5 Best English Bulldog Breeders in Maryland! (2024)


Looking for reputable English Bulldog breeders in Maryland to help you find your perfect furry companion?

You’ll only find a handful of options within this area. With some added investigation, you’ll be able to bring home your pup of choice pretty soon.

If you love English Bulldogs, you’ll know that these wrinkly and lovable dogs are prone to some health issues.

These range from respiratory problems to skin infections. Therefore, it’s quite important to prioritize a breeder dedicated to producing healthy puppies over milling them for business.

Here is a list of ethical breeders where you can find English Bulldog puppies in Maryland:

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1. Capital Rare Bulldogs


Capital Rare Bulldogs is among the most reputable breeders of English Bulldog puppies for sale in Maryland. They are a ten-year-old establishment specializing in breeding and stud services for Bulldogs.

Here’s a bit about their breeding standards: Their parent English Bulldogs are AKC registered and have proof of pedigree. Their puppies are checked for purity, fully vaccinated, and embedded with microchips.

All puppies receive thorough vet checkups up until the day of their adoption, right before they leave the facility. They also provide new owners with a helpful puppy starter pack to assist in raising their pups during the early days.

Capital Rare Bulldogs Details:

  • Location: Capital Bullie Drive, Accokeek, Maryland 20607
  • Phone Number: 240-682-0997
  • Social Media: Instagram

2. Blue Ribbon Bulldogs


Blue Ribbon Bulldogs is another reputable breeder of English Bulldogs in Maryland, with over ten years of experience in the field.

Blue Ribbon Bulldogs only sells AKC-registered English Bulldogs.

They partner with various organizations for their dogs’ placement and have policies to ensure their puppies are placed in responsible and loving homes.

You’ll find plenty more information on all their Bulldogs on their website. They are dedicated to responsible breeding. Their puppy placement program also showcases their love for their English Bulldogs.

Here’s how you can connect with them:

Blue Ribbon Bulldogs Details:

3. Homegrown Country Bulldogs


Homegrown Country Bulldogs is another place you’ll find English Bulldog puppies for sale. They are located in Colonial Beach and Maryland.

This is a breeder that breeds show English Bulldogs. Producing show-quality dogs was the legacy of its former owner, Joseph Midgett.

John Reeves has since taken over the business, but the new owner is just as dedicated to breeding high-pedigree show dogs.

Reeves bought a litter from Midgett’s original English Bulldogs, so one can see that the available pups come from a high lineage.

The breeder has a waitlist, which you can place yourself on through email (listed below).

Here is their contact information:

English Bulldog Puppy Details:

  • Generation: Homegrown Novi with Valiants Cole
  • Size: Standard

Homegrown Country Bulldogs Details:

4. Bayside Bullies


Bayside Bullies is a small-scale, family-based breeder located in central Maryland. Their English Bulldogs are all AKC-registered.

Bayside Bullies claim not just to want to be a dog breeder. They want to ensure they play a part in improving the breed overall through their high breeding standards.

They want to encourage ethical breeding practices in the wider industry.

They breed only luxury companion bulldogs. They ensure all their dogs have superior pedigree by breeding only the best in healthy parent bulldogs. They are keen on temperament training as well.

Bayside Bullies hand-raise each puppy in their home and are given initial crate and potty training.

All puppies come with AKC registration papers and vaccination certificates. They also come with a dewormer and are microchipped.

Bayside also provides a 1-year health guarantee and lifelong breeder support. They seem to be amongst the more trusted English Bulldog breeders in Maryland.

Here is how you can get in touch with them:

English Bulldog Puppy Details:

  • Generation: Lilac Tri Purebred
  • Size: Standard

Bayside Bullies Details:

5. Maryland Pride Bulldogs


Maryland’s Pride English Bulldogs is a small family breeding program in Owings Mills, Maryland. All their dogs are AKC-registered and have championship bloodlines.

Their breeding program focuses on producing healthy and conformationally correct bulldogs.

They pride themselves in their puppies being well-socialized. To do so, they create a family-like environment so they can learn to live with families from an early age.

Maryland’s Pride English Bulldogs also offers a 1-year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support for their puppies. They are active on social media and post updates on their bulldog puppies.

Here is their contact information:

Maryland Pride Bulldogs Details:

How to Choose English Bulldog Breeders in Maryland


As you’ll soon know, it’s not easy to find English Bulldog puppies for sale in Maryland.

The ones available in the state are far and few (if they are from ethical breeders). You may have to travel or have one of the breeders responsibly ship your pup to you.

In these cases, here are some more tips on how you can pick the best breeder:

  • We’ve provided a list of breeders registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). If you find a breeder outside the list, ensure they follow the AKC-approved breeding standards.
  • Read online reviews to see what people’s experience with them has been like. You could also try messaging the reviewers.
  • Choose a breeder that doesn’t “blind-sell,” which allows you to meet the dogs before committing.
  • Ask about the breeder’s health testing and vaccination practice; ask for documentation.
  • If you want the dog to be shipped, also ask about how safe and humane their shipping practices are.
  • Look for a breeder who is passionate about the breed and is committed to improving it.
  • Ask about the breeder’s socialization practices. Puppies introduced to people and other animals are prone to be better tempered than those bred and raised in mills.
  • Ask many questions about health testing practices. A responsible breeder will test their breeding dogs for common health issues and will provide you with the paperwork.

It is a good idea to be as selective as possible as this would be for the dog’s best health.

More Information About English Bulldogs in Maryland


Now that you’ve narrowed down your search for English Bulldog puppies in Maryland, let’s help you learn more about what they’re like so you’re prepared.

Here are some fun facts about the breed:

  • English Bulldogs are one of the oldest dog breeds, first bred in England in the 1500s.
  • Sadly, they were originally bred for the cruel bull-baiting sport, which was soon outlawed.
  • Although they have a tough exterior, English Bulldogs are big softies! They are affectionate and gentle dogs.
  • Other than their wrinkly face and short nose, they are also known for their distinctive underbite.
  • English Bulldogs have a strong sense of loyalty and are known for their stubbornness. Sometimes, this means more work for training!
  • English Bulldogs are often used as mascots! In fact, they are the mascot of the British Bulldog Breed Council.
  • Because of their short snouts, they have breathing difficulties. Thus, they do not do well in hot climates and can often suffer from heatstroke. If you plan to take them to hot weather, keep them cool and well-hydrated.
  • English Bulldogs are notorious for being couch potatoes. They just love napping! This is why you must ensure they exercise regularly to maintain their weight and health.
  • The English Bulldog’s distinctive look has made them popular in pop culture, appearing in movies like Tom and Jerry and the animated series Looney Tunes.
  • Despite their sometimes comical appearance, English Bulldogs have a history of bravery and were used as war dogs during World War I. They were even used as mascots for military regiments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are English bulldogs easy to potty train?

English Bulldogs do well with patient, continuous training. They may not pick up on potty training as quickly as other breeds.

How long can an English Bulldog hold its pee?

Not very long. After six hours, they usually need to go.

Does rubbing a dog’s nose in pee work?

No, this does not work as well as positive reinforcement.

Where Are the Best English Bulldog Breeders in Maryland?


In conclusion, English Bulldog breeders in Maryland are a little hard to find, especially if you’re trying to be a responsible pet parent.

But even though they are not many, you must be particular about picking a breeder with the best practice.

Read up more on health problems English Bulldogs face from poor breeding practices, and you’ll understand precisely why you need to err on caution.

English Bulldogs make a loveable companion, so give them a good shot at a fulfilling life. Make an informed choice and pick your future pup from an ethical breeder like the ones mentioned above.

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