5 Best Maine Coon Breeders in Quebec! (2024)


If you’re looking for an adorable, patient, and friendly pet that’s relatively low maintenance in terms of grooming, then the Maine Coon cat is the one for you! It’s also great if you live in Quebec, as there are some excellent Maine Coon breeders around.

They have years of experience breeding these magnificent cats, so you can be sure that your kitty will be in safe hands. However, before adopting your cat from a breeder, make sure to do your research and find one that meets ethical standards and delivers healthy kittens for their owners’ peace of mind.

With their silly personalities, large ears, and extra fluffy fur — not to mention their beautiful coats — it won’t take long before you fall completely under their spell! With that being said, we have a list on the best Maine Coon breeders in Quebec to help you find your next pet.

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1. Chatterie Maine Cool Quebec


All cats and kittens that are part of their family are given extensive socialization starting at an early age. Their top priority is to provide you with a healthy and well-tempered kitten.

Always accessible for questions or other resources after the acquisition, rest assured that the team is here to help.

The cattery is routinely tested for Feline Infectious Leukemia (FIL) /Feline leukemia virus(FELV), as wellHypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM).

They are proud members of both the CFA and TICA organizations.


  • An array of colors are offered, providing endless choices and styles.
  • The cat boasts an exquisite rustic figure.
  • On average, females typically weigh anywhere from 9 to 13 pounds, while males generally weigh 14 pounds and up.
  • They’re always there to provide support after your purchase, and they’d love to hear from you with any questions or feedback.
  • They have gone to great lengths in choosing their breeders, prioritizing those with an impeccable health and highly desirable characteristics.
  • They have selected the finest bloodlines from around the world to provide you with an exceptional experience.
  • Located in Quebec but also proudly serves customers worldwide.
  • Keep checking their website to get the latest updates on when their kittens will be born.

Chatterie Maine Cool Details:

2. SRmainecoons


Nestled in the beautiful Niagara region of Ontario, they have situated themselves ideally to provide their services.

Committed to nurturing healthy, large show-class Maine Coon Kittens, they ensure that each and every one of their cats are held to the highest standards.

Appraised for their pedigree and quality, these kittens come from champion bloodlines that have graced regional as well as national stages.

The Maine Coon is a remarkable breed of cats, with many having earned the titles of Champion, Grand Champion, Master Grand Champion, and Supreme Master Grand Champion.

To produce the best Maine Coons, they have selected breeding cats with esteemed lineages from various countries.

Breeders from various countries around the world, such as Germany, Greece, the United States, the Czech Republic, England, Poland, Indonesia, Ukraine, and Russia have been imported to their facility.

All of our cuddly kittens come with valid Canadian Veterinary health certificates and are registered in any one of the three following organizations: International Cat Association (TICA), Cat Fanciers Association(CFA), or Canadian Cat Association (CCA).

They take immense pride in showcasing their Maine Coons at each and every event.

To ensure the quality of their breeding cats, they conduct comprehensive HCM tests and DNA exams for one specific gene that is currently being investigated. All test results are publicly accessible for review.

Our kittens are available across North America, with delivery services to Alberta, the USA, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

If you’re looking to adopt one of their lovable Maine Coon kittens, don’t hesitate to reach out via email!

At any time of the year, they extend an open invitation to make us a part of your travel plans!

SRmainecoons Details:

3. Lilicoon Maine Coon


Lilicoon Cattery has been providing top-notch service for over a decade now, with health, temperament, and lineage quality at the forefront of their priorities.

They have established themselves as experts in this field due to our dedication and commitment to producing gentle giants that everyone can love!

To bolster their knowledge, the owner has taken a number of training courses related to topics such as nutrition in breeding conditions, procreation overall, respiratory and digestive disorders, heredity, and feline behavior.

With an impressive background of experience and training, they are still eager to broaden their horizons. Continuing education is a fundamental part of who they are, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest information in their field.

Their Maine Coon cattery, though small in scale, has become an immense source of pride for the family. It is a testament to what can be achieved when driven by passion and ambition.

From a cherished dream to an incredible reality, these devoted friends can now enjoy life in each other’s company day after day!

With their ongoing service after adoption, new families are guaranteed to have help and advice if needed, even after taking possession of their companion.

The connection between pet and owner is invaluable, so they strive to stay connected with their beloved furballs whom they have doted on for weeks. In addition, adopters’ feedback and remarks are valuable in assessing their breeding program’s progress.

Their home is specifically tailored to their Maine coons, providing them with the perfect home environment that meets all of their needs.

Providing environmental enrichment, toys, safety, and tailored development opportunities – such as bachelor pads, delivery rooms, maternity wards, or daycare centers – in addition to a communal area is essential for the well-being of their cats.

Lilicoon Maine Coon Details:

4. Miss Maine Coon


Miss Maine Coon cattery is situated on the South Shore of Montreal, and their felines aren’t just pets – they’re family!

Nestled on a mini hobby farm in the South Shore of Montreal are their four children and two loving parents, who work from home to ensure that all cats and kittens under their roof receive the best care possible.

Their cats are registered with TICA and have been through thorough medical examinations, so you can be sure that they had the best possible care. They want them to experience an unparalleled quality of life!

They are devoted to ensuring that their cats and kittens receive the best of everything, from socialization to health care. In addition, they strive for total happiness and well-being.

Their furry friends are provided with the best of everything, from their large outdoor playground to nourishing meals and regular grooming.

The Maine Coons, for their breeding program, are carefully selected cats based on their physical appearance, health status, personality, and adherence to the standards of the breed.

Their breeding program is highly rigorous, with all males and females undergoing full health screenings that include comprehensive DNA testing, HCM echo screening, FIV-FELV blood tests, and hip x-rays.

Prior to any breeding, their cats are extensively evaluated in order to guarantee they have the highest level of purr-fection!

Miss Maine Coon Details:

5. Snow and Shadows Quebec


Last on the list of Maine Coon breeders in Quebec is Snow and Shadows. They gladly welcome you to their cozy Maine Coons cattery in Trois-Rivières! They offer personable delivery of kittens within Quebec and Ontario, as well as shipping services throughout Canada, the United States, and beyond.

So join them at their family-owned establishment for a perfect pet experience!

They are devoted to producing healthy and stunning kittens that bring joy to everyone around them. Additionally, they specialize in rare colored coats as well as highly desirable European lines of Maine Coons.

They believe their priority is crafting perfect feline friends for you and your family!

Our regal feline royalty is primarily imported from Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Poland, Latvia, and the Netherlands.

At their cattery, they’re thrilled to introduce a much sought-after and incredibly rare line of blue-eyed Maine Coons with polydactyl feet!

All colors are included in this transformative breed, from solid hues to intricate patterns. They promise you won’t find such exceptional cats anywhere else in Canada – trust them when they say that these majestic felines will amaze even the most experienced cat connoisseur!

At their TICA and CCC registered cattery, all of their breeding queens are lovingly cared for as part of the family.

To ensure a healthy lifestyle for their kings, they each have their own room with plenty of space to relax in addition to an outdoor run where they can bask in the sun.

At their home, the queens give birth to their kittens in their bedrooms, and from day one, they are affectionately handled and cuddled with care so that they reach peak socialization.

Breeding isn’t their profession; it is a passion that drives them to ensure they are continuously improving the breed.

Their prices reflect the unmatched quality of their kittens, which are produced with only top-notch imported champion lines and rigorously tested for health. Unfortunately, these fees are not open to negotiation.

Snow and Shadows Details:

Conclusion For “Best Maine Coon Breeders in Quebec”


Whether you’re searching for a loyal companion or an award-winning show-quality cat, there are plenty of incredible options available when it comes to finding a reputable breeder in Quebec who specializes in raising healthy Maine Coons!

With these five excellent choices at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to bring home your purrfect new friend! Happy hunting!

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