5 Best Maine Coon Breeders in UK! (2024)

Maine Coons are a happy and friendly cat breed suitable for various types of families. These cats are known for their outgoing personalities, large size, and friendly nature leading us to a list of the best Maine Coon breeders in UK.

However, before you set out to buy this cat, ensure you do proper research to find a reputable breeder who specializes in this giant cats

Your primary focus should be registered Maine Coon breeders, as they thoroughly screen their breeding cats for medical and genetic issues before breeding.

Opt for a breeder that can provide the kitten’s medical history, registration certificates, dietary needs, vaccination history, and pedigree status. You also want to check if the breeder is registered with major cat agencies, such as the TICA.

Picking a Maine Cook Kitten is an emotional experience. It is also a serious financial decision, and you want to ensure you get it right the first time. Not every breeder is as they claim, as some are only in the business for the money.

To ensure you make the right decision the first time, we have reviewed and listed some of the best Maine Coon breeders in the UK. Here are some of the top breeders to consider in the United Kingdom.

The Five Best Maine Coon Breeders in the UK


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1. Signature Paws


Based in Bournemouth, Dorset, Signature Paws is one of the best places to buy this cat breed in the UK.

It is a small breeding program dedicated to producing and raising healthy and happy kittens. Signature Paws is TICA-registered and adheres to industry standards when breeding.

Established in early 2021, this hobby breeding program cares about its kittens and cats, providing them with the best vet care, meals, and treats. The kittens also enjoy a lot of playtime and socialization from every member of the family

The goal of this breeding program is not only to breed the best type of Maine Coons but to ensure they are perfectly healthy and sound. All their studs and queens are fully health-tested from SMA, HCM, PKDef, and more.

One unique thing about this family is that they never stop learning. Breeding is a constant learning curve for this family, so they continually learn new things to improve the breeding program.

In addition, they undergo multiple qualifications regarding the feline world. Their previous achievements are shared potential and existing customers.

All their breeding cats are from Championship lines, and they continue to attend shows throughout the country to show how this cat breed should look at its highest standards.

Their kings and queens are chosen not just because of their color but also their type and lineage. In addition to focusing on type, this breeder also focuses on temperament and health. Breeding is not a business for this family but a hobby.

Being a hobby breeder, all their kittens are more affordable than what many other reputable breeders offer. However, affordability does not mean lower quality, as they ensure all their kittens are bred with high standards.

None of their cats are kept in outside pens; they are bred and raised in their home.

Their stud Asterix roams freely throughout the house and has his own enclosed garden. Their spare rooms are converted into a kitten nursery that is fitted with furniture to keep them comfortable.

All kittens are introduced to the rest of the pets when they are old enough. They produce limited litter yearly, so we recommend jumping on the waiting list once it’s open.

A £500 initial deposit is required to secure a kitten from this breeder. Their kittens cost £1650, and the initial deposit is applied to the total bill.

Kittens are ready to go home at 13 to 14 weeks, and they go home with the following:

  • Neutered or spayed
  • Vet-checked
  • Raw diet recipes
  • TICA registered with five generation pedigree
  • Four weeks insurance
  • Unlimited support via their SignaturePaws Owners group
  • Health-tested parents

Signature Paws Details:

2. Kassaro Maine Coons


Next on the line, we have Kassaro Maine Coons – a reputable Coon breeder with many years of experience. This breeding program is owned and managed by a family who loves this cat breed and is always happy to welcome and meet visitors.

Kassaro is located on the Isle of Wight, and they can even pick you up from the ferry terminal (when necessary). They are one of the oldest and most experienced Maine Coon breeders in the UK. The family has been breeding and raising Coons since 1989.

With years of experience in this field, Kassaro has mastered the act of breeding premium quality kittens that would make an excellent addition to your home. Their Maine kittens are well-socialized with other pets and people of all ages.

All the kittens are born and raised in a home-like environment. They are used to music, noise, and other sounds in and around the home, ensuring they transition smoothly into their new homes.

In addition to being well-socialized, the family ensures the kittens are well-adjusted and prepared for living arrangement changes.

Health is another major focus area of this family. They ensure that all their kittens are healthy by using only the healthiest sires and dams for breeding. All the Maine Coon kittens from this breeder are:

  • Vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • Registered
  • Insured

They all come with a one-year health guarantee to protect against congenital health conditions. Temperament is another vital thing they consider when choosing breeding cats.

Their goal is to produce healthy, happy, well-tempered, and well-socialized Maine Coon kittens for pet lovers across the nation.

All their kittens are bred and raised in their home. The breeder’s grandchildren interact, socialize, and play with kittens daily. Their new kittens do not lack the size, color, look, and personality of the Maine Coon.

Kassaro Maine Coons Details:

3. Rydalmaine Maine Coons


If you reside in or around Cambridgeshire, UK, Rydalmain Maine Coons is one of the best places to buy this cat breed.

Located in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Rydalmaine is a reputable Maine Coon breeding program owned and managed by Judy Stratton and her family.

Judy is at the forefront of this breeding program, and she runs it with her husband John Stratton. Rydalmaine is their TICA and GCCF registered prefix. This family is not in the breeding field for the money but for the love of this cat breed.

They are a small hobby breeder and occasionally have Maine Coon kittens available for permanent loving homes. Judy bought two girls in 2008 – Tally and Chloe. The family loved the cats deeply because of their loveable personalities and affection.

Judy and her husband welcomed their first breeding queen, Shania, in 2010. She has an amazing personality and quickly became a significant addition to the family.

The family’s aim is to breed healthy, big Maine Coon kittens and cats of excellent temperament and type.

All their kittens and cats live indoors with them and are treated like family members. They also have access to their garden within a garden cat run. In addition, the kittens are vet-checked, health-tested, and up-to-date on vaccinations.

As part of their contract, their kittens will only be sold as indoor pets to owners with secure run or protected garden homes.

In addition to raising all their kittens in their home as family members, the family ensures they are all fully socialized and well-mannered before going home.

All kittens are ready to go home around 12 to 13 weeks of age with the following:

  • They will be microchipped
  • Vet checked by a professional, qualified veterinarian
  • Vaccinated against cat flu and enteritis
  • Flea treated and wormed
  • Kitten pack
  • Four weeks of free pet insurance via Petplan
  • They will go home with four or five-generation pedigree
  • Kittens are registered with Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) or TICA

Their kittens are sold with “pet only” registration, meaning they cannot be bred in any form or shape. Nevertheless, the family occasionally sells for breeding, but only to approved homes.

All kittens from this breeder go home with lifetime support, meaning you can always reach out to the breeder for help. They are always available to answer your questions or guide you through your kitten-raising journey.

Rydalmaine Maine Coons Details:

4. Kelferron Maine Coons


Kelferron Maine Coons is a pet-loving family that breeds and raises healthy and happy Maine Coon kittens. The family raises all their kittens in a cage-free environment, giving them the freedom, love, and care they deserve.

As a sign of their genuine involvement in this business, Kelferron Maine Coons is in good standing with the Maine Coon Breed Society and the Maine Coon Cat Club. All their kittens are GCCF registered and fully vaccinated.

Your kitten will also be microchipped, flea-treated, and dewormed before you come to pick them up. The family is 100 percent dedicated to this breeding program, ensuring you get nothing but the healthiest kitten possible.

In addition to focusing on health, this breeder also pays close attention to temperament.

All the breeding cares are temperament-tested to ensure they are the right fit for the process. With the series of tests they conduct, rest assured you receive a healthy and well-tempered Maine Coon kitten.

Socialization is another crucial part of this breeding program. All the kittens are well-socialized and introduced to kids, adults, and other pets. They socialize and interact with the kittens until they are ready to go home at 12 to 13 weeks of age.

The family will give you all information about your kitten’s diet plan, health, grooming, and general care. If this is your first time owning a Maine Coon kitten, you have nothing to worry about, as the breeder will guide you through the journey.

In addition to providing you with vital resources and information you need to raise your kitten, the breeder also provides lifetime support. Hence, you can always contact them for support and inquiries.

All kittens also go home with samples of their current food, a selection of toys, and insurance with Petplan for four weeks.

Kelferron Maine Coons Details:

5. Destiny UK Maine Coons


Destiny UK Maine Coons ventured into the breeding field due to popular demand. This breeding program is owned and run by a family that has owned and raised cats for many years. The family has owned Maine Coon cats for more than years.

After several years of being asked, they finally started breeding their pedigree cats. One unique thing about this breeder is that all their queens are from German and Russian lines. The queens have long ear tufts, wide muzzles, and luxurious fur.

Destiny UK Maine Coons primarily breeds pets for intelligent, excellent temperament. Their studs are from Europe and are very large; they are over 1 meter in length.

The family raises the kittens in the family home, and they are surrendered by dogs and children, so socialization is always achieved before they go home.

The kittens are exposed to various sounds, sights, and environments to allow for a smooth and seamless transition into their new homes. Destiny UK Maine Coon is a member of the Main Coon Cat and Kittens and TICA.

In addition, the family health tests the studs and queens to ensure they are clear of the most common health issues associated with this breed.

As they breed and raise polydactyl Maine Coons, they also check joint issues to ensure the kittens are perfectly healthy and sound.

Destiny UK Maine Coons Details:

Conclusion For “Best Maine Coon Breeders in UK”


Buying a Maine Coon kitten does not need to be as challenging as you might first imagine. With the right information and places to look, you will go home with a healthy, happy, socialized, and well-tempered Maine Coon cat.

You can reach out to any of the Maine Coon breeders UK here and inquire more about this cat breed before starting the purchase process.

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