#1 Best Harness For Whippets, Greyhounds, and Sighthound Dogs! (2024)

Best Harness For Whippets

Owners of Whippets often live in fear that one day their precious dog may slip out of his collar and meet with disaster. This is because a Whippet’s head is narrower than his neck, so ordinary collars and harnesses are just not secure enough to keep them safe. There is no need to live with that kind of worry though. We have found an amazingly secure harness, RUFFWEAR Web Master Harness that won’t leave you holding onto an empty leash while you watch your Whippet disappear from view.

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Some Quick Highlights

This durable harness allows you to enjoy a worry-free walk with your Whippet. Regardless of what cute little creatures you encounter along the way, your dog will remain securely at the other end of the leash. Finally! Here’s why this harness is so popular among Whippet and other sighthound owners:

  • Secure enough for even the most talented escape artists.
  • Totally adjustable for a custom fit.
  • Padded chest and belly straps for comfort.
  • Washable.

Additional Strap Fits Around Waist to Prevent Houdini Escapes

By far, the best feature of this harness is its ability to prevent escapes. We all know that Whippets have a certain fondness for chasing after furry animals that dare to cross their path and can easily wiggle their way out of most collars and harnesses. Not so with the Web Master.

Unlike ordinary harnesses, this one has a unique third strap that fits behind the dog’s rib cage and fastens around the waist. No more backing out of the harness! When properly adjusted, this harness stays on the dog, and the dog stays in the harness.

Comfortably Padded to Prevent Chafing

Many harnesses are constructed with only function in mind. The Web Master goes a step further and offers comfort as well. A Whippet’s fine coat doesn’t really offer much protection, and the thin skin is easily rubbed raw or irritated by traditional harnesses.

It features foam padding on the points of contact at the chest and belly to ensure that there will be no irritation as your dog enjoys his walk. The padding is slender, yet comfortable. It provides protection without being bulky or hindering movement.

Other Features We Like

In addition to providing security and comfort, the Web Master also includes five points of adjustment to guarantee a perfect fit. Once you initially adjust the straps to snugly fit your dog, that’s it. The straps stay perfectly adjusted through many uses. All you have to do is slip the harness over the dog’s head, pull one leg through the opening, snap the connectors in place, and you’re ready to go.

This harness also comes with a reinforced handle on top so that you can give your Whippet a helping hand over tricky terrain or large obstacles. This handle is also a great way to quickly grab hold of your dog if he tries to dart out the door before you’ve had a chance to attach his leash.

Tipping the scales at only 8.8 ounces, this lightweight harness can be worn comfortably year-round and can be adjusted to fit over sweaters or jackets in colder weather.

The Web Master comes equipped with a solid leash attachment point on the back as well as a fabric loop designed to hold a beacon light for walks after dark. Reflective trim is included as an additional safety precaution.

This sturdy harness is available in four colors – red, blue, light gray, and dark gray. An added bonus is that this product is totally washable. If your walk turns out to be a little more adventurous than you anticipated, and the harness winds up filthy, no problem. Toss it in the sink with a mild detergent for easy cleaning and let it air dry.

What Are Actual Users of the Web Master Saying About This Harness?

Nearly every review on Amazon for this product is positive. In fact, out of the 700+ customer reviews, a whopping 79% gave this harness a five-star rating!


Customers are thrilled with the security the Web Master provides. They claim that while their dogs usually are capable of effortlessly wiggling out of regular collars and harnesses, that is not the case with this one. Now, they are able to walk their dogs without fear of losing them forever.

Padding & Adjustment Points

Many users of this harness are delighted by the absence of raw, irritated spots at contact points. The foam padding really does make a big difference. Users are also generally happy with the five different adjustment points, because a proper fit is critical for deep-chested, narrow head breeds like Whippets.

Some folks seemed to have a little difficulty in getting the initial adjustment just right but were able to quickly correct it by either watching the manufacturer’s helpful video or by placing a call to the company for step-by-step assistance.

Here are the most commonly mentioned benefits and drawbacks:


  • Reinforced handle on top for lifting dog if need be.
  • Comes in four colors.
  • Has five adjustable points.
  • Padded for comfort.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable and washable.
  • Reflective trim for night safety.
  • Virtually escape-proof.


  • Not designed for use as a no-pull training device.
  • No leash attachment in the front.
  • Must be put on over the dog’s head before pulling one leg through.
  • Narrow belly straps can cause discomfort if it’s frequently used to lift dog over obstacles.
  • Can be mistaken for a service vest.

Here’s the Gist of It

You shouldn’t have to worry every time you walk your Whippet. It should be enjoyable for you both! The Web Master harness will give you the peace of mind you need, knowing they won’t be able to escape and it will be a comfortable experience. Here is what you can expect:

    • Durable and washable.
    • Secure and comfortable.
    • Adjustable and customizable.
    • Reinforced top handle and reflective trim.
    • Peace of mind.

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