Do Labradoodles Get Along with Cats? Do They Like Them? (2024)

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“Dogs and cats living together…. Mass Hysteria!” Peter Venkman – GhostBuster

Was Bill Murray right in Ghostbusters when he said that?  Can dogs get along with their feline friends? Specifically:

Do Labradoodles get along with cats?

Labradoodles have a good likelihood of getting along with cats.  Labradoodles are a mix of Labradors and Poodles, both of which tend to get along with cats.  If possible, bring both animals into contact in a controlled environment and note the reactions.

Of course, each dog and cat is an individual, and a lot can depend on the parents.  If possible you will want to find out how they have been raised and how they have been socialized.  Even taking all of that into account, you’ll have to introduce them within a controlled environment to make sure. But what else can we take into account?

Breed traits, socialization, individual temperament, how your cat handles new animals, and how you yourself handle the situation.

Bred to Get Along

Labradoodles are notably easy going in temperament.  That fact gives you great chances of your dog cohabitating peacefully with cats.  As a mix of Labs and Poodles, you have two dogs known to get along well with other animals in the house.

Labrador Retrievers are an intelligent and outgoing breed, known for being gentle and accommodating.  A great breed for co-existing with cats.

Poodles are another intelligent breed that typically does well with cats.  In most cases, they will not chase or hurt cats.

Mixed breeds as a general class are varied, but considering the two parents’ temperaments, you are likely to have good results with a Labradoodle.  There are certainly a few things that will tip the odds even more in your favor.

Making Room For The New Family Member  

Let’s cover the following situations:

  1. Adding a Labradoodle puppy to a family with a cat
  2. Adding a full-grown Labradoodle dog to a family with a cat
  3. Adding a cat to a family with a Labradoodle adult or puppy

Adding a Labradoodle Puppy to a Family with a Cat

If you’re adding a Labradoodle puppy with no history of interaction with cats, you’ll just want to bring them in contact in a controlled environment.  The reaction of the cat to your new puppy will tell the story. Labradoodle puppies can socialize with other animals very well. Especially if exposed at a young age.  Of course, each puppy is an individual so to be sure you’ll introduce them carefully.

Adding an Older Labradoodle

A grown dog is still likely to get along well with cats under good conditions, however, in this case, you’ll be introducing something new to her so it’s more of a question.  Questions to ask is how is her temperament in general? Can we introduce her to other dogs and cats and see how she reacts? If this is your dog and you’ve had him for a long time, you’ll have a good sense of how he will react.  If you’re adopting a grown Labradoodle, see what you can find out about his history. Perhaps he’s already lived with cats or, conversely, had problems with them.  Again you’ll always want to introduce them to cats first when at all possible

Bringing a Cat Home to Your Family Labradoodle

If you already have a Labradoodle, you will have a great idea of his temperament.  You’ll hopefully have had opportunities to see how they interact with cats and dogs.  If you’re dealing with a puppy, you can introduce her to socializing with other cats and really increase chances of them getting along. Of course, a lot depends on the cat, too!  So just because your Labradoodle does well you will need to introduce him to the new cat to be sure.

What Do I Need To Do?

So you’ve introduced them and now you’re ready to move forward.  What’s the ongoing maintenance of this relationship?

Monitor your pets!

One thing to be mindful of is you are responsible for the care and well being of all animals in your charge.  Keeping an eye on new members of the family is an important part of keeping them healthy and safe. First interactions should be under conditions where you can control the animals should things not go as planned.  Having one person responsible for each animal is ideal, making sure to separate them if needed. This is not to say you have to be constantly present all hours of the day in perpetuity.  You just want to establish that your pets get along well and will not seriously hurt each other.  They may have a friendly play and there is no reason to overreact to that. Your goal here is to just watch initial reactions and, once you see they can get along well, keep an eye out for any problems that crop up.

Keeping yourself Calm

Remember that pets can sense your tension and nerves in many cases.  If you’re apprehensive, they might take those signals, and things would be more tense than necessary. Being calm and optimistic will go a long way in making that first interaction as easy as possible.  Remember, in the Labradoodle, you have a breed known to be sweet and friendly. In all likelihood, they will get along well with your cat or kitten.  Especially as a puppy, early socialization with other animals is optimal.

Interacting with your pets

Cats might be a bit more aloof and independent, but your Labradoodle needs your attention and affection.  So make sure you’re including her in your day. If you are just getting a new kitten or cat, it’s natural to give them a lot of attention.  Let your dog be a part of that. Maybe they can play a game together. Failing that, you’ll just want to be sure you’re not neglecting either of them.

Related Questions

Do Labradoodles get along well with other dogs?

Yes, Labradoodles typically get along well with other dogs.  This is especially true if they have had previous exposure to other dogs in their life.:  parents, littermates, or other dogs in the area or household.

Are Labradoodles aggressive?

No.  This breed was not bred for aggression and comes from breeds that are known to be gentle and easy-going.  Each Labradoodle is an individual, of course, so you’ll have to judge this on a case by case basis. Proper training and socialization will help them develop.

So is the Labradoodle the right fit for your home?

Maybe you already have some cats in the home or are thinking of getting some down the line.  You did the right thing by researching your options and landing on the Labradoodle as an excellent choice! Making sure your pets can get along well together is absolutely something you’ll want to do before making a commitment.  With a bit of time to adjust, a Labradoodle can easily transition into a home with another family pet.

Remember:  Labradoodles all have their own personality.  Just like any breed of dog or cat! Labradors and Poodles, as a breed, both do well with other pets, so this mix seems ideal.