German Shepherd Puppies in New Jersey – Top 6 Breeders! (2024)

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dogs worldwide. Its popularity means that the GSD is always in-demand, prompting many breeders to raise German Shepherd puppies in New Jersey.

However, this does not mean that all breeders can be trusted. Many illegitimate breeders take advantage of the lax policies to breed and sell German Shepherds that haven’t been bred according to the breed’s standards.

Therefore, meticulous research and verification are required to find trustworthy German Shepherd breeders.

Although we are confident that these breeders are genuine and they breed German Shepherds of excellent pedigree, we strongly suggest you verify them by visiting the premises and talking to the breeder in person.

Best German Shepherd Breeders in New Jersey


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1. Jagermeister German Shepherds


Jägermeister German Shepherds is located four miles away from New Jersey Six Flags. The breeders at Jagermeister have more than 30 years of experience in breeding perfect German Shepherd Puppies.

The breeder boats a 12-acre facility and a full-sized training field where the German Shepherd dogs are bred and trained. The breeder only has imported German Shepherd working line dogs in its breeding program.

All the breeding dogs are well-cared for; they are bred only once or twice a year to maintain their health and ensure healthy litters.

Once the litters are born, they are cared for 24/7 to ensure healthy development. From breeding to training, Jagermeister makes sure that the puppies have the best of everything.

Additionally, the dogs bred and raised here have superb temperaments and are extremely loyal. They are raised for a multitude of purposes; whether it is companionship, protection, or therapy, these dogs are equipped to deal with it all.

The dogs from Jagermeister are also given to law enforcement and K9 sports. If you think that Jagermeister is the right German Shepherd breeder for you, schedule an appointment through their website to view your potential dogs as soon as possible!

Jägermeister German Shepherds Details:

2. Vom Hismerh


Von Hismerh is a breeder of show-quality German Shepherd puppies for sale in New Jersey who breed dogs that are used to living in the city and are loyal, gentle, and family oriented.

All the dogs at Von Hismerh are AKC (American Kennel Club), and SV registered. The breeders guarantee that the German Shepherds are healthy, good-tempered, and have genetic confirmation. Furthermore, the lineage and pedigree are outstanding.

Their German Shepherd puppies are screened for genetic conditions and receive a 90 percent guarantee from the owners of Von Hismerh that the puppies are clear of genetic defects.

You can book an appointment to view the puppies through the website of Von Hismerh. Upon your visit, you will be shown around the kennel and will receive around-the-clock support and advice should you choose to adopt from Von Hismerh.

The breeders guarantee that the dogs are well socialized, intelligent, and get along well with other animals/pets. All the dogs possess working capabilities and demeanor.

Vom Hismerh Details:

  • Address: Newfield, New Jersey
  • Phone Number: 646-515-3543 / 856-906-7427
  • Website: Vom Hismerh

3. Vogelhaus German Shepherds


The owner at Vogelhaus German Shepherd puppies in New Jersey has more than 14 years of experience in the veterinary and breeding industry. The Vogelhaus German Shepherds are also closely associated with police service dogs.

The owner is very vocal about the thoughtless breeding of dogs, so at Vogelhaus, the dogs are loved and cared for like family. They are family first, pets second, and breeding dogs last. The dogs are active family members, teammates, and best friends.

At Vogelhaus, all dogs are cared for both body and mind. The aim is to create dogs that are stable in structure and mind.

So, the well-being of the dog is at the forefront of this breeder. The females are also bred no more than 4 times to ensure their good health and longevity.

The stories of their rescues and dogs are displayed on the website. You can look through the displayed pictures to see the dogs available at Vogelhaus. The health tests and genetic screening tests are also open to public viewing on the website.

Vogelhaus German Shepherds Details:

  • Address: Cream Ridge, New Jersey
  • Phone Number: 732-237-4775
  • Website: VogelHaus
  • Social Media: Facebook

4. Cross Keys K9


Cross Keys K9 inc. breeds working line German Shepherds of excellent lineage and pedigree. European working bloodlines are used specifically to breed German Shepherds here at Cross Keys K9.

The German Shepherds are health tested, DNA screened for genetic mutations, temperament tested, and evaluated for behavioral concerns. At Cross Keys K9, they ensure that the dogs receive optimum nutrition, love, and care.

This German Shepherd breeder is also a member of HEART AKC, which ensures that all dogs at this facility are healthy, raised with love, have excellent behavioral qualities, and are intelligent dogs.

Cross Keys K9 gives you round-the-clock support, privacy, and screentests, especially for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). The aim is to breed GSDs free of these genetic conditions to perfect the breed.

Cross Keys K9 Details:

  • Address: Williamstown, New Jersey
  • Phone Number: 856-776-6138
  • Website: Cross Keys K9
  • Social Media: Facebook

5. Archers German Shepherds


Archers German Shepherds is a small-scale facility that breeds these amazing dogs. Because they produce their litters sparingly, the quality of the dogs is completely ensured.

The German Shepherds have the best bloodlines and are raised to be the perfect pet, amazing companion, protective dogs, and competition dogs.

Bred from the World Champion Seiger lines, the dogs look beautiful and have excellent temperaments.

The breeders here aim to raise highly intelligent dogs, and the parents (Odin and Rika) are also displayed on their website alongside details of their awards and pedigree.

The last litter sold in August of 2021, so anyone who wishes to adopt from Archers German Shepherd can book an appointment through the website linked below to reserve a puppy from the upcoming litter.

Archers German Shepherds Details:

6. Lion’s Pride Kennels


The Lion’s Pride Kennels is one of the best breeders offering German Shepherd puppies in New Jersey. It is also a low-volume breeder that puts quality over quantity, so they only have 1 litter per year.

All the dogs at Lion’s Pride are raised right at home and are well socialized with children and other dogs.

The owners want the audience to know that from birth till the day the dogs go to their forever home, they are picked up and cuddled regularly. They are raised with kindness and care and urge new owners to do the same.

The details of breed conformation of these dogs are also available readily, and they all have excellent temperaments. The owner also holds the certificate from OFA, ensuring the good lineage of the dogs.

They breed champion line dogs that are improved in quality with every generation. The owners proudly breed different colors and coats of the German Shepherds like black, tan, bi-colors, solid back, and the occasional long coat.

All health guarantees are provided on purchase and beforehand. The dogs are vaccinated, and screen tested. You can book an appointment to view the dogs at Lion’s Pride Kennels if you feel this is the right breeder for you.

At Lion’s Pride, they urge you to bring the dog back if you cannot keep it and to not let it go to a shelter or worse.

Lion’s Pride Kennels Details:

How to Choose German Shepherd Breeders in New Jersey?


A German Shepherd is an excellent choice for a dog, whether you want a competition dog, therapy dog, or family dog. Its temperamental qualities ensure that this dog adjusts well to any environment and purpose.

If you are still having doubts about which breeder to choose, here are a few tips to help you decide:

  • Always try to find breeders that are OK with giving you a tour of their kennel and facility so that you can gauge whether the dogs are being raised right.
  • Secondly, ask for health guarantees and genetic testing. German Shepherds are known to carry the gene for Degenerative myelopathy (DM). So, to assure yourself, it is always better to ask for guarantees before you adopt a GSD.
  • Lastly, assess if the breeders care about the dog they are giving to you. Breeders that breed for quantity over quality hardly ever show kindness or care to the dogs. This creates a multitude of behavioral problems in the dog. It is always better to prioritize quality over quantity to ensure good breeding and mistreatment of dogs.

Conclusion For “German Shepherd Puppies in New Jersey – Top 6 Breeders”


The German Shepherd is an excellent choice for a dog if you are a first-time owner, even though it does require a firm hand.

It is an excellent choice for law enforcement, therapy, and companion dogs because of their intelligence, loyalty, curiosity, and obedience.

We hope that the list of breeders mentioned above will help you bring home the perfect German Shepherd puppy!

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