7 Best Cat Rescues in Scotland! (2024)


Cats are wonderful companions and can give their owners much love and joy.

It’s essential to think carefully about the responsibilities of owning a pet before you make the decision, but if you believe you are ready to provide a loving home for a cat, then adopting one is a great way to go.

Several great cat rescues in Scotland do fantastic work to help cats in need.

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1. Lothian Cat Rescue


Lothian Cat Rescue is a nonprofit organization in Central Scotland dedicated to reducing the number of stray and unwanted cats and kittens in the Edinburgh and Lothians area.

As a registered charity, they rescue and rehome abandoned, unwanted, and abused cats and kittens. They advise on various feline welfare issues, neutering, vaccination schemes, home visiting, and hazardous trapping programs for stray cats.

To adopt a cat from Lothian Cat Rescue in Scotland, you must fill out an application form and arrange a home visit. After that, you’ll need to provide references, sign adoption agreements, and pay an adoption fee.

The adoption fee contributes to vaccinating, worming, and neutering the cats and kittens. You can find more detailed information about the adoption process by visiting the Lothian Cat Rescue website.

Lothian Cat Rescue Details:

2. Cats Protection Glasgow Adoption Centre


Cats Protection Glasgow Adoption Centre is a great place to find a new furry family member and provides a wide range of services for cats and kittens.

The cats and kittens that come to the Centre have been neutered, micro-chipped, and vaccinated before they are available for adoption, and the Centre provides resources to help you choose the right cat for your family. They have all different types of cat breeds, including Maine Coons and Ragdoll cats to rescue.

The Centre staff is also on hand to answer any questions or concerns. The Centre also offers various services, such as adoption events, pet care advice, behavior workshops, and other activities.

Cats Protection Glasgow Adoption Centre Details:

3. Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue UK


Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue is a nonprofit organization in Scotland committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming cats and kittens in the UK.

They take in cats and kittens from various sources, including strays, hoarders, and abandoned pets. Sunny Harbour offers medical care, socialization, and a lifetime of love and care for every cat and kitten in their care.

The adoption process at Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue starts with an adoption application. Once the application is received, staff review it and contact you to set up a meeting or a home visit when possible.

During the adoption process, they check your history with cats and explain their medical and psychological history.

They will also provide information about responsible cat guardianship and explain the cat’s medical, behavioral, and dietary needs. Once the adoption is complete, the cat will join your family!

Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue Details:

4. South Ayrshire Cats Protection


South Ayrshire Cats Protection is an independent, nonprofit charity dedicated to rescuing and rehoming cats in South Ayrshire. Their mission is to provide the best care for every cat.

They offer a safe, secure home for all cats in need, as well as access to veterinary care and any other essentials needed to ensure their health. They are also committed to educating potential adopters on the best way to be a responsible cat guardian.

South Ayrshire Cats Protection Details:

5. Edinburgh Cat Protection League


The Edinburgh Cat Protection League is a Scottish charity devoted to providing shelter and support for cats and kittens in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The League has worked for many years to ensure that all stray cats and kittens receive the best possible care and protection. The League is open to members of the public and welcomes volunteer support for its work.

The Edinburgh Cat Protection League website provides information about the charity’s services, upcoming events, and the adoption process.

Edinburgh Cat Protection League Details:

6. Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary


Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary is a registered charity that rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes cats in Scotland. They take in cats from various backgrounds; abandoned, injured, or neglected.

They provide a compassionate, caring place for cats until they can be placed in a forever home. They also offer educational programs and resources to help people better understand their cats, as well as how to provide the best care for them.

Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary Details:

7. Perth Cats Protection United Kingdom


Perth’s Cats Protection is a local charity based in Perth, Scotland, dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray and abandoned cats. They also run a neutering campaign to help tackle the issue of the overpopulation of cats in the Perthshire area.

A typical year involves rehoming 250 cats and kittens. The organization helps domestic and feral cats by offering free neutering to prevent the population from spiraling out of control.

They primarily have older cats over the age of two. A cat can live until around 18 years old on average, and some live into their 20s, so a cat that is ten years old still has many good years ahead of it.

Perth Cats Protection Details:

Cats in Scotland


Adopting a cat is a big responsibility, but it can also bring you plenty of joy. With proper preparation and research, you can make the process less stressful.

Adopting a cat is a lifelong commitment, so it is essential to be educated on caring for cats. Preparing a space in your home for your cat and gathering the necessary supplies are crucial steps in the adoption process.

Researching different breeds, behaviors, and costs associated with cat ownership will help you make the best decisions for yourself and your cat.

Before you bring your cat home, please consult with a veterinarian to learn more about its specific health and dietary needs. Taking steps to ensure your cat is healthy and happy is the key to a successful adoption!

How to Choose a Cat Rescue in Scotland?


The best way to choose a cat rescue is to research the organizations in your area and see which ones have the best reviews and positive feedback.

Spend some time learning about each rescue, and make sure to ask any questions you might have about the cats, their care, and the adoption process.

Once you’ve found a rescue you feel comfortable with, visit their facility and speak with the staff and volunteers. This will help you feel confident that you are making the best decision for you and the cats.

When it comes to selecting a cat rescue, make sure to read through their policies, procedures, and adoption guidelines.

You may also want to find out if they offer any post-adoption support and ask any questions you might have about the cats they have available.

Additionally, it’s essential to make sure the rescue you choose is financially sound and that the cats they have available are healthy and well cared for.

Once you’ve selected a rescue you’re comfortable with, make arrangements with them ahead of time to have your cat or kitten seen by a vet.

Where do you find a cat rescue?


You can check with your local animal shelters to see if they have any cats up for adoption.

Most of them have websites and social media pages that you can use to find out more about the cats they have available. You can also search online for cat rescues in your area.

You could also look into volunteering at an animal shelter. Many shelters need volunteers to help care for the cats in their care, and volunteering can be a great way to meet cats and find a forever home.

If you’re interested in adopting a kitten, most shelters also have kitten fostering programs that can be a great way to spend quality time with kittens and get them ready for adoption.

Conclusion For “Best Cat Rescues in Scotland”


When adopting a cat from a rescue, it is essential to do some research. Talk to the people at the rescue, ask them what the adoption process looks like, and learn about the cats available for adoption.

Consider looking at online reviews to understand the rescue’s reputation. Finally, bring the cat to a vet for a checkup to ensure it is healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations. Good luck with your search!

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