Why Your Dog Chews Toys on You: Top 5 Reasons Explained (2024)

A woman playing with her beagle, who is chewing on an orange ball, on the floor.

Your dog may have a lot of odd quirks that you don’t understand. If one of them happens to be bringing her toys on your lap to chew on them, there may be a reason why your dog prefers to do this.

Understanding your dog’s behaviors will make it easier to bond and enjoy every minute together.

Why does my dog chew his toys on me? The most likely reason your dog is bringing toys to your lap to chew on them is that she wants your attention and you unwittingly encourage her. Your dog may also feel safe and secure on your lap, or she may simply enjoy your company. She may also be using you to stabilize the toy while she chews.

If your dog is chewing her toys on your lap and you are curious about the reason, read on to learn more.

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Chews Toys on You

Your dog may prefer to bring her toys to your lap to chew them or play with them. There are many reasons why she may be demonstrating this behavior.

If you prefer for your dog to chew her toys elsewhere, you will need to correct the behavior.

1. Wants To Play With You

Your dog may be bringing her toys to your lap because she wants to get your attention and for you to join in the fun.

The dog may think that if you see the toy or see her playing with it, you will want to play with it too.

2. For Companionship

Your dog could be bringing her toys to your lap because she wants some companionship or feels lonely when she is playing by herself. 

She may just prefer to have you nearby while she chews or plays with toys, and bringing them to your lap will allow your dog to feel closer to you.

3. Feels Safe & Secure

Your lap may feel like the safest place for your dog. When your dog is on your lap, she may know that she won’t get stepped on or be in the way.

She may also feel safe and secure and know that other dogs or people will not be able to take away her toys if you’re there to protect her.

4. To Stabilize the Toy

Your dog may have a hard time keeping the toy stable or holding it while she chews on it.

When she is able to move the toy to your lap, she may feel like she is able to keep the toy in place and have a better grip on it to chew it the way she prefers. 

5. You Encourage the Behavior

If you pet your dog or talk to her a lot when your dog brings the toy to your lap, you could be encouraging her to bring the toy to you.

Calling your dog over to bring you her toys could be another way she feels encouraged to bring toys to you.

Signs Your Dog Wants Attention

A Jack Russell terrier with his paws on his owner's knees begging for attention.

Dogs need a lot of attention, and they need to be close to their owners. If your dog is not getting enough attention, she may act out.

Excessive Barking

Some dogs are very vocal when they want attention. If your dog appears to be barking for no reason or is barking directly at you, she could be trying to get your attention, hoping you’ll play with her. 

Destructive Behavior

Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and become destructive when they do not get enough attention from their owners.

Your dog may choose to chew on furniture or property or even scratch and paw at the carpet as a way to get your attention.


You may notice that your dog gets up and follows you around a lot. She may also pace and walk back and forth in front of you until you pay attention to her.

Nudging you or pawing you is another common sign that your dog is bored and needs some extra attention.

Being Overly Clingy

It is normal for your dog to want to be close to you, but if she seems to be extra clingy, she could be wanting more attention from you.

Giving your dog some more attention will reassure her and help her relax.

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Why Does My Dog Carry Food Away From the Bowl?

Your dog may carry food away because she feels safer and  more secure in another area.

Your dog might prefer to be more secluded and private when she eats or may feel that other dogs will try to take her food if she continues to eat it from the bowl.

Why Does My Dog Lick My Feet?

Licking is a sign that your dog feels close to you and wants your attention. Sometimes dogs will lick their owner’s feet because they want their owner to notice them.


Your dog needs a lot of attention and will find ways to get it if you aren’t offering enough.

If your dog is bringing her toy to your lap to chew it, she could be acting out and just want you to pay attention to her. The more you encourage the behavior, the more your dog will do it.