone: 410-937-3562

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Pristine Pomskies was created in 2012 when Lauren fell in love with the breed. She was the first Pomsky breeder on the east coast! Since then, we have purchased 7 dogs for our breeding program.

5 live here in our home, and 2 are co-owns with a friend that lives in Charlotte, NC as well. Lauren is a full-time engineer and breeds Pomskies as a hobby. Pristine Pomskies only has 1-2 litters a year, so be sure to request to be on the waiting list!

Southern Lake Pomskies

Charlotte, North Carolina

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Pomskies get into your heart and soul. That’s exactly how we got started. Partner-Breeder Pristine Pomskies first introduced us to the breed in 2016. After much discussion, we acquired Storm and Dash as puppies in the winter of 2018.

Drawn in by their amazing personalities and beautiful blue eyes, it was all over for us from there. Everywhere we go, we turn heads. Our dogs are our family and we want to share them with the very best of homes.

Pomsky Breeders in North Dakota (ND)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in North Dakota. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in Ohio (OH)

True Pomsky Kennel

Dayton, Ohio

True Pomsky Kennel Website

Phone: 937-718-8829

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Our team has more than 20 years of experience in breeding dogs. All our Pomskies are veterinarian approved. They received all their shots and were dewormed. We are with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we give them the love and attention they deserve.

Our puppies are bright, playful, and family-oriented. These fluffy, adorable dogs are looking for their new and loving home. They will definitely bring joy and countless memories to any family they are with.

Sapphire Pomskies

Warren, Ohio

Sapphire Pomskies Website

Phone: 330-646-4040

Email: [email protected]

Bio: It all began growing up with the love for Huskies. And around the year of 2013 we heard of the amazing breed of Pomskies and instantly needed to know more.

For almost two years we tried learning as much as we could with this new breed, and in 2015 we added two gorgeous Huskies with “sapphire” blue eyes, Sierra and Raven to our new journey.

Pomsky Breeders in Oklahoma (OK)

Southern Charm Pomskies

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Southern Charm Pomskies Website

Phone: 405-508-0616

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Our program is based out of Oklahoma City. We are blessed to provide Pomsky puppies for families in the US and internationally. Our puppies are raised holistically in our home and cared for like family members.

We do not ever use traditional kennels or pens. Our dogs are able to hang on the sofa, enjoy their large, fenced yard and lounge out in our room. My goal is to provide a nurturing environment for our puppies and an unforgettable experience for our families.

Pomsky Breeders in Oregon (OR)

Portland Pomskies

Portland, Oregon

Portland Pomskies Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Portland Pomskies is home to the world’s finest Siberian Huskies, Pomeranians, and Pomskies. We spend a fortune to buy the highest quality dogs to produce the highest quality pomskies in the world.

Portland Pomskies is set in the beautiful countryside of Portland, Oregon on 8 acres that the dogs get to enjoy. They live a very peaceful and relaxed life. Portland Pomskies is a proud member of the International Pomsky Association.

Pomsky Breeders in Pennsylvania (PA)

Beni Pomskies

Honey Brook, Pennsylvania

Beni Pomskies Website

Phone: 717-826-2338

Email: [email protected]

Pomsky Breeders in Rhode Island (RI)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in Rhode Island. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in South Carolina (SC)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in South Carolina. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in South Dakota (SD)

Dakota Pomskies

Corsica, South Dakota

Dakota Pomskies Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We aim to be as transparent as possible. When you get a Pomsky puppy from us, you will receive lots of pictures and videos of your puppy as it’s growing, along with lifetime support of your Pomsky puppy.

Pomsky Breeders in Tennessee (TN)

Smoky Mountain Pomskies

Corsica, Tennessee

Smoky Mountain Pomskies Website

Phone: 615-995-4682

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We are a family-owned breeder that specializes in Pomsky puppies. Our dogs are part of the family, they live with us and interact with us on a daily basis.

Smoky Mountain Pomskies is a member of the Pomsky Breeder’s Association and the Pomsky Owner’s Association and we breed according to their code of ethics and standards. The safety of our dams and their puppies is important to us and we only breed the healthiest dogs in order to maintain the integrity of our lines.

Middle Tennessee Pomskies


Middle Tennessee Pomskies Website

Phone: 615-624-2284

Email: [email protected]

Bio: Our families are big animal advocates and began our Pomsky adventure together in 2013. Since then we have enjoyed spreading our Pomsky love with over 100 happy families! It is hard to let these adorable puppies go, so we have developed the VIP (Very Important Pomsky) page, where our Pomsky families can stay in contact with us and always have a trusted Pomsky network that they can turn to., Texas

Pomsky Breeders in Texas (TX)

Pomsky USA

Houston, Texas

Pomsky USA Website

Pomsky Breeders in Utah (UT)

Lollipop Pomskies

Vernal, Utah

Lollipop Pomskies Website

Phone: 435-828-6653

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We are a small in-home Pomsky breeder. We have excellent Pomsky puppies for sale in Utah. We live on a 30-acre farm in Vernal. Our puppies come pre-spoiled!

Our dogs are health tested and carefully selected. All puppies will be vet checked, have appropriate vaccinations, micro-chipped, come with a puppy pack, have a one-year health guarantee, and have life long breeder support.

Red Rock Ranch Breeders

Clarkston, Utah

Red Rock Ranch Breeders Website

Phone: 435-554-8441

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We are a family in the business of raising kids. We breed true Pomsky (Pomskies) Puppies. Originating from a Pomeranian Father to a Siberian Husky Mother. We breed multi-generational EMBARK tested Pomsky Dams and Sires.

Skynic Pomskies

Glendale, Utah

Skynic Pomskies Website

Email: [email protected]

Bio: My husband and I are located in a small town in Southern Utah, which is home to some of the most breath-taking scenery on earth including two of the most famous national parks in the world, Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park.

We live in a small valley on a 14-acre farm that is also a beautiful apple orchard! We chose to become Pomsky breeders because of our love for dogs and our fascination with Pomskies! Half Siberian Husky half Pomeranian, we could not imagine a more perfect or beautiful breed.

Pomsky Breeders in Vermont (VT)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in Vermont. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in Virginia (VA)

Purely Pomskies

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Purely Pomskies Website

Phone: 540-446-4495

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We are a family-owned, no kennel breeder located in Northern Virginia who specializes in Pomeranian/Husky mixed breeds. Our goal is to provide happy, healthy and well-socialized puppies to the right families.

Shenandoah Pomskies


Shenandoah Pomskies Website

Phone: 434-566-6641

Email: [email protected]

Pomsky Breeders in Washington (WA)

Bowtie Pomsky

Spokane Valley, Washington

Bowtie Pomsky Website

Phone: 509-941-2266

Email: [email protected]

Pomsky Breeders in West Virginia (WV)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in West Virginia. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Pomsky Breeders in Wisconsin (WI)

Pomsky Perfection

Boyd, Wisconsin

Pomsky Perfection Website

Phone: 715-313-4756

Email: [email protected]

Bio: We breed generations of cute, perfect, and healthy Pomsky puppies. We pride ourselves in taking great care of our dogs as part of our own family.

Pomsky Breeders in Wyoming (WY)

We don’t currently know of any Pomsky breeders in Wyoming. If you’d like to share a breeder you know and recommend, let us know here.

Breeders that Ship Pomsky Puppies

Can’t find a breeder nearby? Here’s a list of breeders that just might be able to ship a Cavapoo puppy to you.

Roy Ranch

Scotia, Nebraska

Roy Ranch Website

Phone: 308-750-5328

Email: [email protected]

Sapphire Pomskies

Warren, Ohio

Sapphire Pomskies Website

Phone: 330-646-4040

Email: [email protected]

Dakota Pomskies

Corsica, South Dakota

Dakota Pomskies Website

Email: [email protected]

Skynic Pomskies

Glendale, Utah

Skynic Pomskies Website

Email: [email protected]

Bowtie Pomsky

Spokane Valley, Washington

Bowtie Pomsky Website

Phone: 509-941-2266

Email: [email protected]