9 Best Pet Shops in London, UK! (2024)

London, UK, is England’s largest city and home to more than nine million people. So many people must need to know where the 9 best pet shops in London.

From poodles to pugs, tabbies to calicos, birds, fish, bunnies, and snakes, many different types of pets require many different pet shops.

The best pet shops in London, UK, have excellent customer service reviews and offer various methods to support you and your pet. 

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1. Pets at Home Camden


There is a good reason why Pets at Home is the largest pet supplies retailer in the country: selection and service are second to none.

With a network of 450 stores around the UK, Pets at Home is a one-stop shop for your pet’s needs. Pets at Home offers nutritional food, toys, accessories, medicine, and grooming services.

Pets at Home is a unique pet shop that offers complete veterinary care. A caring, well-trained staff is there to help new pet owners learn everything they need to know about looking after their new puppy or setting up their first fish tank.

The number one priority of Pets at Home is to see that all pets are healthy, happy, and safe. When a pet is happy in its home, so is the pet owner. 

Pets at Home Camden Details:

  • Location: 85 Camden Rd, London NW1 9EX, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number: 345-600-6082
  • Website: Pets at Home Camden 

2. Angel Pet Supplies 


Angel Pet Supplies believes the well-being of our pets is the responsibility of every pet owner. That is why they have committed to being a trusted partner with pet owners to provide pets with the best life possible. 

Angel Pet Supplies in Islington offers a wide variety of pets for every type of home, from small animals like rodents and rabbits to cats and canines, to a wide assortment of fish.

Whatever your pet’s needs may be, Angel Pet Supplies will surely have it in stock. They carry the best nutritional food options to keep your pet healthy and the latest accessories, cages, beds, and more.

Angel Pet Supplies understands how much owners love their pets because “A pet is for life.” 

Angel Pet Supplies Details:

  • Location: 81 Chapel Market, London N1 9EX, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number: 20-7278-1503
  • Website: Angel Pet Supplies

3. Chiswick Pets London


Chiswick Pets London is a pet shop that prides itself on providing personalized care for pets and pet owners. 

Family-run for the last 20 years, Chiswick Pets has a loyal customer base. What keeps them coming back? Customers know they receive the best care and advice to provide their pets with the highest quality of life.

If you’re looking for a pet store that cares for your pet as much as you, Chiswick Pets London is the place for you. 

Chiswick Pets takes great pride in the care they provide for their customers’ pets. Everything is under one roof for their convenience.

Grooming services, pet food, accessories, toys, and more are ready. You may also see one or more resident pets roaming around the shop.

Don’t miss Chiswick Pets’ legendary window displays at Christmas and other times of the year. 

Chiswick Pets London Details:

  • Location: 32-34 Devonshire Rd, Chiswick, London W4 2HD, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number: 20-8747-0715
  • Website: Chiswick Pets

4. PetLondon


Not all pet shops offer pets for sale, and some focus exclusively on pet supplies, such as PetLondon, the UK’s exclusive pet boutique in central London.

Open for over 15 years with awards for Retailer of the Year, PetLondon offers premium pet products in-store or online, and the online warehouse boasts thousands of items in stock and is ready to ship the next day.

PetLondon has its own brand of dog and cat toys, leads, collars, harnesses, and clothing. Are you looking for luxury brands? PetLondon stocks the very best products from around the world.

The pet boutique invites you and your cat or dog to visit the store showroom to try some delicious pet treats and grooming spa services 1-on-1. Your pet will love you for it.

PetLondon loves pets by actively supporting dog-related charities that promote healthy living. With their financial support and product donations, PetLondon helps to keep dogs living healthy, happy lives.

PetLondon understands that a pet is just like a member of the family. So why not pamper your pet? Visit PetLondon with your furry friend and enjoy the full pet boutique shopping experience.

PetLondon Details:

  • Location: 4TH FLOOR, with lift, 16 Wigmore St, London W1U 2RF, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number: 20-7580-7580
  • Website: PetLondon

5. Pets Corner


Pets Corner began as a small family pet shop way back in 1968. Mark and Sandra Richmond had a mission: to offer nutritious food and the best care advice for your pet.

Pets Corner expanded to offer a range of supplements and healthcare remedies, becoming a destination for pet owners for informed advice.

The family business expanded to several locations, with son Dean taking the reins when Mark and Sandra retired in 1998. Pets Corner grew more extensive and better, innovating new ways to improve the pet industry. 

Pets Corner pioneered a pet training academy to ensure all its staff receive training to meet pet needs. The pet shop was also at the forefront of reducing its carbon footprint, a first in the industry.

Even the nutrition offered by Pets Corner was ahead of the curve, with natural ingredients and hypo-allergenic pet food available only at their pet shops.

Pets Corner teamed up with like-minded pet shops to become the second-largest chain in the UK. With more than 150 stores nationwide, Pets Corner is a pet shop you can count on.

Pets Corner Details:

  • Location: 60-61 Barnes High St, London SW13 9LF, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number: 20-8878-2796
  • Website: Pets Corner

6. Bow Wow London


When they visit Bow Wow London, Covent Garden’s only dog boutique, dog owners are in for a treat. Why not check out what’s new for your cuddly canine in London’s West End?

Bow Wow London is at the forefront of fashion and accessories for your dog. The pet shop brings unique items from Italy, France, and Japan, as well as locally sourced products.  

Drop by the pet shop for the best selection of dog leads and collars, dog beds, clothing, and every accessory you could imagine. If it’s for a dog, Bow Wow has it!

Bow Wow London also has your dog’s nutritional needs covered as well. They stock some of the best all-natural food options focusing on healthy eating. 

Explore Bow Wow London’s website for the latest dog supplies and accessories trends. Your dog will love you for it!

Bow Wow London Details:

  • Location: 50A Earlham St, London WC2H 9LA, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number: 20-7240-0818
  • Website: Bow Wow London

7. Jumanji Pets


Operating in North London for over 30 years, Jumanji Pets is a family-run business that has built its reputation on its core values: teamwork, integrity, and responsibility.

Jumanji Pets believes that teamwork also includes the customers, as it takes a caring and knowledgeable staff working with pet owners to provide our pets the best possible quality of life.

Integrity is the backbone of any successful business. Honesty and professionalism are paramount when providing healthcare advice for our beloved animals.

Jumanji Pets feels a tremendous responsibility to put the needs of our pets at the forefront. They are careful to match the right pet with a suitable home and take the time to educate the customer on the needs of their new pet. 

Jumanji Pets offers various pet food, training products, muzzles, and more in-store and available online for purchase. 

Jumanji Pets Details:

  • Location: 44 Birchington Rd, North Maida Vale, London NW6 4LJ, UK
  • Phone Number: 20-7372-5693
  • Website: Jumanji Pets

8. Northcote Pet Stores


Northcote Pet Stores have been a local family-run business for generations. The friendly staff has extensive knowledge about their products, and top-quality food items are guaranteed to keep your pets healthy and happy.

Dogs are welcome in the shop for a tasty treat or to try the latest accessory. Northcote Pet Stores offer items made by local businesses. 

The pet shop also offers a wide selection of fish for the aquarium enthusiast. Drop by to see what is in stock or pick up your fish tank accessories.

Northcote Pet Stores deliver that intimate pet shop experience. One visit and you and your pet will be going back for more of that friendly, personalized service.

Northcote Pet Stores Details:

  • Location: 82 Northcote Rd, London SW11 6QN, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number: 20-7228-7185
  • Website: Northcote Pet Store

9. Cally Pets


Last on our list of the best pet shops in London, UK, we have Cally Pets. If you are looking for a store with various pets, a visit to Cally Pets is an excellent place to start.

Cally Pets boasts a wide selection of animals. Of course, they have a nice variety of cats and dogs, but it is a pet shop known for its variety of small animals, fish, and reptiles.

The very knowledgeable staff will help you get set up with your pet. Especially if you are looking for a reptile or amphibian for a pet, Cally’s is the place to learn everything you need to know.

Cally’s Pets also has a great range of pet supplies and toys. You can get your live food there too! 

Cally Pets Details:

  • Location: 345a Caledonian Rd, London N1 1DW, United Kingdom
  • Phone Number: 20-7609-1255
  • Website: Cally Pets

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs in UK have to wear a collar?

Yes, all dogs must wear a collar with name and number of the owner.

What percentage of Brits own a dog?

Currently, 52 percent of the British population owns a pet of some kind.

What is the most sold dog in the UK?

The labrador is currently the most popular dog in the UK.

Best Pet Shops in London, UK


There are so many pet shops to choose from in London, UK. From family-run stores to lavish pet boutiques, the common denominator is a love for all creatures, great and small.

Many of these locations offer online, and in-store products for purchase, but all have staff dedicated to ensuring your pet is cared for so you can gain peace of mind. 

Whether you are a dog person, a cat lover, or like the feel of a snake wrapped around you, there is a pet shop in London to provide your companion with the essentials for living a healthy and happy life.

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