German Shepherd Puppies in Missouri – Top 4 Breeders! (2024)

Finding German Shepherd puppies in Missouri is challenging, which is why we created this guide to assist you.

The German Shepherd or Alsatian is a noble dog breed that originated in Germany. They are among the best working and family dog breeds worldwide because of their innate intelligence, courage, alertness, curiosity, obedience, and loyalty.

According to Max Von Stephanitz – the founder of the German Shepherd breed, “If any breed of dog is most deserving of the title Noble with natural beauty, then that dog is the German Shepherd.”

Dog enthusiasts seem to agree with this assessment, given the undisputed popularity of the German Shepherd breeds worldwide.

Unfortunately, Missouri is known to be the hub of the puppy mill industry. For the 10th year running, Missouri has been named the epicenter of unethical dog breeding operations by the Humane Society.

Below, you’ll find a list of the 4 most trustworthy breeders offering German Shepherd puppies for sale in Missouri.

We’ve cross-checked the information of each breeder independently and have only included breeders that are registered, experienced, and well-regarded in the community.

The Best German Shepherd Breeders in Missouri


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1. Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds


Situated in Midwest Missouri, Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds has been breeding German Shepherds for more than 35 years. It is a foundation popular for producing superior quality GSDs of West German pedigree.

Keeping the health and temperament of their dogs a priority, the breeder offers a Hips and Health (OFA) guarantee to all its clients.

The breeding program makes dog selection based on specific genetic characteristics, routing for large-boned, healthy, sound-minded medium drive black and red-colored dogs.

After breeding, the dogs are raised at home to train them to be suitable for families, to be obedient, agile, loyal, and calm, along with being protective and alert.

These consistent efforts throughout the years have made it possible for the dogs to serve as family dogs, therapy dogs in nursing homes, with disabled children & adults, and for SAR (Search & Rescue) operations.

All the puppies are vaccinated with Vanguard Plus at 6 weeks and 9 weeks and microchipped before being sent to their new homes when they are 10 weeks old.

After the dog has been handed over to the client, the breeder continues to provide personal assistance and support to ensure maximum satisfaction.

The puppies are placed under the AKC protection program, working in concurrence with AKC Reunite.

This program guarantees that your puppy comes registered in your name and receives perks of 60 days of free healthcare and a 1-year subscription to AKC Family dog magazine.

Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds take a $500 deposit to reserve your dog. This can be done through a phone call or payment via credit card. You can also visit the farm after scheduling an appointment.

Vom Waldenhaus German Shepherds Details:

2. WindLaufer German Shepherds


A facility spread over 21 acres of farmland, WindLaufer German Shepherds is located in Drexel. This facility is owned by Mike and Terry Dirlam, who specialize in European German Shepherd pedigrees.

The Dirlams have been breeding and training German Shepherds for over 30 years, striving to uphold and preserve their quality and breeding standards.

WindLaufer German Shepherds feed Victor Professional and Victor High Pro to their puppies, along with Nu Vet Vitamins supplements to ensure good male and female reproduction.

As it is said, “You get what you pay for” the puppies available at WindLaufer German Shepherds cost from $1800 – $2000. You’ll be required to deposit $300 – a non-refundable amount to enroll for a puppy reservation.

WindLaufer dogs are capable of herding, protecting, as well as serving as SAR and therapy companions. They have the best health, socialize, and are taken care of like a family.

The puppies are 8-10 weeks old when they are allowed to be taken to their new homes. During this time, they learn to play and follow basic commands, wean off and start eating a solid diet.

At the time of adoption, you’ll get a guidebook that’ll enlist all the ways you can train your puppy; bathing, eating, playing, etc.

A vaccination book is also included in the package, which encloses all the information you require to get your little friend vaccinated in time. Furthermore, a health contract is also included.

WindLaufer German Shepherds Details:

3. Dach Haus German Shepherds


Located on 5 acres of land in Missouri, Dach Haus German Shepherds is one of the most renowned dog breeders in the USA. They follow SV Standards of training and are recognized for excellent testing practices for German Shepherds.

Dach Haus German Shepherds specializes in breeding Hungarian German & Czech Imported Bloodlines. All the dogs bred at this facility are OFA certified, and health tested.

For booking and reservations, the clients are required to submit an initial deposit of $400. The prices of German Shepherd puppies vary between $1800- $2000. They provide boarding services that cost around $20/dog.

Dach Haus German Shepherds also provide imprinting & obedience training to all dog breeds. This is a 3 weeks/ longer process and can be set up via appointment with a 5% discount.

Furthermore, the dogs are taught obedience by learning how to focus. They are trained to sit, heel, wait, stay, recall, etc. the imprinting program is done at an early age for 2 weeks, costing $840.

Afterward, you can get your dog enrolled for 3 weeks of training ($1260) or 4 weeks of advanced training ($1680). Crate training costs an extra $100/week.

Dach Haus German Shepherds Details:

4. Century Farms


Spread on a vast farm of 48 acres, you can find Century Farms near the scenic Ozarks. The breeder raises beautiful German Shepherd Dogs of European lineage. Their GSDs are of the long hair variety; they have beautiful and thick fur.

Through extensive education and research into this exquisite breed, the breeders have worked hard to raise the perfect German Shepherd specimen in every litter.

Their main breeding aim is to uphold the breed’s original qualities and breed a high-quality litter. Through compassion and due diligence, the breeders continue to raise healthy GSDs that are a true representation of the noble dog breed.

Additionally, they emphasize the temperament and personality development of their dogs.

They also work to increase the German Shepherd’s lifespan and wellness. The breeding is performed using strong, robust DNA-profiled active German Shepherd studs.

All GSD parents must have good hips and normal elbows, be cleared for DM, and be certified screened for MDR1.

Each puppy at Century Farms receives special attention and love; their food, physical activity, and mental exercise are of the highest standard.

This breeder of German Shepherd Puppies in Missouri provides limited AKC registration of AKC for $1500. This includes 1 year of health guarantee, with 1 year of OFA certification for hips and Elbow disease.

Full AKC registration for a 2-year hip & elbow guarantee and 1-year congenital health assurance is available at the cost of $2500. A $300 deposit must be made by the client to book the puppy.

Once the dog has been handed over to the client, the dog is microchipped, and Century Farm delivers lifetime support for the dog.

Century Farms Details:

Conclusion For “German Shepherd Puppies in Missouri – Top 4 Breeders”


It can be challenging to find a credible breeder selling healthy German Shepherd Puppies in Missouri. Not only is the dog expensive, but the effort required for the upbringing of the breed is immense.

As a general rule of thumb, it would be best to persevere and adhere to the process outlined by each breeder to ensure the health and well-being of you and your future pet. Bringing a pet home can be overwhelming.

Prepare a cozy environment for your fluff buddy by investing in its basic necessities, good dog food, dog bed, collar & leash, chew toys, and grooming supplies.

You should also make your home puppy-proof and remove all hazards that can harm your dog.

A typical German Shepherd puppy will be expensive, costing between $1500 to $3000. German Shepherds are pricey because they are difficult to breed and require substantial training.

However, the high cost is worth it for a healthy and well-trained German Shepherd puppy.

The 4 breeders listed above are well-known in Missouri for their well-bred German Shepherds, and we hope that this list of German Shepherd breeders in Missouri will help you get the right German Shepherd puppy!

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