6 Best Cane Corso Breeders in Virginia! (2024)


Are you on the prowl (pun intended!) for a healthy and well-adjusted Cane Corso? If so, we’re here to put you in touch with the best Cane Corso breeders in Virginia.

Known famously for being the descendants of Roman war dogs (Italian Mastiffs), Cane Corsi are in huge demand in 2023.

Thanks to their protective nature, loyalty, and ability to learn things quickly, Cane Corsi are the best choice for every household looking to adopt a pup for protection and cuddles. Since the Mastiff breed is a challenge for most breeders, not many ethical breeders raise Corsos for sale in the U.S.

Fortunately, due to the extensive efforts of the American Kennel Club and many other Corso enthusiasts, this breed has been reintroduced in America.

With some help, you’ll be able to find ethical and experienced breeders raising Cane Corso puppies in Virginia.

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1. San Rocco Cane Corso


The year 2012 marks the debut of San Rocco Cane Corso, a breeder that prides itself on raising healthy and well-bred Cane Corsi.

Nearly all of the breed’s Cane Corsi come from elite European kennels to preserve the breed’s integrity. A.K.C. and I.C.C.F. registrations are available for every dog in their breeder program.

A certified dog trainer is among the kennel’s ranks. She specializes in Cane Corso guard dogs, teaching them advanced or beginner training.

She is qualified to instruct and administer tests for the A.K.C.’s Canine Good Citizen and A.K.C. Community Canine programs and the S.T.A.R. Puppy program.

Their puppy food is specially formulated for optimal health and contains no unhealthy fillers or additives.

When you bring your new puppy home, the breeder will outline their meal plan, schedule, and guidance on how to implement the eating plan.

An adoption interview is required to determine if you and the dog breeder are a good match for each other and the pups they offer for adoption.

San Rocco Cane Corso Details:

2. Dream Team Kennels


Veterinarians, dog instructors, and breeders make up the expert team at Dream Team Kennels. This team has collectively been in the business for 30+ years.

Their Cane Corsi excel at many tasks, including being show dogs, working dogs, security dogs, champions, etc.

They offer a lifelong health guarantee on all of their puppies. They are vaccinated, have medical records, and undergo screening for hip dysplasia within the first two weeks.

The end of the tail is docked, and the dog’s dewclaws are clipped off.

Each puppy in their care is typically given a toy to keep them entertained while in their care. The puppies are given to you with the toy to help them adjust to their new environment when the time comes.

Their care for the well-being of the dogs gives you an idea that they focus highly on both the physical and emotional needs of their puppies. So, don’t forget to check here when looking for Cane Corso puppies for sale in Virginia.

Dream Team Kennels Details:

3. Difesa Cane Corso


Difesa Cane Corso in Virginia are committed to maintaining the breed’s original character and resiliency by creating dogs with a positive temperament, healthy bodies, and a natural ability to work.

Difesa Cane Corso breeds dogs with calm demeanors from canines and babes with the same trait.

They don’t accept the justification of being “aloof with strangers” for poor personality traits, often resulting from anxiety or shyness.

The Corsi they choose have already demonstrated these traits in early life: curiosity, bravery, resilience after excitement, and awareness of their environment.

They put in time and effort and push their Corsi in various settings to demonstrate their character’s superiority.

They make sure their breeding dogs are healthy by subjecting them to the necessary examinations. Deworming and vaccination are critical things they do to their puppies.

Difesa Cane Corso Details:

4. Appley Valley Cane Corso


Apple Valley, founded in 2013, is a breeder licensed with the International Canine Confederation (I.C.C.F.). They are more guarded with their data, but they welcome your inquiries on anything that piques your curiosity.

Images of current and past litters and happy families with their beloved Apple Valley Cane Corso puppies may be found on their website.

Most images are from major tournaments and competitions of various kinds. If you happen to see them at any U.S. championship, they want you to talk with them.

Instead of picking up the phone or jumping on video chat, they’d send you a few emails.

The next step is to schedule a face-to-face or virtual meeting. Then, you can visit their farm to find your choice of a Cane Corso puppy.

Appley Valley Cane Corso Details:

5. Mystic Mountain Cane Corso


Alicia and Mario, a husband and wife passionate about the Cane Corso breed, started this kennel. It wasn’t until they bought their first puppy in 2014 that they realized how much they adored the breed.

They provide careful consideration to each dog’s personality and job description.

Because of Alicia’s back issues, she educated one of her pet dogs to assist those with mobility issues. Besides mobility and P.T.S.D. assistance dogs, additional dogs were also trained.

Through early neural stimulation beginning on day three and continuing through day sixteen, they can produce intelligent and self-assured canine companions.

Mystic Mountain Cane Corso Details:

6. Stonecroft Cane Corso


Stonecroft Cane Corso is one of the most reputable Cane Corso breeders in Virginia. They have passed numerous examinations and certifications, including those for the Canine Good Citizenry, therapy dog international, and more.

Dogs with desirable bloodlines are imported from locations like Germany, Italy, and Canada.

Your new puppy will arrive having its tail docked and its dewclaws clipped off. An extra fee will be incurred if you choose to have your puppy’s ears clipped.

They were fully recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2010 and provide behavior and crate education for your Crane Corso puppy for an additional $100.

At 6.9 and 12 weeks old, your puppy will receive its vaccinations.

They value swagger, good looks, athleticism, and a cool head. So, if you are looking for well-groomed, well-trained Cane Corso puppies for sale in Virginia, then this can be your best hit.

Stonecroft Cane Corso Details:

How to Choose Cane Corso Breeders in Virginia?


Responsible Cane Corso breeders can be located through word-of-mouth recommendations from veterinarians and friends, as well as through research into local breed associations and attendance at specialized dog exhibitions.

Remember that a reputable breeder won’t ever market a puppy through an animal retailer or any other channel that prevents her from doing an in-person interview to guarantee that the new family will offer a loving, stable environment for the puppy throughout its life.

You can recognize good Cane Corso breeders in Virginia by the following traits:

  • One, you’ll be given a full tour of the locations where the puppies and their parents hang out. The kennels and play spaces must be kept clean and odor-free.
  • Two, the kennel does not operate like a factory farm cranking out litter after litter but treats its breeding canines like family members. When you visit the breeder, they should motivate you to meet the parents. Both parents should be outgoing and comfortable around humans and other canine companions. Their offspring should reflect the same upbeat, hygienic character.
  • They should be well-versed in the breeds they raise, and you should feel comfortable asking them any questions you have about the dog’s expected size, personality, activity needs, hereditary health problems, special requirements, etc.
  • A good breeder understands the significance of socializing to a puppy’s growth and development and makes time to bond with their new addition. Each dog gets plenty of attention, playtime, and physical activity.
  • Engages in appropriate mating, considering genetic predispositions to minimize the risk of passing on health issues. The breeder should provide proof that the puppy’s parents and/or grandparents were tested for genetic health issues such as hip dysplasia, eye defects, heart disease, etc.
  • Offers a list of satisfied customers as references and encourages questions.
  • Not only do they never sell to pet stores or online, but they also only sell to people they know to be responsible pet owners.
  • Guarantees the animal’s health in writing and gives you time to have it checked up by your vet before you commit to buying. If there is an issue, the breeder will take the blame and provide compensation.
  • Includes a family tree and registration paperwork in your name.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Cane Corso puppy in the US?

These puppies can run anywhere between 1500 to 4000 per dog.

What are Cane Corsi known for?

These large dogs are known for dominance, protectiveness, and high spirit.

Why does my Cane Corso cry so much?

Cane Corsi will howl if they are sick or hurt.

Where Are the Best Cane Corso Breeders in Virginia?


We hope the discussion above was worth your time and that you enjoyed reading this.

You can find many more Cane Corso breeders in and around Virginia, but these 6 are the best. So, make sure you give them a try before moving forward to any other.

We personally liked the Stonecroft Cane Corso breeders for their imported bloodlines. However, you cannot ignore the Difesa breeders, for they are the only ones keeping and maintaining the original bloodlines.

Every breeder has its own unique traits. Now we will leave it to you to search for them and select one of your choices.

Happy finding your Corsi!

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