German Shepherd Puppies in Colorado – Top 5 Breeders! (2024)

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for German Shepherd puppies in Colorado.

German Shepherds are loyal and courageous dogs. They make the perfect hiking and running partner because they are strong and have quick reflexes. Do you love adventure and are looking for a companion? German Shepherds make the best partner!

In addition, they are great watchdogs. This breed is also excellent for serving as police dogs and protection dogs.

Their intelligence and innate curiosity make it easy to train them. You can say that German Shepherds are all-rounder dogs; they are perfect for households and services.

Above all, German Shepherds are known for their loyalty. They protect not only their owners but all members of their household fiercely. Yet, despite their protective instincts, they are gentle with children and other animals.

Before we go into detail about the best German Shepherd breeders in Colorado, you should know that GSDs require a lot of physical exercise, at least 30 minutes daily.

Now that you have all the information, here are our top 5 breeders raising well-bred German Shepherd puppies for sale in Colorado.

The Best German Shepherd Breeders in Colorado


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1. Vom Dortmunder German Shepherds


They are one of the oldest German Shepherd breeders, and their business has been thriving since 1985. Vom Dortmunder is owned and operated by a couple who are extremely fond of dogs, especially German Shepherds.

Their dogs and puppies are raised with a lot of love. The breeders ensure that the dogs get a high-quality, balanced diet and standardized socialization and training.

Moreover, puppies regularly get the necessary health procedures such as vaccinations and vet checkups.

Additionally, their puppies are AKC registered and come with a 1-year health guarantee. They have been given a 4 out of 5-star rating, and their customers seem satisfied. Most reviews claim that the breeders are incredibly professional and reliable.

Due to their purebred European lineages and high-standard quality of care, you can expect to pay around 1600-2750 dollars for one dog.

Vom Dortmunder is a top choice for GSD enthusiasts within Colorado and those who live out of state, too, because it provides shipping facilities.

Furthermore, this breeder offers free lifetime support. You can call them any time, ask questions, anything!

They hold frequent open houses and allow visitors at any time. This seems like the perfect opportunity to interact with your puppy before you take them home!

Vom Dortmunder Details:

2. Rocky Mountain German Shepherd


Rocky Mountain German Shepherd is a famous breeder in Colorado known for its sincere devotion to breeding high-quality GSDs.

The breeder is proud of their breeding program that focuses on conforming to the breed’s high standard by breeding purebred dogs of imported lineages and ensuring standardized socialization and training.

The puppies from Rocky Mountain are healthy and less likely to develop congenital diseases because they have been bred with extreme care.

They are also super friendly and well trained; when you get a puppy from Rocky Mountain, it will already be familiar with house and crate training.

So along with fantastic genetics, their dogs are also taught well, thus providing you with the best puppy. Moreover, their dogs have been registered by AKC, and all their puppies come from imported German champion bloodlines.

Furthermore, the puppies will be microchipped at the time of adoption. They have been given a 4.6 out of 5-star rating with exceptional reviews.

Their customers were impressed by how kind, helpful, and caring the owners were. Customers also noted the cleanliness of the kennel and how happy their dogs looked!

Rocky Mountain German Shepherd Details:

3. Casimir German Shepherds


Located in Elbert County, Colorado, Casimir German Shepherds breeders are dedicated and loyal to their dogs. They raise their dogs with utmost affection and love, making them the perfect fit for your family.

They focus on socializing and training their dogs to quickly adjust to a new environment.

They realize how important the early stages of a puppy’s development are; thus, they give great attention to the puppies during these formative weeks, so they will blend into your lifestyle easily!

All their pups are registered with the AKC and come with a health guarantee. They assure you of full support and help if you buy a German Shepherd from them. Their German Shepherds also come with all necessary health records and history.

In addition, Casimir is known to produce the best service dogs. Police Military, and private security companies, get German Shepherds from Casimir for their K9 units.

They have been given a whopping 4.9 out of 5 stars customer rating on Google. Customers couldn’t be happier with their experience. They are highly impressed by the quality and behavior of the puppies from Casimir.

For more information, you can visit their website or give them a call. They make sure to answer all your questions/queries and leave you satisfied.

Casimir German Shepherds Details:

4. Apex German Shepherd Dog


Apex German Shepherd has been raising high-quality German Shepherds for the last seven years. Their expertise lies in training their puppies as they have an in-house certified Canine Good Citizens evaluator.

Their breeding program constitutes champion dams and sires, most of whom were service and protection dogs.

They get their pet parents tested for congenital and acquired diseases before breeding them. As a result, they get healthy and disease-free puppies.

The crux of their breeding program is their professional training modules; one program focuses on dog training, while the other focuses on service training. They cover dog obedience, socialization, mental stimulation, and protection training.

Since they sell service and protection dogs, these training programs make their puppies stand out from the rest. On the other hand, obedience, socialization, and mental stimulation training programs also make GSDs perfect for households.

Apex puppies are brilliant and quickly adapt to different environments. The breeder has been given a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars with impressive reviews.

Customers say the breeders are highly knowledgeable and dedicated, and their passion for dogs is commendable.

Apex German Shepherd Dog Details:

5. Roderick Shepherds


Roderick Shepherds raises the finest German Shepherd puppies in Colorado for various purposes. Their pups make excellent companions, police, show, and service dogs. Their dogs are not only exceptionally well behaved but also well socialized.

All their puppies come with a health guarantee and are registered with AKC. They have also been dewormed, microchipped, and received their first vaccination dose. Not only this, but the breeders made sure that they get regular health checkups.

Roderick Shepherds has been given a 5-star rating on Facebook, and customers are impressed by their services. Their puppies have unique personalities and are suitable for families and bachelors alike.

Don’t forget to check out their website for photos of all their adorable pups and further information.

Roderick Shepherd’s Details:

How To Choose German Shepherd Breeders in Colorado?


As exciting as it is to get a new puppy, you must be careful when choosing a breeder. Make sure to check whether the breeder you are planning on choosing is reputable and ethical.

To avoid getting scammed, we recommend you visit the breeder to check the condition of the kennels and the grounds and talk to the breeder in person. This will also help you interact with the puppy beforehand and create a bond!

Furthermore, check all health certificates and verify them from a reliable source. This mainly includes vaccinations, genetic tests, and vet checkups. In addition, breeders must ensure that puppies have had at least their first dose of vaccinations.

You must also make sure that a breeder is not overcharging you. A regular AKC and good quality German Shepherd should cost 1,500 to 3,000 dollars.

Moreover, consult your vet and get information about the breeder you are planning on choosing. Then, you should also get information about your dog’s parents, such as if the parents have been tested for any genetic diseases your pup might inherit.

Conclusion For “German Shepherd Puppies in Colorado – Top 5 Breeders”


German Shepherds are gentle, loyal, and affectionate dogs; they are a perfect addition to a family.

Their intelligent and curious nature makes them fantastic companions. This breed is ideal for bachelors, couples, families, and anyone who wants a loving yet protective dog.

Since the breed is always in demand, finding authentic breeders who produce the best GSDs can be challenging.

We hope the information above about the best breeders raising German Shepherd puppies for sale in Colorado has proved helpful to you, and we wish you the best of luck as you welcome the cutest bundle of joy into your home!

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