Tired of Buying New Beds? These Are Indestructible Dog Beds! (2024)

Indestructible Dog BedsSearching for indestructible dog beds is time-consuming and confusing. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of doing the hard work for you. Keep reading to see our five favorites, including the Kuranda Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed, and to learn what to consider and look for before you decide.

All You Need to Know about Indestructible Dog Beds

Purchasing a dog bed that is designed to withstand chewing (and digging) and actually last longer than a couple of days can help restore some sanity to your life, but how much do you really know about indestructible dog beds?

That’s why we’re here to help.

Why Do Dogs Chew?

It is true that some dogs seem to chew simply because they like to.

However, with other dogs, chewing is a learned behavior. These dogs use chewing as an outlet for boredom, frustration, extra energy, anxiety, teething woes, or pain. They have learned that if they have a problem, chewing is the answer.

Unfortunately, no matter the reason for the chewing behavior, the result is the same. 


Things to Consider Before You Buy

Size and Weight of Your Dog

The size and weight of your dog will definitely be a deciding factor when you are looking for his new bed. You’ll want it to be roomy enough for him to be able to stretch out and relax but not too large or he won’t feel safe and secure. Check the products and weight limits carefully.

Product Dimensions

Decide beforehand where you would like to set up the new bed. Are you looking for a bed that will fit in your dog’s crate? Or one that will lay right beside your bed? Maybe you would like to keep it in the corner of your kitchen so your dog can be at the heart of most of the action.

Measure the area carefully where you would like the bed to go, and see if the dimensions of the new bed will actually fit.

Elevated Bed or Floor Bed

The advantages of elevated beds are that they are typically lightweight and portable, don’t have tons of squishy padding to tempt chewers, and allow for air circulation around the dog to help keep them cool while resting.

Floor beds, on the other hand, usually weigh a little more, are very gentle on the joints, and often have a removable cover that can be tossed in the washing machine.

Base your decision on your dog’s personality and unique needs. Just keep in mind that determined chewers often have a tough time chewing the taut fabric of an elevated bed.

Intended Use – Indoor, Outdoor, or Both

Dog beds are no longer just for indoor use. There are a lot of models that are created to be easily carried outside for your next family barbecue or even packed up to take on a camping trip.

Cleaning Convenience

Some dog beds are constructed with waterproof material so that any accidents don’t soak into the inner padding. They can be cleaned quickly by a few swipes with a damp cloth and some gentle soap.

Other beds feature a removable outer shell that is machine washable. There are other versions that allow the entire bed to be chucked into the washing machine, though they are typically rather thin.

What to Look For

Toughness and durability are what will make the bed virtually indestructible, so look for products built with tear-resistant, sturdy, thick materials.

Zippers are often magnets for chewing dogs, so beds with hidden zippers or no zippers at all are going to be ideal. Be on the lookout for manufacturer’s warranties as well.

You don’t want to compromise on comfort. After all, if your dog won’t use the bed, what’s the point? Look for beds that offer orthopedic support and are irritant-free.

Special note: Be aware that many manufacturers use the terms indestructible, chew-proof, and chew resistant interchangeably.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Dog’s New Bed

Providing your dog with plenty of daily exercise will help to reduce chewing behaviors that stem from excess energy. Remember, a tired dog is more likely to be a well-behaved dog.

Spending quality time with your canine companion and limiting his amount of alone time can also help curb chewing behaviors. Knowing that he is a valued part of the family is important for his emotional well being.

Having lots of chew toys available is another tip to discourage your dog from destroying his bed.

In the event you catch him in the act, immediately distract him and offer an appropriate alternative, like a peanut butter stuffed Kong.

There are also bitter-tasting sprays that can be applied to the bed to discourage chewing, but these may deter your dog from using the bed at all.

Our Top Five Favorite Indestructible Dog Beds

Engineers might say that while nothing is totally indestructible, there are products considered indestructible enough for difficult applications. That’s the way we feel about the beds that made our list. They’re as close to indestructible as you’re going to get while still remaining functional and comfortable.

Kuranda Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

Kuranda Chewproof Bed - Silver Aluminum - 40" x...
  • ORIGINAL CHEWPROOF BED AND STILL THE BEST - Designed in Maryland in 1995. Patent #US5992348. Still...
  • BEST DESIGN - Oversize rails (larger than all competitors) protect fabric in frame. Orthopedic...

Regardless of your chosen size, this chew-proof elevated bed by Kuranda will hold up to 250 pounds. Noteworthy features include a patented aircraft grade aluminum frame, inaccessible fabric edges, orthopedic support, and a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Suitable for use both indoors and outside, this bed is easy to clean and won’t rust.


  • Edges of fabric are completely inaccessible to dogs.
  • Available in six sizes.
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds regardless of bed size.
  • Frame is made of patented, high strength, aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Provides orthopedic support and air flow all around.
  • Fabric is heavy duty 40 ounce solid vinyl.
  • Easy clean, smooth surface.
  • For use indoors and outside.
  • Fabric color choices of black, smoke, burgundy, forest green, and royal blue.
  • Stainless steel fasteners and rounded aluminum corners for safety.
  • Covered by the Kuranda one year warranty.
  • Will not rust.
  • Guaranteed to hold up well to repeated cleanings.
  • No stuffing to tempt chewers.
  • Ideal for chewers, diggers, scratchers, and extra large dogs.
  • Frame lasts a lifetime when used indoors or in a kennel.
  • Designed particularly for aggressive chewers.
  • Used in kennels and shelters worldwide for more than 10 years.


  • Does not come assembled.
  • Top fleece cover is available but not included.

K&H Original Bolster Elevated Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Bolster Dog Cot Cooling...
  • BOLSTERED OUTDOOR DOG BED: Dog cot made of waterproof, heavy-denier fabric with fluffy plush bolster...
  • STRONG & STURDY: Dog cots lightweight metal frame and heavy denier cover holds over 200 pounds, dog...

With an elevated design and strong metal frame, this dog bed by K&H offers both comfort and durability. The sturdy mesh middle allows air to circulate, and the surrounding bolster gives the bed a couch-like feel. We love how portable this bed is and the fact that it can be used indoors or out.


  • Can be used either indoors or outside.
  • Available in small, medium, and large sizes.
  • Sturdy mesh center helps your dog stay cool.
  • Stylish chocolate and black covers.
  • Repels water, mold, mildew, bacteria, and odors.
  • Wipes clean with damp cloth or can be hosed down outside and left to air dry.
  • Rugged metal frame boasts a 200 pound weight capacity.
  • Frame can be used with other cot covers made by the manufacturer.
  • Surrounding bolster provides additional comfort and a place for your dog to rest his head.
  • Bolster attaches with elastic and a hook/loop system but can be removed completely.
  • Simple set up and take down (no tools required) make this cot useful for camping trips too.
  • Elevated bed sits 7 inches off of the ground for good air flow underneath dog.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Non-skid rubber feet keep cot in place.


  • Replacement bolsters are not sold separately.

Blueberry Heavy Duty Pet Bed

Blueberry Pet Fully Removable Dog Bed, 34" x 24" x...
  • External dimension 34" x 24" x 12", internal dimension 23" x 15"x 6", weight 11 Lbs; Please add...
  • This sophisticated bolstered dog bed will be delivered with Rolled up cover. Unwrap the cover and...

Luxurious is the first word that comes to mind when viewing this heavy duty bed by Blueberry. Made of thick, microsuede fabric and featuring overstuffed bolsters this is one durable, yet comfortable, dog bed. Users report that even the most determined chewers quickly give up after just one attempt or never try at all.


  • Overstuffed side bolsters with fiber batting are firmly stitched onto the bed.
  • Available in small or medium size.
  • Comes in eight colorful designs including paisley to compliment any decor.
  • Hidden YKK zippers stay functional after repeated washings.
  • Made of thick, strong microsuede fabric which most dogs find unpleasant to chew.
  • Soft, outer cover can be completely removed for machine washing and drying.
  • Also available with linen or blended linen covers.
  • Supportive, double thick mattress pad made with 100 % recyclable microfiber.
  • Weighs just 11 pounds.
  • Includes instruction manual for assembly and care of product.
  • Front cut out makes it easy for dog to enter and exit.
  • After laundering, outer cover is easy to reinstall.


  • Arrives with the outer covering removed and rolled around the filling.
  • Bone-shaped pillow with squeaker inside may encourage chewing behavior.
  • Dog hair may stick to fabric – may need frequent vacuuming or washing.

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Armored Elevated Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed - Made...
  • Chew Proof Bed: This bed has a solid metal frame that protects all vulnerable spots from chewing....
  • 120-Day Chew Proof Warranty: If your dog manages to damage the bed within 120 days of receiving it,...

The total lack of exposed fabric edges of this chew proof elevated dog bed is impressive. The specially designed fabric has a waterproof membrane and is stronger than Kevlar for superior durability. This bed is backed by a 180 day manufacturer’s chew proof warranty and comes in five sizes and three colors.


  • Available in small, medium, large, x-large, and giant sizes.
  • Consists of a sturdy aluminum frame and rip-stop waterproof fabric.
  • No exposed fabric edges or corners – dogs can not grip fabric to chew.
  • Fabric created to be stronger than Kevlar.
  • All sizes of beds are designed to fit snugly into common crate sizes.
  • Resists moisture, dirt, hair, and grime.
  • Indoor, outdoor, and multi-season use.
  • Clean with a damp cloth or hose off outside.
  • Resists chewing, biting, digging, scratching, and nesting.
  • Comes preassembled – just screw legs in place – no tools needed.
  • Chew proof 180-day manufacturer warranty.
  • No sharp corners.
  • Comes in your choice of black, camo, and tan.
  • Fabric provides orthopedic support without any tempting stuffing.
  • Allows for air flow under the dog.
  • Lightweight so it’s easy to transport.


  • Replacement fabric can be difficult to put on properly.
  • Users complain that manufacturer’s customer service is not very good.

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Premium Memory Foam Bed

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed Large Grey/Blue...
  • Large Grey with Blue Trim (Easy Clean Cover) 40x25x6” waterproof orthopedic dog bed. Solid 2”...
  • A prudent preventative measure for younger dogs of breeds predisposed to joint conditions, ensuring...

For dog breeds prone to joint conditions, aging dogs, or those recovering from surgery, this tough orthopedic dog bed might be just right. Two separate, orthopedic foam pads are covered with a sturdy, premium Oxford fabric plush cover that is removable for machine washing and drying. Comes in eight colors and nine sizes.


  • Available in nine sizes and eight bright colors to choose from.
  • Two inches of premium, high density, orthopedic memory foam on top of a 4 inch high base of high stability support foam for extreme comfort and joint support.
  • Prevents elbow calluses and pressure sores.
  • Helps restore mobility and vitality in dogs suffering from joint conditions.
  • Premium Oxford fabric is waterproof and can be removed for machine washing and drying.
  • Replacement covers are available for purchase.
  • Acts as a preventative measure for young dogs of breeds prone to joint conditions.
  • Hair and dirt vacuum off easily.
  • Holds its shape well – will not flatten over time.
  • Fits nicely in most crates.
  • Arrives rolled and vacuum-sealed, but puffs up quickly when opened.


  • Durable, but not marketed as indestructible – best for light chewers only.
  • Repackaging this item might be difficult in the event you need to return it.

In a Nutshell

We analyzed more than 25 indestructible, chew proof dog beds before settling on five of the best. However, one clearly stood out as being the most indestructible, the Kuranda Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed.

With terrific features such as completely inaccessible fabric edges, a patented aircraft grade aluminum frame, and a weight capacity of 250 pounds, this elevated dog bed is sure to stand strong no matter what rigorous testing your dog puts it through.

Available in five colors and six sizes for the perfect look and fit, this bed is backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

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