31 Best Hedgehog Toys To Keep Your Pet Active, Fit and Happy! (2024)

A cute, young hedgehog peeking out from a green fabric hammock.

Your hedgehog needs a range of toys in its cage that provide both mental and physical stimulation to sidestep boredom, stress, and obesity.

From the best climbing and foraging accessories to get them moving to the coziest cuddly toys to help them feel secure, we’ve covered everything a happy hedgehog needs so you don’t have to!

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Best Toys for Running & Exercise

Running Wheel

Silent Runner 12" Wide + Cage Attachment - Silent,...
  • Dual Bearings means a Smooth, Silent Spin
  • Perfect for Hedgehogs, Rats, and Multiple Sugar Gliders

Hedgehogs cover about 2-3 kilometers per night in the wild, reaching relatively impressive top speeds of 6 mph for their size – so running wheels are a must-have!

This design is safer than traditional wire-bottom wheels as it features a nonslip running surface and front plate with bean-shaped entry/exit holes.

Place it to their cage floor or mount it to the side for greater floor space and watch them run (which won’t be too obvious thanks to the silent ball-bearing design!).

Flying Saucer

Hamster Flying Saucer Silent Running Exercise...
  • ❤【PRODUCT SIZE】7.07x7.07x4.32inch / 18x18x11cm.
  • ❤【FUN TO PLAY】Your pet will love to run on the flying saucer exercise wheel.

The open design of flying saucer wheels allows your hedgehog to run with abandon without getting their feet or fur caught on any apparatus.

Just ensure they feature an anti-slip “screw thread” (spiral-stripe) design like this one for increased friction and inertia to prevent falls.

As most flying saucers are made from plastic, they’re not super durable, so watch out for signs of wear on the surface etching that could decrease friction.

It’s best to keep these inside their cage where they’ll have a soft landing if they tumble.

Mega Exercise Ball

Kaytee 13" Clear Run-About Exercise Ball For Pet...
  • Encourage healthy exercise in a secure and safe way
  • Makes a great temporary holding area to keep your furry friend while you clean their home

Hedgehogs relish running and exploring so mini zorb balls like this are perfect – especially since you can keep an eye on them while cleaning the cage!

Opt for clear, non-tinted designs as hedgies don’t have the best eyesight, and check upon purchase that the ball halves snap together securely.

Exercise balls should also have holes or slits large enough to provide adequate ventilation but small enough to prevent limbs from becoming trapped.

If you’re nervous about letting them loose in all directions, you can also buy running tracks to keep them in line.

Best Toys for Foraging

Snuffle Mats

20" × 20" Rabbit Foraging Mat with Fixing Handle-...
  • Unique Pattern: With bright color (white, orange, yellow, green) and unique pattern ( flower,...
  • Keep Pet Busy: Our rabbit foraging mat aims to letting your pets sniffing and foraging food by...

Hedgehogs often explore cluttered leaf piles in their native habitat in the hopes of uncovering food, so a textured, multi-layered snuffle mat is just the ticket in captivity.

The busy, ruffled design lets you hide tasty treats inside the folds of material and in the small pockets to really encourage them to forage for their food.

Look for mats with anti-slip bottoms and loop straps to ensure it stays in place no matter how determined your hedgie gets!

Dig Box With Fleece Strips or Shredded Paper

Wild hedgehogs can detect creepy crawlies 3 inches underground and will burrow through layers of dirt to get to them…enter the dig box.

This DIY toy simulates the experience, and all you’ll need is a deep(ish) container, layering materials, and treats.

You could fill a shoebox, shallow tray, or storage tote with safe foraging materials such as craft store shredded appear or fleece strips and place a tasty incentive at the base.

Just ensure your hedgehog can safely enter/exit the box with a makeshift door. Be sure to check with our guide on dig boxes for hedgehogs for directions and some ideas to get you started.

Hidden Treat Puzzle Toy

DOZZOPET Wooden Enrichment Foraging Toy for Small...
  • Stimulating Challenge: Come with two enrichment toys,and there are 3 ways to get hidden pellets -...
  • Keep Pet Busy:Put the toys in pet’s cage,hide their favorite snacks and vegetable in the hole to...

Hedgehogs appreciate working for their food as it adds enrichment and an element of naturalistic activity to their cage to prevent treats from becoming a dull, predictable affair.

Stand-alone toys like this can also keep them occupied during cage-cleaning time.

Beautifully-crafted forage toys like this one let you hide treats in the recesses of the wood, which your hedgie must uncover by opening hatches, rotating doors, and pulling panels off with their teeth or feet.

Kitty Kong

KONG - Cat Treat Dispensing Ball
  • Treat dispenser
  • Fun and unpredictable movement

Some cat toys are well suited to your hedgehog, and this interactive treat dispenser is a great example.

Designed with a rounded shape and made from soft, lightweight plastic, this will bounce and roll all over the place, forcing hedgies to stay on their toes.

Just add some small treats into the toy and watch them determinedly roll the ball or poke a curious snout inside to retrieve the goodies.

Don’t miss out on any cage essentials! Head over to our guide on hedgehog cage setup to learn about bedding, litter pans, heat lamps, and more.

Best Toys for Chasing 

Ping Pong Balls

Lestiour Ping Pong Balls 50/100 Pack Colored Bulk...
  • Every pack has a different combination of 50 colored mini ping pong balls bulk. Each assorted bulk...
  • Classic size and weight of these plain and neon ping pong balls make it suitable for games and...

Hedgehogs naturally use their long snouts to explore and push around objects in their path, so brightly colored, feather-light ping pong balls make ideal objects to chase around their environment.

Put a handful in their playpen to give them plenty of space to nudge them around. The good news is leftover balls can always come in handy in a dedicated ball pit or dig box!

Be sure to use odorless ping pong balls with a hedgehog-friendly smooth mat surface.

Multi-Level Ball Track

Catstages Tower of Tracks Interactive 3-Tier Cat...
  • PRODUCT UPDATE: Catstages recently updated the Tower of Tracks product to include six 1.5"-balls...
  • GREAT FOR SINGLE & MULTIPLE CAT HOUSEHOLDS: Whether you have one cat or more, the Tower of Tracks...

This tower of tracks and spinning balls plays into your hedgie’s hunting instinct as they can bat and push at multicolored balls which are tantalizingly trapped on their own level!

As this toy was originally designed for cats, it’s built with a nonslip base to hold up to vigorous chasing (or even hedgehog climbing!).

A safety bar has been placed over the opening to prevent cats from becoming stuck, but we’d advise covering the entire top gap to avoid hedgehog injury.

Foam Balls

PET SHOW 10pcs 1.38" Red Rainbow Cat Toy Balls...
  • Meterial: made of EVA Foam; lightweight balls--Cat Quiet Play Toys; the cat and puppies can carry...
  • Color: Red rainbow is bright so that they can catch the cats' eye easily and attracts your pet's...

Weightier and more textured than ping pong balls, foam balls like these with their dazzling rainbow stripes can make a fun chasing toy and catch even the eye of visually impaired hedgehogs as they roll around.

Look for foam balls made from nontoxic EVA foam (a material used in many chew toys and baby teething products).

Keep a close watch on your hedgie to ensure chewing attempts don’t result in actually swallowing pieces.

Toy Mice

MeoHui Fur Mice Cat Toys, Rattling Catnip Cat Toys...
  • 1. Cat Toys Value Pack: 30PCS cat toy mice, great for homes with multiple cats! 5.5 Inches from the...
  • 2. Catnip and Rattle mice: MeoHui Cat toys mice have rattle sound and prefilled with premium catnip....

Wild hedgehogs occasionally hunt mice or eat the dead ones they come across, so a toy mouse may provide much the same thrill in hogs as it does in felines.

As is customary, these toy mice contain catnip – which is known to spark interest in some hedgehogs – and are pre-filled with sand to create a rattling noise.

Helpfully, these are made from super durable fabric but take care with the felt eyes, nose, and ears as the fibers may easily come apart.

Colorful Crinkle Balls

PETFAVORITES Mylar Crinkle Balls Cat Toys...
  • Funny interactive cat toys or cat Exercise toy, to calm down your cats in spring.
  • Made of soft & lightweight mylar texture in bright metallic colors

Your hedgehog won’t be able to resist the satisfying combo of shiny metallic colors, crunchy texture, and the crinkly sound produced by these simple ball toys.

Crinkle balls are made from nontoxic Mylar foil (stretched polyester film used to make party balloons and thermal blankets).

Just be sure to supervise crinkle ball chasing in case they tear off any pieces that could be accidentally ingested.

Best Toys for Climbing

Stuffed Animals

Bearington Collection Muffin Plush White Cat...
  • MEET MUFFIN: Introducing Muffin, the ultra-soft and cuddly 15'' plush kitty that's perfect for kids...
  • CUDDLY: Looking for a snuggly companion? Look no further than this plush white cat! With a...

Hedgehogs often use large stuffed toys as comfortable climbing apparatus.

The best kinds will have a weighty quality to them, almost like a bean bag, and be easily manipulated into shape like this plush toy cat.

You can place stuffed animals near their dig box to help them ascend/descend safely or make them a centerpiece of their cage to encourage them to climb regularly throughout the day.

Rope Bridges

Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Rat and...
  • Sturdy, durable cotton rope net is ideally suited for rats, ferrets and similar companion pets.
  • The included metal clips allow the net to be hung in a variety of positions within her cage.

Hedgies are highly active and sometimes try to climb their cage walls when not provided with an outlet.

Thankfully heavy-duty rope bridges like this one provide a safer, foot-friendly alternative and can be used in versatile ways.

Look for cotton rope nets like this that feature metal corner clips that can be attached at an angle as climbing ladders or horizontally to make a relaxing hammock.

Natural Wood Climbing Platform

Swap out dull plastic ramps for this climbing playground made from high-quality pine. This features eight platforms of varying heights curved in a gentle spiral.

This would work great in multi-level cages, though as hedgehogs don’t have the best depth perception, we’d advise placing some shock-absorbent fleece or fabric material at the platform base in case of falls.

Best Toys for Exploring & Tunneling


BINKYBUNNY Maze Haven Rabbit House - Rabbit Houses...
  • FUN LABYRINTH: Introducing a Rabbits' Dreamland, the ultimate playground for your furry little...
  • INFINITE POSSIBILITIES: With a plethora of configuration options, you can design a maze or a small...

Hedgehogs live to tunnel through nature’s mazes at night, like logs and – famously – under hedges, so your domestic hedgie will appreciate the same opportunity in their cage.

Pet mazes are commonly constructed from wood or plastic, but they can even be made from cardboard.

Just ensure your DIY labyrinth is roomy enough for them to turn around safely, and consider adding a second story to make things interesting.

Mini Pom-Poms

Caydo [400 pcs] - 300 Pieces 1 Inch Assorted...
  • Size: About 1inch (2.5cm) in diameter
  • Color: Assorted colors Pom Poms about 300pcs/bag

The sight of colorful pom-poms en masse will tempt your hedgie into burying and tunneling his way to the other side of his ball pit or dig box.

Just ensure the pom-poms used measure at least 1 inch in diameter, like the above selection, so your hedgehog doesn’t mistake them for food.

Owners also recommend washing them in a washer bag beforehand to soften them and remove the packaging smell.

All-Natural Activity Mat

Hamiledyi Rabbit Seagrass Mat Activity Mat Bunny...
  • ▲FOUR PART COMPOSITION ACTIVITY MAT--Our rabbit activity mat is made up of 4 parts. The first part...
  • ▲TWO CHEW BALLS--Our water hyacinth balls more durable,100% natural materials, no-toxic and...

Bring a touch of the outdoors to your hedgehog’s cage with a nature-inspired mat they can explore, dig and destroy!

cluttered design resembles something they’d come across in a forest clearing and is perfect for feeding their exploratory needs.

Included are pine cones for rolling plus grass sticks and a seaweed carrot for chewing. There’s also a grass cake made with apple twigs and hay grass balls which can attach to the roof of their cage.

If you make a DIY nature mat from items sourced outdoors, please be sure to sterilize them first.

5-Way Curvy Tube Tunnels

EGETOTA Cat Tunnel for Indoor Cats Large, with...
  • 【Simple and Beautiful Design】Pop up cat tunnel, collapsible s-tunnel tube 5 way pet tunnel for...
  • 【Toys for Kittens Easy to Clean】If your pet accidentally uses the cat tunnel as a toilet, you...

In the wild, opportunistic hedgehogs explore rabbit holes and other animal dens, making toys like this multi-way tunnel ideal for keeping them on their tiny toes.

This colorful concoction is made from tear-resistant nylon, so the canvas stands a good chance against hedgehog quills!

The tunnel also includes a roof peephole and a jingly ball at one of the openings – just take care if the ball and string ever detach as your hedgehog could become tangled in the string.

Toilet Paper Tubes and Cardboard Boxes

In a pinch, household cardboard can make some amazing and versatile toys.

Unless the toilet roll tubes are large enough to tunnel through comfortably, you can cut them into half-pipes for ramps or split them along their spiral join for curly, exploration material

As for cardboard boxes, you can make forts and “felt forests” by hanging fleece strips from the roof.

You could also use a combo of paper tubes and boxes to create interactive play pens like the cool design below!

PVC Pipes

In their natural habitat, hedgehogs love scuttling through pathways in the undergrowth, so gifting them a large PVC pipe tunnel to rummage through will make you very popular with your spiny friend.

Most hardware stores stock large diameter tubes (6 inches and above is a good size), and you can connect many pieces to form a donut ring track or long, windy tunnels.

Hedgehogs often stay inside tunnels for long periods to feel safe so you may have to lure them out with treats.

Old Shoes or Slippers

The snug space within shoes and slippers makes your hedgie feel cozy and secure – especially slip-on shoes and open-heel slippers that are easy to get in and out of. They might also use shoes as a climbing platform.

Since hedgies may leave an unwanted “gift” behind, you’ll want to use an old shoe, or better yet, give a second-hand pair of shoes a loving home!

Take care with tough leather shoes as this may result in teeth breakage if they attempt to chew it.

Best Toys for Pushing

Small Treat Ball

Wheeky Treat Ball Toy for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits,...
  • Fun, interactive treat ball designed to be pushed and rolled by your small pet for a great mental...
  • Great boredom buster, enrichment activity, and foraging toy for guinea pigs, rabbits, rats,...

Your hedgie will get a mental and physical workout rolling this ball along until the goodies fall out.

This interactive treat dispenser is designed with an adjustable opening hatch and attention-grabbing yellow and orange colors.

At 2.8 inches in diameter, this is the perfect size to fill with hedgehog kibble or tiny diced carrot chunks. We love that the adjustable hatch allows you to challenge them by leaving a smaller gap each time!

Small Toy Cars

Hot Wheels Fast and Furious 5-Pack of Toy Cars in...
  • Combine 5 Hot Wheels with the cars of Fast & Furious for an instant collection of original, highly...
  • Each 1:64 scale vehicle is painstakingly designed and inspired by custom street models as seen in...

Mini toy cars are a great way to keep them stimulated and provide some exercise as they can nudge them around with their snout or use their front feet to move them along like a lawnmower.

Take care with detailed metal cars as these may have sharp edges, and there’s a risk that the wheels could break off over time.

It’s probably safest to opt for sandbox toys made for toddlers like dump trucks as these have rounded edges and can be fun as your hedgie attempts to climb in the back.

Sisal Balls

Weewooday 6 Pieces Cat Toy Ball Cat Sisal Ball...
  • Enough quantity: the package you will receive contains 6 pieces cat toy ball, enough quantity for...
  • Suitable size: the toy ball is approx. 2.16 inches in diameter, suitable for your pets to chew and...

Ball toys made from sisal twine have a rough tree bark-like texture, making them akin to the hay balls your hedgehog would play with in nature.

These sisal balls come in eye-catching colors and have a hollow interior filled with small pebbles to create a rattling sound.

Cat owners can testify to their durability after hours of play, but as with any toy made from fibers, watch out in case of any unraveling or pebbles falling out.

All-Natural Wood Toys

Elipark 12 Pack Wooden Hamster Toys Set,Guinea Pig...
  • 12 PACK Pet Toys : climbing ladder,Seesaw,Bark Watermelon Balls, Rattan Ball, Bell Roller, Dumbbell,...
  • NATURAL and NON-TOXIC:The chewing toys are made of natural apple wood which can stimulate animals to...

The ultimate enrichment toys are items that tap into their residual wild genes of exploring their natural world, so this set of all-natural applewood accessories is a hedgie dreamscape.

This pack includes a climbing ladder and see-saw sanded and smoothed for safety, an apple tree log with foraging holes, plus a bell roller, dumbbell, and more!

Just be aware that natural toys are harder to sanitize if left soiled for long periods, so disinfect them weekly with Chlorhexidine and let them air dry.

Large Marbles

The satisfying super-smooth glide of marbles can provide loads of fun – particularly if you spice things up by placing some in their PVC tunnels and maze toys.

The cooling effect of marbles can also be a welcome sensation during unexpectedly hot summer days as hedgehogs don’t respond well to sudden temperature changes.

Best Toys for Cuddling and Security

Plush Puppy Toys

Jalousie 12 Pack Plush Animal Dog Toy Dog Squeaky...
  • SUPER VALUE &GREAT FUN: Includes 12 Most Popular Dog Squeaky Plush Toys for Small, Medium Breeds.
  • FUN TIMES: Provide hours of fun. Cute Plush toys each has a squeaker.

Sometimes, your hedgie just wants to feel cozy and secure and a traditional cuddly toy does the job perfectly.

Plush puppy toys are usually smaller if not similar in size to hedgehogs to make them feel like they have a cage companion.

A big plus about using these over regular stuffed animals is that they commonly have a squeaky mechanism to add an extra interactive element to cuddle time.

Hide-and-Seek Toy

ZippyPaws - Food Buddies Burrow, Interactive...
  • Plush Dog Puzzle Toys: Relieve your pup's boredom with this interactive hide and seek dog toy that...
  • Puzzle Toys & Dog Games: Challenge your dog with a stimulating game of hide and seek with this plush...

It’s in their nature to find dark, warm places to rest, so hideout toys like this adorable milk carton make a great little burrowing nook for whenever they feel tired or stressed.

This cute puzzle toy comes with squeaky cookies that can be moved in and out of the carton.

But let’s face it, hedgies will be more content to use this as a mini kennel, and thanks to large holes at the front and side of the box, they can comfortably squeeze in and out with room to turn around inside.

Cushioned Tunnel Hide-Away

Amakunft Guinea Pig Tunnels and Tubes, Guinea Pig...
  • 【Tunnels and tubes】Tunnel for BABY guinea pigs, hamster, mice, rats, gerbil , squirrel. Your...
  • 【Size】The size of the entrance is 10cm ( 3.9in ), the other specific dimensions can refer to the...

A big draw for tunnels is the security and privacy they provide, and this small tunnel section made with opaque fabric delivers a dark, cozy spot during rest while doubling up as a fun 3-way tunnel when they’re more alert.

This is lined with soft polyester cushioning for extra comfort and plastic rings fitted inside each exit to keep its sturdy open shape.

As it’s on the smaller side (3.9-inch entrance holes), this may be suited to younger hedgehogs, so be sure to measure beforehand.

Cozy Cave House

Niteangel Guinea Pig Cave Beds Cozy House Bedding...
  • Spacious and Cozy:The Niteangel guinea pig cave Beds has plenty of space for your critter to...
  • Open Base Design:The special shell cave design stimulate the form of a cave in order to please...

Hedgie’s nest under hedges and rabbit holes to keep warm outdoors, so this cave house made from warm polar fleece will be an irresistible alternative!

One complaint of some owners is that the cave is too big to feel snug, but this may benefit older (or porkier) hedgies since there is plenty of room to turn around and exit comfortably as they’re not a fan of backing out from spaces.


To sum up, there are a multitude of beneficial hedgehog toys on the market, including many that are primarily designed for cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

If you’re on a budget, cardboard and craft materials are your friends, or for something fancier, you can treat them to well-designed foraging mats and exciting tunnels!

Whatever you introduce to your pet hedgehog’s environment, make sure you provide plenty of enrichment and stimulation by selecting at least one type of toy from each of the above categories.







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