The 5 Best Maine Coon Rescues in The UK! (2024)


Are you struggling to find Maine Coon rescues in the UK? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

We have created a detailed guide to some of the best rescues where you might find the perfect Maine Coon you have been searching for all along.

The Maine Coons are one of the top five most famous cats in the UK, and it’s no wonder why. With its thick luscious coat and the fluffiest of tails, this cat can make anyone fall in love with it.

Although the Maine Coon is quite big, it is not different from other cats in terms of personality.

It can make an excellent pet for first-time cat owners, and loves playing games. In addition, if you love hearing a cat’s meow, this talkative cat is a perfect choice.

So, let’s take a look at this list of pet rescues in the UK where you might find a Maine Coon pet cat:

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1. The Main Coon Cat Club United Kingdom


First on the list of Maine Coon rescues in the UK is The Maine Coon Cat Club. The Maine Coon Cat Club is a club exclusively for Maine Coon lovers. Anyone can join this club even if they are not involved in showing or breeding Maine Coons. In addition, the club organizes several events for cat lovers yearly.

The club was established for the welfare of the Maine Coon breed, and its website has plenty of information regarding the breed, breeding policies, and more.

The club also lists Maine Coons that need to be rehomed on their website. So, you can visit their website and read the detailed profiles of all the cats up for adoption.

If you are interested in a cat, contact the club for further details and start the adoption process. They also have Ragdoll cats to rescue if you’re interested in that breed.

It is also important to note that although the cats are up for adoption, you may have to pay an adoption fee. In addition, you can also contact the club to list a cat that needs a new home.

The Main Coon Cat Club Details:

2. Maine Coon Breed Society


Next on the list of Maine Coon rescues in the UK is the Maine Coon Breed Society. It is also an exclusive club established for the love of Maine Coons. Although this is not a dedicated rescue, the club helps Maine Coons in need find new homes.

Breeders often have to stop breeding a particular cat for several reasons. These cats are then put up for adoption at the Maine Coon Breed Society alongside strays and surrendered animals. It is important to note that these cats are not necessarily given up due to health issues. Ethical breeders may choose to put up cats for adoption after they have been bred for the recommended number of times.

In addition, there are several benefits of adopting a retired breeding cat. For instance, the cat will be one to four years old and can adjust to your home easily. You will not have to deal with the high energy level of kittens and save up on the initial costs of getting a kitten.

The club tries to find the perfect match for every cat according to your needs and preferences. So, their staff may ask you questions regarding children, your living situation, or more during the adoption interview. You will also have to pay an adoption fee.

Maine Coon Breed Society Details:

3. Blue Cross UK


Blue Cross is next on our list of the top Maine Coon rescues in the UK. It’s a not-for-profit organization that helps different animals, including dogs, cats, horses, and other small pets. It helped almost 4000 pets find new homes in the last year alone.

The rescue offers a platform where you can find your new pet and solve all your pet-related problems. You can get a pet, get help training your pet, find affordable vet care, and much more.

If you are searching for Maine Coon rescues in the UK, Blue Cross is a good option. You can check their website, which lists all the cats for adoption.

You can fill out and submit an adoption application if you find your perfect Maine Coon. After that, you will receive three emails. The first email will confirm that the rescue has received your application.

The second will tell you when the rescue will contact you with the final decision. Lastly, you will receive a third email regarding whether or not your application has been accepted.

If your application is accepted, the rescue will contact you to discuss any specific requirements you may have.

Then, you will be invited to meet your new furry friend. If you feel like it is the perfect match, you can take your Maine Coon home the same day.

In addition, you will also have to pay an adoption fee. The adoption fee is:

  • £150 for cats less than 12 months old
  • £125 for 1 – 5-year-old cats
  • £100 for cats five years old or older

Blue Cross Details:

4. Rain Rescue


Rain Rescue primarily rescues and rehomes dogs and cats in the Yorkshire area. It was established in 2002 to help all pets find a responsible and loving home.

The rescue aims to reduce the number of homeless pets in the UK and strongly supports spaying and neutering pets. The organization rescues dogs and cats and provides them with a safe space to recover and thrive till they find a loving family.

You can start the adoption process by looking at all the cats listed on the website that are up for adoption.

Once you find a cat you like, you can fill out the rescue’s online inquiry form. You will also have to email the rescue with pictures of your home, fence, and the area where your cat will live.

It includes the cat’s bed or whatever you have planned. Then the rescue will reach back to you in two to three days. The rescue will contact you to help determine whether the cat you have chosen is the right match for you and vice versa.

Afterwards, you will have to sign an adoption agreement, pay the adoption fee and take your new pet home.

The adoption fee can range from £100 to £150, and it includes the cost of a microchip, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, vet check, and medical treatment.

Rain Rescue Details:

5. Mayhew United Kingdom


Last on our list of reputable Maine Coon rescues in the UK is Mayhew. This organization rescues both cats and dogs in need.

The rescue has done some amazing work in the past year. For instance, they have helped 270 cats find loving homes and have helped in spaying/neutering more than 1000 pets.

The first step to finding the perfect Maine Coon is to visit the rescue’s website and check all their available cats. If you feel you have found the right match, you can fill out their cat application form.

Once that is done, the rescue team will assess your application, and a meeting will be set up. However, the rescue usually arranges a video call instead of an in-person meeting for cats.

If your application is approved and you have found the perfect match, you can pay the adoption fee and reserve your pet.

The adoption fee for cats is £80. Then, the rescue team will conduct a home visit, after which you will be ready to take your new pet home.

Besides, Mayhew rescue also helps owners looking to rehome their pets due to unfortunate circumstances. If you need help rehoming your pet, you can contact the rescue at their given number.

Mayhew Details:

How To Choose Maine Coon Rescues in the UK?


Although many Maine Coon rescues in the UK do excellent work to help homeless cats, it can be hard to choose the right one. So, here are some tips that can help you pick the best rescue and find the cat of your dreams.


One of the first things to look out for while choosing a rescue is the health of the animals. You can learn a lot about the cat’s health by visiting the rescue and seeing it yourself.

In addition, many rescues tell you about the medical treatment the cat has received beforehand. Some signs of a good rescue are that it vaccinates, microchips, spays/neuters the cats before adoption, and is open and honest about the cat’s health.

Adoption Process 

Rescues that truly care about the animals have a thorough adoption process. A good rescue will conduct a home check, conduct a detailed interview and ask you to come and meet your potential new pet before finalizing the adoption.

In addition, a good rescue will choose the best applicant for a pet instead of giving it away on a first-come, first-serve basis.


A good rescue offers support throughout the process of adoption. It also offers to help new pet owners deal with problems after they have taken their pet home. Colorado State University offers additional reasons to adopt from a shelter in their article.


While choosing a rescue, it is also essential to note its location because transporting a cat may be problematic as some cats are not too comfortable in cars.

Moreover, you may need to visit the rescue a couple of times to interact with the cat before bringing it home, and if the rescue is close to you, it increases convenience.

Conclusion For “Best Maine Coon Rescues in the UK”


Adopting a cat can be a memorable yet confusing experience, as it can be hard to settle on one option when there are so many Maine Coons in so many rescues throughout the country.

So, you can refer to the list of Maine Coon rescues in the UK mentioned above to help you out.

If you want to help a retired breeding cat live the rest of its life being loved and spoiled, you can check out listings on the Maine Coon Breed Society’s Facebook page.

On the other hand, if you want to give a homeless and abandoned cat a second chance at life, you can check out Mayhew or Blue Cross rescue. And, if you strongly support spaying/neutering cats for their well-being, Rain Rescue is the perfect choice for you.

Whichever rescue you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be saving one innocent life.

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