German Shepherd Puppies in Texas – Top 3 Breeders! (2024)

If you’re looking for German Shepherd puppies in Texas, you’re in luck because there are many breeders in the state.

Also known as the Alsatian, German Shepherds are among America’s most popular dogs. They are intelligent and hardworking dogs known for their unmatched devotion and courage.

They are an energetic breed that requires constant physical and mental stimulation; being alone for long hours can leave them agitated.

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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale in Texas


Given proper training, German Shepherds can outshine other breeds in almost everything. They can be trustworthy and loving companion dogs and brilliant guide and assistance dogs for differently-abled individuals.

German Shepherds can also be trained to serve in the military and police as search and rescue dogs and exceptional drug detection dogs.

As we’ve mentioned, there are many German Shepherd breeders in Texas, but separating the reliable ones from the puppy mills is often tricky.

Everyone wants a healthy and happy puppy bred under hygienic and ethical conditions, as unethically bred puppies are a plague on society.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the three best breeders to help you find the perfect pup near you. We’ll also share tips for selecting a reliable breeder, so let’s get started!

1. Quail Creek Kennels GSD


Quail Creek Kennels GSD has been breeding German Shepherd puppies in Texas for the past 20 years.

Their beautiful custom-made kennel sits on a whopping 23 acres and is 100 percent dedicated to raising, training, and grooming German Shepherd puppies and dogs.

The breeder personally oversees everything – coloring, breed standard, nurturing females through pregnancy, and one-on-one handling. Moreover, Quail Creek Kennels guarantees excellent puppy health and lifelong customer support.

From birth to eight weeks, the puppies are regularly socialized with children and other animals and desensitized to routine farm and household stimuli. They receive weekly grooming and nail trimming.

After their first successful immunization of DHPP, they are taken outdoors, and guests are allowed to handle them. Other enrichment techniques include imprinting, leash walking, potty training, and climbing.

The puppies are dewormed when they are two weeks old. Vaccinations are given at five weeks and repeated at seven weeks. At eight weeks, the puppies are microchipped as well.

Quail Creek Kennels provides a two-year health guarantee that covers Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, along with genetic defects. All puppies are sent home with health certificates and a puppy collar.

German Shepherd Breeder Information:



TEAM EMI is a member of the United Schutzhund Clubs of America and the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. All their parent dogs are imported directly from Germany to ensure the quality of puppies.

The breeder focuses on the health and proper development of the puppies and understands that each pup is unique and deserves special love and care.

Moreover, the puppies are born and raised inside their home to ensure optimal health, safety, and happiness. All their puppies are temperament-tested and have grown to compete successfully in competitions with German judges.

The enrichment methods used by the breeder include socialization with friends, children, adult dogs, and other pets, exposure to public places and strangers (only after immunization), and outdoor exposure (when the weather allows).

All pups are vaccinated age-appropriately, dewormed, and microchipped.

Once ready to depart with their adoptive family, your puppy will receive a certificate verifying their optimal health status, a small bag of puppy food, and a toy with their littermate’s scent.

The puppies come with a two-year health guarantee covering Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Degenerative Myelopathy, and genetic and congenital diseases common to the breed.

The breeder also offers a full refund if the puppy develops a health issue within five days of adoption. However, you must provide proper proof/documentation from a licensed veterinarian.

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3. Von Falkenberg German Shepherds


This small business providing German Shepherd puppies in Texas believes in ‘breeding for quality, not quantity.’

This ensures that the breeder can carefully match pedigrees, monitor body types, ensure mild temperaments, and create personalities that resonate with well-bred puppies.

In addition, they recognize the importance of building solid foundations and conducting thorough health tests so that their lines uphold the high standards expected by canine lovers.

Von Falkenberg German Shepherds stimulate and socialize their puppies early to ensure their proper development.

The puppies are also regularly handled and played with by children and adults. Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) is also a part of their early enrichment.

Being extremely protective of their puppies, the breeder takes special precautions to save them from accidents and infections.

Visitors must sanitize their hands and feet before entering the puppy area. Moreover, the puppies are transferred to a climate-controlled nursery after receiving their first shots at four weeks.

All the puppies are dewormed and receive health checks before leaving with their adoptive parents.

They are also given their health records, AKC registration, a puppy collar, welcome bags, and information to make the transition from breeder to forever home easier.

Von Falkenberg German Shepherds offer a competitive two-year health guarantee that covers debilitating genetic and congenital health diseases.

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How to Choose German Shepherd Breeders in Texas?


Although many breeders offer German Shepherd puppies for sale in Texas, choosing a breeder that raises ethically bred and well-adjusted puppies makes all the difference.

Well-bred puppies speak for themselves! They are healthy and intelligent dogs that look well-loved and well-trained.

On the other hand, puppies from unethical breeders often look malnourished, deprived, and ill. You must watch out for backyard breeders and puppy mills and report them to the relevant authorities if you come across any.

How to distinguish an ethical breeder from an unethical one? First and foremost, ask about the breeder’s genetic and health testing protocols.

You must’ve seen from our list of breeders that reliable businesses always conduct health and genetic testing on their parent dogs and puppies. They also provide health guarantees that cover hereditary and congenital diseases.

Furthermore, their animals are vaccinated, dewormed, groomed, and treated as a part of their family.

Secondly, ask the breeder about post-adoption support.

Genuine breeders provide full support to the animals even after adoption and even offer to take the puppies back – no questions asked – and provide a refund if the customer has an issue.

Next, see how honest and transparent a breeder is about their breeding program. Authentic breeders provide comprehensive information about themselves, their breeding program, and their puppies.

They also welcome questions and inquiries from customers before purchasing and invite them to visit their facility to see where the puppies are born and raised.

Last but not least, go through testimonials and reviews from previous customers to assess the breeder’s customer service.

Also, ensure the breeder is AKC registered, which guarantees that they are regularly inspected by AKC officials and follow the best ethical breeding practices.

More Information About German Shepherd Puppies in Texas

German Shepherd dogs are truly a jack of all trades – they can be companion, service, rescue, and even show dogs. These puppies are magnificent and compassionate balls of energy.

They need an owner that appreciates their daily need for mental and physical stimulation and gives them the proper training to develop the breed’s body and mind.

A somewhat risky personality trait of German Shepherds is their stubbornness and indifference towards strangers. That’s why you must socialize your young puppy and expose it to different people and environments.

Obedience training is also essential to pacify their enthusiastic nature and teach them basic canine mannerisms.

This breed has been nicknamed ‘German shedders,’ so that’s bad news for people suffering from allergies. They require weekly brushing, so owners will need a strong vacuum to keep their furniture clean!

Overall, German Shepherds are doting companions that are happiest with family members. However, ensure your backyard is fenced and secure so they can run around and release their energy without wandering too far from home!

Conclusion For “German Shepherd Puppies in Texas – Top 3 Breeders”


Apart from their impressive physical appearance, German Shepherds are famous for their outstanding trainability and versatility.

Their alert and loyal nature make them the perfect choice for service dogs, but they are also excellent friends and lifelong companions to their loving families.

If you are into sports, enjoy an active lifestyle, don’t mind a bit of shedding, and hold unconditional love for canines, a German Shepherd is an ideal dog for you!

Feel free to contact the breeders we’ve listed above for details about their breeding facility, upcoming litters, booking, and deposits

And any other questions you may have about German Shepherd puppies for sale in Texas – they’ll surely help find you the perfect pup!

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