10 Best Cat Breeders in Ottawa – Find Local Cat Breeders Near You! (2024)


In this guide, you will find some of the best cat breeders in Ottawa. We have also included a link to their website and social media if they have one, along with details like phone numbers and email ids.

This will ease the process of contacting these top-rated and reliable cat breeders near you in Ottawa and nearby areas.

You will surely find healthy kittens for sale near you in Ottawa in one of the catteries listed below. These breeders conduct various health tests on their cats and follow the code of ethics laid down by various Cat Clubs.

We have even included breeders of popular cat breeds, including Bengal Cats, Ragdolls, British Shorthairs, Sphynx, Siamese, Burmese, etc. That way, there is something for every cat lover.

It is still important that you thoroughly research and screen the breeder you choose to work with, to ensure they only use ethical breeding practices.

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Best Cat Breeders in Ottawa

1. Ottawa Bengals


First on the list of the best cat breeders in Ottawa, Canada, is Ottawa Bengals. Ottawa Bengals cattery does not have a website but they are highly responsive on their Facebook page.

All their Bengal cats are TICA registered (TICA stands for The International Cat Association), and they are also vaccinated and wormed. This breeder also keeps fertile females to sell to catteries that have breeding rights.

Ottawa Bengal breeder encourages ethical breeding practices and is also available to mentor people who want to start their own catteries.

The best part is that they recently have a litter, so check them out for available kittens:

Ottawa Bengals Details:

2. Greely Blue Cattery


Owners Ewa and Jeff of Greely Blue are reputed breeders of British Shorthair cats. They imported their first breeding female (a beauty named Gracie) from Poland. So, you are assured of the best bloodlines.

Ewa and Jeff believe in keeping small litters and focus all their loving attention on their kittens.

Each kitten goes to her/his forever home with all initial vaccinations, deworming, and a care package consisting of a blanket, toys, food, etc.

Contact them on the details below:

Greely Blue Cattery Details:

3. Bengal Castle Ottawa


Looking for Bengal cats in Ottawa? Look no further than Bengal Castle! This is a highly reputed breeder of Bengal cats. They make sure to feed their cats a healthy diet and give each one the best vet attention, love, and care!

The owners of Bengal Castle are proud of their cats and kittens, which is why each kitty is TICA registered, dewormed, and vaccinated. They even provide a two-year health warranty for each cat.

The breeders at Bengal Castle are proud of their ethical breeding practices and strive to help clients find cats that are best suited for their lifestyles. They take cat breeding very seriously which is evident in their clean and well-maintained facilities and healthy cats.

Find out more on the details below:

Bengal Castle Details:

4. Pure Bengals


Bengal cats are a popular breed in Ottawa, and it is legal to keep one as a pet provided you register your cat/s with the TICA and have them vaccinated.

Pure Bengals is a family-owned cattery in Ottawa that has been keeping Bengals for several years. They only breed a handful of Bengals each year, which yields healthy kittens.

Their cats are socialized with kids and other cats. They are also fully litter box/housetrained. They even test their breeding stock for PRA-b, FIV, PKD, and FeLV to ensure healthy offspring!

Their breeding program is hyper-focused on healthy, happy, and cutting-edge Bengal cats with large colorful rosettes.

Their sale contract includes a 2-year health guarantee, TICA registration papers, 30-day pet insurance, deworming/vaccination records, microchip, transition food, litter, and toys.

The Bengal Cat breed is an excellent indoor cat, so if you are looking to keep one, then contact Pure Bengals today. While they are in Ottawa, they also serve the Quebec and Toronto areas.

Pure Bengals Details:

5. Darlin Lil Dolls


Gail and Ashley Arthur of Darlin’ Lil’ Dolls are popular Ragdoll cat breeders in Navan Ontario, located 30 minutes from downtown Ottawa.

They have an elaborate process of breeding to ensure healthy cat offspring. Each breeding cat is carefully chosen for health and quality.

Kittens are raised in special nurseries until they are 3 weeks of age. They are also socialized with kids and other cats. They have a free run of the house and stay with the Arthur family until 14 weeks of age.

Each kitten is sent home with a TICA registration, vaccinations, deworming, basic care package, etc.

Darlin Lil Dolls Details:

6. Sphynx Canada Kittens


Susan M – the founder of Sphynx Canada has been breeding Sphinxes for more than 30 years. She has shipped hundreds of cats to their loving homes throughout Canada and parts of North America.

Sphynx Canada cats are also registered with the CFA or Cat Fanciers Association which is the largest cat breeding registry in Canada.

Susan raises all her kittens and cats on a raw diet as she is a holistic animal practitioner with immense knowledge about cat diet and nutrition.

All Sphynx Canada cats are guaranteed for three years against HCM, and Susan hopes to eradicate this deadly disease from the breed by following ethical breeding practices.

Sphynx Canada Kittens Details:

7. Mindeelyn Siberians


Siberian cats are known for their hypoallergenic qualities and make excellent pets for people with pet allergies.

Mindeelyn Siberians is a small cattery located in Durham, Ontario. They started in 2002 and are the longest continually running cattery of hypoallergenic Siberian cats in Eastern Canada. They are also proud members of TICA and live up to their code of ethics.

Mindeelyn Siberians use the best champion lines of Siberians in their breeding program. All their kitties are kept with immense love and attention. They are in Ontario but offer pick-up or shipping facility for people in Ottawa.

Ontario Siberian kitties come with 1-year health insurance, and they are also vaccinated, wormed, and health checked before going to their forever homes. Their facility is certified FIV, Leukemia, and ringworm free.

Mindeelyn Siberians Details:

8. Ayuthaya Siamese


Are you interested in the mystical and magical Siamese cat breed? These ancient cats bring their own mythology and become the soul of the home they go to!

Susan Perkins started Ayuthaya Siamese – a small cattery in Ontario, way back in the late 1990s. The word Ayuthaya is Thai for moon diamond or jewel. They keep only grand Champion lines, regional and national winner lines, and distinguished Merit lines.

Ms. Perkins specializes in the Siamese cat breed and breeds for health, temperament, and the highest quality. All her cats are CFA registered.

Ayuthaya Siamese cats are never caged and are always treated as treasured members of the Perkins household.

You are guaranteed health, beauty, and a stable temperament when you choose to buy a beautiful Siamese cat from Ayuthaya.

Ayuthaya Siamese Details:

9. Maple Bengals


Yukee Loke of Maple Bengals is a TICA-registered breeder of Bengal cats in Ottawa. She is extremely passionate about the Bengal breed – so, all her kittens are raised indoors in a special cat-proof area.

Her studs and queens are checked for FIV/FeLV/Coronavirus, PKDef, PRA, and HCM and you can see these results on the Maple Bengals website.

Ms. Loke ensures that her kittens are only sold to people looking for house pets. Therefore, she only sells based on microchipping and spaying/neutering contract. She ships her kittens worldwide.

Check out litter availability on the links below:

Maple Bengals Details:

10. Seasedge Burmese & Bombay Cats


Theo Mitchell, the owner of Seasedge Burmese and Bombay Cats, is a passionate breeder of these two fabulous cat breeds – Bombay Cats and Burmese Cats.

He has been actively showing in American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) and the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) and is a member of both.

Seasedge Burmese & Bombay Cats Details:

How To Choose the Best Cat Breeders in Ottawa?


Your search for healthy kittens for sale in Ottawa should begin with a list of reputed cat breeders in Ottawa.

When you shortlist a breeder, go through their website and ensure they are members of the TICA or CFA, or breed-specific feline clubs. They should strictly uphold the breeding code and ethics laid down by these cat associations.

Check out their past litters and see if they have displayed health certificates for their breeding cats. It is extremely important that their cats are cleared for FIV/FeLV/Coronavirus, PKDef, PRA, and HCM.

It is a good idea to call your shortlisted cat breeders in Ottawa before zeroing in on one. The breeders should ask you several questions about your household and must show genuine interest in your lifestyle. This will help you assess their love and care for their kittens.

Conclusion For “List of Cat Breeders in Ottawa – Find Local Cat Breeders Near You”


There are many cat breeders serving Ottawa and the nearby areas. But it is important to do your research about the catteries and, if possible, visit them too.

This is important to prevent buying kittens from unethical backyard breeders who breed only for profit.

The above list of top-rated cat breeders in Ottawa is a good place to start your search because they are in good standing with various clubs and have great testimonials from real buyers.

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