6 Best Cat Rescues in Calgary, Canada! (2024)


Thinking about rescuing a cat and adding another furball to your household? Good for you! 

Rescuing a cat can also help to reduce overpopulation and alleviate suffering. Cats that are not spayed or neutered can reproduce quickly, leading to an excess of stray or feral cats.

These cats may not receive proper medical care or attention and may suffer from malnutrition, illness, or injury. 

If you’re looking for a reputable cat rescue in Calgary where you could potentially find your new feline buddy, here are some rescues that you might want to check with! 

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1. The Meow Foundation 


First on the list of the best cat rescues in Calgary is The MEOW Foundation. The MEOW Foundation is a Calgary-based rescue that has been helping and placing stray and abandoned cats in new, caring homes since 2000. It is a recognized charity and humane organization dedicated to cats with a no-kill philosophy.

They aim to rescue and assist stray and abandoned cats in getting new, loving permanent homes. They work hard to find the ideal home for each MEOW cat based on his or her behavior, background, habits, and particular requirements.

MEOW Foundation, in addition to our Rescue and Adoption programs, provides a subsidized Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), Cat Food Assistance Program, and Trap Neuter Return (TNR) Program. 

To encourage responsible pet ownership and address the issue of pet overpopulation, the MEOW Foundation also provides the general public with information on cat care and spay and neuter procedures.

Their volunteers and staff are devoted to delivering the finest care to every cat and the best services to their supporters.

The Foundation is certain that their commitment and the kindness of people all across the world will lead to the development of a society that values the animals with which we share the earth. 

MEOW Foundation has established itself as a pillar of the Calgary nonprofit sector. MEOW volunteers are still actively working with the group, donating their time to promote the organization’s purpose.

Please contact the information below if you are interested in volunteering, adopting, or donating.

The Meow Foundation Details:

2. The Feline Rescue Foundation Of Alberta (FRFA) 


The Feline Rescue Foundation of Alberta (FRFA) is a licensed organization in Calgary that rescues, rehabs, and rehomes cats living as strays. They think that all abandoned cats are worthy of safety, love, and care. It is also a no-kill group.

FRFA is fully dependent on donations, grants, and fundraising activities, and the vast bulk of this money is allocated to veterinary treatment and essentials like food and litter.

All cats sent to this charity receive veterinarian care if they are hurt or unwell. Before being placed for adoption they get their ID tattooed, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered.

Like most rescue groups, they believe (rightly so!) that spaying or neutering is the fair and cost-effective solution to reduce animal suffering, severe overcrowding, and other issues linked with homeless cats.

Please check the website for updates on cats’ availability.

The Feline Rescue Foundation Of Alberta (FRFA) Details:

3. The Happy Cat Sanctuary Society Of Alberta 


Like many other rescues, the Happy Cat Sanctuary Society of Alberta is a nonprofit organization that is entirely funded by donations and charitable contributions.

This organization serves as a rescue, adoption, and sanctuary for neglected, homeless, and stray cats and kittens. 

This organization is managed entirely by volunteers. They have an excellent network of foster homes and two private entities. 

This group is committed to its therapeutic interventions, which are far from simple. But, with the help of some excellent veterinarians, they are capable of doing some truly astounding services.

Rescue cats are available for adoption on the foundation website. In addition, some of their cats are housed at Pet Valu in Strathmore, and at the PetSmart Sunridge branch in Northeast Calgary. 

Check the website below or contact on given details for further information regarding adoption and donations.

The Happy Cat Sanctuary Society Of Alberta Details:

4. The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) 


Founded in 1995, the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) of Alberta is an animal rescue organization that helps both cats and dogs across the province. 

Much like other rescue agencies, ARF is a volunteer-based and legally recognized non-profit charity organization. They seek to rescue stray and unwanted dogs and cats from rural regions and low-income neighborhoods and place them in loving, forever homes. 

Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) provides care, stability, medical aid, and interventions to animals in need of critical care. They also provide initiatives to prevent pet overpopulation which is the main cause of neglect toward pets.

Because ARF does not have a permanent shelter, all rescued animals are housed with foster parents. They are responsible for finding temporary foster homes for abandoned pets until they can find permanent homes for them.

By doing so they have time to locate the ideal fit between rescued dogs and cats and their prospective adoptive family. They also provide food and medical care in these temporary homes.

ARF has saved almost 5,300 dogs and 3,500 cats to date, and there is a lot more to do.

If you would like to contribute to any of their services, please contact the relevant individual using the information provided below.

The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) Details:

5. Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) 


A small group of people started the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) in 2006 to improve the lives of animals. Since then, it has expanded into a huge network of volunteers, foster homes, and sponsors. 

They now have over 2,000 volunteers across the state, with a headquarters in Calgary and a new rescue and adoption center in Edmonton. They have volunteers of all ages, from children to retirees, who are all working to make the world more animal-friendly.

AARCS started by rescuing and rehoming homeless, abandoned, and surrendered animals. So far they have placed more than 30,000 animals in new, devoted homes. 

AARCS has also built the AARCS Veterinary Hospital on-site at Safe Haven Shelter, Calgary in May 2017. It was the first facility of this sort for animal rescue in Alberta.

This hospital is operated by certified veterinarians, trained animal health technicians, and tech assistants who help thousands of homeless animals each year to obtain the medical treatment they require.

AARCS is known for giving the best quality veterinary treatment to pets in need. AARCS can accomplish practically whatever a conventional veterinary hospital can do.

They have two surgical suites, a dental suite with a dental x-ray, full-body x-ray equipment, and a fully working laboratory and pharmacy.

Moreover, the highly skilled Disaster Animal Response Team of AARCS is equipped to handle any emergency or disaster. 

You can use the details below for further information regarding AARCS.

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) Details: 

6. Calgary Animal Rescue Society


Last on the list of the best cat rescues in Calgary, Canada, is the Calgary Animal Rescue Society. The Calgary Animal Rescue Society supports animals that have been abandoned, neglected, stray, or domesticated in finding devoted, long-term homes. 

The society’s major mission is to find loving homes for homeless cats and dogs by collaborating with rescues across Alberta.

They have also developed alliances with rescues in other countries to import over cats and dogs that would not otherwise have found permanent homes.

Along with their rescue operations, they visit schools and run events now and then to share information, answer queries, and encourage the concept of adoption, fostering, and volunteering. 

If you have any questions about the adoption, donation, or foster care process, you can contact them at the details listed below.

Calgary Animal Rescue Society Details:

Conclusion For “Best Cat Rescues in Calgary”


You might chance across a stray cat in the city one day and be tempted to take it home. However, this might not necessarily be the best thing for the cat. First, determine if the cat is actually in need of rescue.

Cats are often independent animals and may simply be exploring their surroundings. If the cat appears to be healthy and not in immediate danger, it may owned by something, so it might be best to leave it be.

If the cat is in danger, like from traffic, try to safely remove it from the situation. Use caution when approaching an unknown cat, as they may be frightened and try to scratch or bite in self-defense.

If the cat is injured, sick, or appears to be abandoned, contact a local animal rescue organization or the Calgary Humane Society for assistance. These organizations have trained professionals who can safely capture and care for the cat.

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