4 Best Ragdoll Breeders in Scotland! (2024)


If you are considering buying a Ragdoll kitten in Scotland, one of the most important things to do is find a reputable breeder.

Ragdolls are loving, eager-to-please, and adorable companions. However, these cats tend to be less friendly when they are not well-socialized. Hence, it is important to buy your kitten from a reputable breeder who invests a lot of time and resources in the socialization and health of their pets.

If you are looking for a well-bred and well-socialized kitten, your focus should be on a breeder, not a pet store.

While pet stores are not bad, it is difficult to determine their breeding quality or if they were treated humanely. So, it is always best to buy from a breeder you can visit to see how they treat and take care of their cats and kittens.

Many reputable breeders also offer a health guarantee to give you all the assurance you need to finalize your purchase plan. Here are some of the best Ragdoll breeders in Scotland from which you can get a healthy and well-socialized kitten.

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The Four Best Ragdoll Breeders in Scotland


1. Thistledown Ragdolls Scotland


Thistledown Ragdolls made it to the top of our list as one of the most trusted Ragdoll breeders in Scotland. Located in Perthshire, Scotland, Thistledown is owned and operated by a highly experienced and passionate breeder – Shona.

Shona runs this small ethical, hobby breeding program with the goal of producing the best quality kittens for Ragdoll lovers in and around the country. She runs the breeding program with her family, and all their kittens are reared in a home environment.

Your kitten will not feel or act strange when you bring them home, as they would already be used to being in a family-friendly environment before the transition.

The kittens are handled from birth and treated with care and love, which makes them well-adjusted and sociable.

Socialization is essential for this breed, and the family ensures they are prepared before going home. The kittens are exposed to everyday family life, including all the noises and activities that come with it.

They also introduce the pets to people, dogs, and other cats to enable them to blend seamlessly into their new homes.

All the kittens are fully vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped before joining their new families at 13 weeks old. To assure you that you are buying a kitten from health-tested parents, this breeder offers four weeks of free pet insurance for all their pets.

In addition, the kittens are registered with the GCCF and come with a five-generation pedigree.

To ensure they give their best to the kittens, this Shona breeds only one litter at a time.

They sometimes produce two litters but ensure they get all the care, love, and attention they need. Before the Ragdoll kittens leave at 13 weeks old, they are confident, socialized, well-mannered, and semi-trained.

They are also tested for various health conditions before leaving. All their kittens are PKD and HCM clear, so rest assured you will go home with a healthy kitten.

Thistledown Ragdolls Details:

2. Catsamorie


Catsamorie is located in Montrose, Scotland but has kittens all over the country and the UK. This breeding program is owned by Katrina MacDonald, a cat enthusiast with a deep love for Ragdolls.

Katrina lives with her husband and four grown-up kids, and they all contribute to the breeding program’s success.

She currently has six Ragdolls with amazing traits and temperaments. Katrina has loved this cat breed since her childhood. She loves having them around and would never get tired of their presence.

The breeding program was birthed out of love for Ragdolls; it is not profit-oriented. She invests a lot of time and resources into producing the healthiest and happiest kittens possible for families and individuals across the country.

Katrina only breeds a few litters yearly, so availability is limited. Her aim is to produce only kittens the family can give all their care, love, and attention.

She does not want the kittens to feel ignored, left behind, or not given the care and attention they deserve.

For Katrina, watching the kittens grow is a pleasure and an experience she never wants to let go of.

When the time is right, she ensures the pets are placed in the best homes possible. She carefully screens her applicants and gives the kittens to the most qualified families and individuals.

She wants the best for her kittens and is committed to them for life. All her kittens go home with lifetime support, which is great, especially for first-time parents. You can always call or email her to learn about your kitten, make inquiries, or simply seek advice.

Catsamorie is registered with the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA), the British Ragdoll Cat Club (TBRCC), and adheres to the code of ethics of the Governing Council of Cat Fancy (GCCF).

The family raises all their kittens indoors as part of their family. They have access to large outdoor pens, where they play, roam, run, and exercise. The pens are safe and are designed to keep them comfortable.

All their kittens are from bloodlines that have been DNA tested and cleared from PKD and HCM. Katrina operates with a waitlist, so you have to contact her to add your name to their waiting list.

Catsamorie Details:

3. Diamondmoon Scotland


Diamondmoon also made it to our list of the best Ragdoll breeders in Scotland, thanks to their outstanding breeding standards and premium quality kittens.

They are a small, hobbyist cattery located in the heart of Scotland. As a small hobby breeder, Diamondmoon provides the best possible care for their kittens and cats.

They do an excellent job in breeding and raising well-socialized, healthy kittens with beautiful temperaments. Their kittens are trained and prepared to be excellent additions to their new families.

One thing we love about this family is that they are very clean and highly prioritize their pet’s health. The cattery is always clean, and they pride themselves on the outstanding health and well-being of all their kittens and cats.

All their breeding cats are registered with GCCF, so rest assured you are dealing with a recognized and reputable Ragdoll breeder.

Diamondmoon breeds for quality and aims to produce the best quality Ragdoll kittens that are true to their temperament and type.

The cats also undergo DNA testing and are all PKD and HCM negative. Only cats that pass all the health tests are added to the breeding program. The family prides itself on breeding with HCM-negative cats.

Since the breeding males and females are free of any mutations, the kittens will be too. This cat breed can die very young with just one mutation. Fortunately, this breeder ensures all the breeding cats do not have any mutations.

To ensure the well-being and health of their cats and future kittens, Diamondmoon decided to be a closed cattery. As such, they don’t provide stud services to visiting females or welcome visiting cats.

The family also prevents same-day multi-kennel visits. That means if you visit another cattery, they don’t want you to visit their cattery on the same day. Visits to their cattery are also welcomed but by appointment only.

Diamondmoon Details:

4. Reiver Ragdolls


Last on the list of Ragdoll breeders in Scotland is Reiver Ragdolls. Alison and Malcolm Lett are the owners and managers of Reiver Ragdolls – a popular and reputable Ragdoll breeder. The couple has three beautiful daughters, and they all live with their kittens and cats in the beautiful Scottish Borders near the town of Kelso.

This family is known for their great line of affordable kittens. An initial deposit of £50 is required to secure a kitten, and they are sold for £400. They breed and raise all their kittens in their homes, giving them all the care, love, and attention they need.

Health is one of their major focuses, ensuring all their cats are free of congenital health issues before breeding. They conduct a series of health tests to significantly reduce the chance of producing kittens with genetic defects.

Besides health, this family also focuses on temperament when choosing their breeding dogs. Proper socialization is another major benefit of buying a kitten from this breeder. The kittens are well-socialized and introduced to kids, adults, dogs, and other cats.

The family has two dogs in their home, and they all play with the kittens daily. Your kitten will also come home fully vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. The family also offers all their clients a lifetime of support and advice.

Reiver Ragdolls Details:

Conclusion For “Best Ragdoll Breeders in Scotland”


The Ragdoll is an excellent cat breed for those looking for an affectionate cat with a calm demeanor.

While these cats can be on the higher end of the price spectrum, reputable breeders ensure that your Ragdoll kitten is vaccinated, certified by the GCCF, bred from health-tested parents, and tested for potential health issues.

You will get great value for your money when you buy your kitten from a reliable breeder.

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