4 Best Cane Corso Breeders in Maine! (2024)


Are you looking for the best Cane Corso breeders in Maine? We have dug out essential details of all reputable breeders in Maine and other nearby states.

The Italian dog breed, the Cane Corso, was created primarily for herding cattle, hunting, and other sporting pursuits.

These days, many keep them as pets, guard dogs, and farm and livestock work dogs. They are strong and fiercely devoted to their owners. Cane Corsi are not only confident but also intelligent and assertive.

Cane Corso comes from Latin and translates to ‘Bodyguard Dog,’ which speaks for their fearlessness and devotion towards their family.

They make good companion dogs and are particularly best suited for families with older children because of their large size.

However, like any other dog, they need proper socialization and training. They also require long hours of running and exercise, which makes them more suitable for rural homes with large yards.

Finding a good and responsible breeder is imperative because original bloodlines produce all-rounded puppies.

A reliable Cane Corso breeder would practice ethical breeding standards to ensure the puppies have excellent conformation and an extensive and majestic build for which this breed is known.

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1. Epic Cane Corso


The Cane Corso Association of America (AKC Parent Breed Club) actively recognizes Epic Cane Corso, located in the Central Maine highlands.

Numerous AKC Champions, Grand Champions, and CCAA Reproduction Champions have come through this breeding program. It is also an AKC BRED with HEART Participant and recognized as an AKC BREEDER OF MERIT.

Their main goal is to produce Cane Corso puppies that are athletic, mentally and physically sound, healthy, balanced, and good representations of the breed.

As the Cane Corso is not a breed for everyone, they carefully assess families to ensure they are suited for one of their puppies. Epic Cane Corso is known for its impressive record, which includes the 2017 CCAA. National Specialty Best of Opposite Sex Winner.

Although it is a small family breeding program, they own several breeding dogs all over the United States. Visitors are welcome by appointment only.

Heather, the owner, strongly believes in putting only her best examples in the show ring.

She strives to breed consistent, balanced, and sound Cane Corso dogs with exceptional breed types, structures, and temperaments. She has a well-researched program that she maintains regular contact with all her puppy families.

She is honest and forthright and has learned much from her vast experiences.

Heather is a responsible breeder; therefore, she sells 90% of her puppies as companion animals with a no-breeding contract; however, she sells some puppies with breeding rights with co-ownership contracts.

Epic Cane Corso Details:

2. Castlegate Cane Corsos


Next on our list of breeders with Cane Corso puppies in Maine is Castlegate Cane Corso.

They are a breeder with 25 years of experience dedicated to breeding and raising Cane Corso puppies with the best European bloodlines.

They value the breed’s character, loyalty, affection, and commitment to the family.

They work hard to provide prospective owners with the greatest advice on how to look for, discipline, and raise these wonderful creatures. They ensure that their puppies are health-tested, carefully bred, and presented with credibility.

The breeder stresses how crucial it is to avoid puppy mills and dishonest breeders that breed dogs without papers or pedigree, as these practices can have detrimental health effects on the puppies.

The breed owns all of the males and females of Castlegate Cane Corso, and visitors are invited to see their puppies and pedigrees by appointment.

To ensure that prospective owners have the right knowledge of the breed and can offer sufficient care for the life of their Corsos, the breeder has a significant selection process for selling their puppies.

Interested buyers must go through a thorough interview. At three days old, dew claws are removed, and tails are docked, although ear cropping is an optional procedure that requires consultation with a veterinarian.

“Of the Beautiful Guardians” is the breeder’s tagline.

They aim to inculcate in their Cane Corsos grace, sophistication, intellect, and a sense of purpose, producing dependable and devoted family members and protectors.

After eight weeks, the cost of puppies with cropped ears will rise by $1,200. Initially, reserving a puppy was $4000 and a $1000 deposit.

Castlegate Cane Corsos Details:

3. Corsos De X-Man


Corsos De X-Man, a breeding business operated by Juan Manuel Morato, is next on our list.

The X-Man, a world-champion Cane Corso from Portland, Maine, is his prized possession. This breeder offers puppies in various blue and gray tones.

All puppies are descendants of the well-known and magnificent Cane Corso named X-Man.

This breeder has produced good quality puppies and sold them to happy customers across the United States for over fifteen years.

Working with a professional shipping company, this breeder has provided a lifelong companion to families in Maine, Vermont, and other US States.

A puppy’s temperament and personality are shaped throughout the first few months of its existence, which the breeder pays special attention to.

To ensure the puppy has no signs of any genetic disorders, he considers the health of the puppy’s parents and grandparents.

Between one and four months of age, the breeder professionally socializes the puppy, teaching appropriate manners and guaranteeing the adult dog will have a great future character.

They have an easy application procedure for adopting a puppy from them. Just go to their website and look at the pets posted there.

For additional information on their lineage, costs, and when they are available for adoption, click on the one that grabs your attention.

Corsos De X-Man Details:

4. Champion Cane Corsos


Last on our list of Cane Corso breeders in Maine is Champion Cane Corso from Massachusetts, a few hours’ drive from the state.

The Champion Cane Corsos’ owner highlights their dedication to the safety and welfare of their pets.

The breeder, who has been engaged in breeding since 2000, makes sure that every one of their dogs resides in their home and is treated like a member of their family, which is conducive to the development of stable temperaments.

Breeders of Champion Cane Corsos are committed to producing amiable companions who blend in well with families.

With health-tested and mentally sound stock, the aim is to achieve excellence in type, temperament, and soundness.

The breeder is preserving Italian Molosser breeds because of their great dog show successes and persistent ring presence.

Cane Corso dogs are outstanding guard dogs who are highly devoted to their owners and can protect children and families; they are trained and recommended for socialization. It is simple to apply to adopt a puppy from them.

The website lists all puppies offered, their features, and their costs. You can get additional information or make an appointment to meet the puppies by getting in touch with the breeder by phone or email.

Champion Cane Corsos Details:

How to Choose the Best Cane Corso Breeder in Maine?


It can be challenging to choose the best Cane Corso breeder in Maine, but there are a few things you should keep an eye out for to ensure you obtain a healthy puppy.

  • Research: Start by looking up Maine-based breeders of the Cane Corso dog. Find breeders with memberships in renowned clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the United Kennel Club (UKC).
  • Schedule a Visit: Once you’ve compiled a list of potential breeders, plan to pay them a visit. As a result, you will be able to observe the living conditions and interactions between the dogs and puppies.
  • References: Check references from prior puppy purchasers from the breeder. You can get a decent idea of their customer experience and the quality of puppies they produce.
  • Health Testing: To ensure that their breeding dogs are free of hereditary problems, a good breeder will examine their health. Inquire about the breeder’s health screening procedures and ask for the findings.
  • Breeding criteria: Verify that the breeder follows the Cane Corso breed standards. A trustworthy breeder will be delighted to discuss their breeding philosophies and objectives with you.
  • Contract and Health Guarantee: Acquire a health guarantee for your dog from the breeder. It will ensure you are covered if your puppy has any health problems.

Following these suggestions, you could discover a top Cane Corso breeder in Maine and receive a healthy, well-bred puppy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard raising a Cane Corso?

If you have never raised a dog before, or have limited experience with larger breeds, this dog is not for you.

Should you crate a Cane Corso?

You should crate-train all dogs so that they can receive medical care, recuperate from surgeries, and can board in different spots.

How do you discipline a Cane Corso?

As with all dogs, a Cane Corso will need confident, positive discipline and training for any actions to be effective.

Where Are the Best Cane Corso Breeders in Maine?


There are only a few reputable Cane Corso breeders in Maine, but you can find many others in neighboring and nearby states.

Some of the best ones are listed above and can help you get a healthy, top-quality, happy puppy with an excellent build and temperament. However, make sure to research and analyze your choices.

It would be best to take some time to learn about the breed and ensure you can provide them with an ideal lifestyle. We hope you find a lifetime companion soon!

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