6 Best English Bulldog Breeders in Illinois! (2024)


Looking for English Bulldog breeders in Illinois? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Friendly, courageous, and low-maintenance – the English Bulldogs make great family pets for homeowners and apartment dwellers alike.

Like all other dogs in the dog kingdom, Bulldogs also have a few issues. For instance, they’re not known to be the healthiest breed and may be prone to several health issues.

Moreover, some pet owners also find them to be challenging to train. However, both issues can be avoided if you choose a reliable breeder!

If you’ve decided the Bulldog is the right pet for you, the next step is to find a trustworthy breeder in your area who you can rely on to follow the required breed standards.

With countless breeders in the dog market, it is not uncommon to stumble on breeders that neglect the mental and physical well-being of the dogs under their care or use unethical breeding practices.

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1. Pam’s English Bulldogs


Pam’s English Bulldogs is a small breeder highly focused on the quality of their dogs. All their dogs are AKC-registered Bulldogs that conform to the AKC registration Bulldog standard.

Their puppies are home-raised with one litter at a time, so they all receive the utmost care and attention from the owners.

All dog parents are DNA tested for specific health issues to avoid any genetic diseases from being inherited by the puppies.

You can view the currently available puppies here.

All the puppies under the care of Pam’s English Bulldogs are up-to-date on their vaccination shots, dewormed, checked by a licensed veterinarian, and well-socialized so they can easily adjust to any lifestyle and home.

You will also receive your puppy with a veterinarian health pamphlet, a one-year health guarantee against any life-threatening health condition, and an AKC litter registration form.

Moreover, a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve your puppy.

Pam’s English Bulldogs prefer to sell their dogs in person. So, you must meet with the breeder in an agreed-upon public place to bring your puppy home.

You can contact the breeder through email or text for any queries about their English Bulldog puppies for sale in Illinois or the adoption process.

Pam’s English Bulldogs Details:

2. Ace Bulldogs Chicago


Ace Bulldogs, located in Chicago, breeds high-quality English and French Bulldogs that would make the perfect addition to every home they visit.

Their love for Bulldogs is backed by over 70+ years of hands-on experience with Bulldogs.

The puppies at Ace Bulldogs Chicago are raised by all seven family members in the breeder’s home.

Every family member participates in the puppies’ daily nurturing and care. All puppies are well-socialized, healthy, and come with excellent temperaments.

The dogs are also updated on their shots, dewormed, microchipped, and have a health guarantee. So, you don’t need to worry about how healthy your puppy will be and can adopt it without any concerns.

You can view the currently available puppies here. If you come across an English Bulldog puppy you’d like to adopt, you contact the breeder through the contact details mentioned below.

However, no puppies will be placed on hold without a deposit/retainer fee. The retainer fee for the puppies is fixed at $500.

You can also read family testimonials from the breeder’s previous customers here.

Ace Bulldogs Chicago is among the best English Bulldog breeders in Illinois. So, if you encounter an English Bulldog you’d like to bring home, waste no time reaching out to the breeder!

Ace Bulldogs Chicago Details:

3. Cheeseman English Bulldogs


Another great option to consider if you’re looking for English Bulldog puppies for sale in Illinois is Cheeseman English Bulldogs.

They breed high-quality and registered puppies raised near their home in a comfortable and secure environment.

All the puppies also receive daily socialization as they’re raised in a family home. You can view the upcoming puppy litter here.

If you come across an English Bulldog, you’d like to adopt, you can reserve it with a non-refundable deposit of $500. Prices of the Bulldogs range from $2250 to $4500.

All puppies come with a one-year health guarantee against genetic conditions. If you’re interested in adopting your Bulldog puppy from Cheeseman English Bulldogs, you can contact them via the contact details mentioned below.

Ask the breeder about the vaccination and deworming status of the puppies you purchase.

You can also choose to meet the puppy in person before adopting if you have any concerns regarding the adoption process if the breeder permits.

Cheeseman English Bulldogs Details:

4. It’s a Bulldog Thing


If you’re looking for English Bulldog puppies in Illinois, look no further than It’s a Bulldog Thing.

With an experience of over 20 years, the breeder has produced and raised healthy Bulldogs with great temperaments that adjust easily to every home.

All the dogs are raised in a safe and healthy setting and receive the utmost nurture, care, and attention from their owners. These precious dogs are loyal, affectionate, and highly intelligent.

You can view the currently available puppies here. Moreover, you can view the whole run-down of their Bulldog pedigree and past puppies on their website.

It’s a Bulldog Thing Details:

5. Blackhawk Bulldogs


Located in McNabb, Illinois – Blackhawk Bulldogs breeds Bulldogs with standard and rare colors. They focus more on the quality of the puppies they produce than quantity.

All the puppies are raised with the utmost care and affection by the owners and are ensured to receive regular socialization.

You can view the puppies that are currently available by clicking here. You will be provided with the documentation of the vaccinations received by the puppy, along with other pertinent medical information performed.

Blackhawk Bulldogs will also provide the AKC registration application when you pick up your puppy.

You can read more about the policies and contract information of the puppies here.

Blackhawk Bulldogs Details:

6. Angel’s English Bulldogs


One of the best English Bulldog breeders in Illinois is Angel’s English Bulldogs. It breeds and raises English Bulldogs that are healthy, loving, and come with calm temperaments.

The puppies are hand-raised and play in clean, safe, and healthy environments where all their needs and wants are properly met.

All of their puppies are also up-to-date on their shots, health checked before being adopted and come with a health guarantee.

So, you can be assured you will only be getting a healthy and fit puppy! You can view the puppies currently up for sale by clicking here.

You can contact the breeder and inform them about the gender and color of the puppy you’d prefer.

This will make it easier for them to match you with a puppy of your choice! You can also contact the breeder regarding any queries or questions by filling out the form on their website.

If you come across a puppy you’d be interested in adopting, you can contact the breeder for the contact details mentioned below.

Angel’s English Bulldogs Details:

How to Choose English Bulldog Breeders in Illinois


If you’re finding it challenging to finalize a breeder to adopt your English Bulldog, you’re not the only one. With countless Bulldog breeders in Illinois, deciding which breeder to pick can be difficult.

As a future dog parent, your only priority when purchasing a Bulldog should be the health of your future pet. And only a reliable and ethical breeder will ensure the puppies under its care are physically and mentally healthy.

But how can you know which breeder is ethical in their breeding practices and can be considered reliable? Here are some qualities you should look for in your preferred breeder:

  • Health Guarantee: A good breeder must provide a minimum one-year health guarantee against any genetic defects for the puppy, along with necessities such as vaccinations and deworming.
  • Socialization: A good breeder must also ensure all puppies under its care have been well-socialized. This can be done by ensuring the puppies have regular interactions with kids if the puppies are home-raised or raised and trained with other puppies or pets.
  • Encourage Visits: The breeder should not discourage you from visiting the facility where the puppies were raised. Visiting the facility where your future puppy is being kept can give you a good idea regarding the environment the breeder nurtures for the puppies under its care. The facility must be clean, with plenty of areas for the puppies to be comfortable and play around.

More Information About English Bulldogs in Illinois


Bulldogs are precious puppies that require their owners’ utmost attention and care. Crucial information you should know about your Bulldog before you bring it home is as follows:

  • Exercise Needs: Although the exercise needs of every Bulldog may vary, for most Bulldogs, around 20 minutes of exercise every day is enough. Exercise can include walking, playing fetch, wrestling, and more.
  • Cost of ownership: According to Hepper, the average monthly bill of an English Bulldog can come out to be around $60 to $800. However, this can be more or less, depending on whether your Bulldog has specific health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Bulldog aggressive or not?

Bulldogs are not aggressive at all. They are more lazy than prone to fight.

Are Bulldogs good family pets?

Bulldogs are excellent family pets that love playing with children.

Can Bulldogs be left alone?

Bulldogs can be left alone for around four to six hours. They have small bladders, so they will need to go to the bathroom afterwards.

Where Are the Best English Bulldog Breeders in Illinois?


Illinois has several English Bulldog breeders you can choose from. All the breeders mentioned above are reliable and reputable and can be trusted to produce healthy Bulldog puppies you’d adore having around.

We wish you the best of luck in finding yourself an English Bulldog!

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