The 4 Best Rat Breeders in The UK! (2024)


Contrary to popular belief, rats can make excellent pets, and you can find many rat breeders in the UK if you know where to look.

To help you out, we have created a detailed list of all the reliable breeders across the UK who can fix you up with lovely, little, fancy rats for pets.

Pet rats are quick to create a deep bond with their owners. They’re one of the most intelligent animals who can learn several tricks quickly and easily.

Fancy rats are domestic animals; they love getting picked and feeling the warmth of their owners. With very little odor and don’t shed very often; however, they do enjoy being brushed to keep them clean from time to time.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), around 200,000 rats live as pets in the country. They’re super easy to care for because they keep themselves squeaky clean (no pun intended!) and rarely bite.

In addition, they can be kept in homes with children as they’re incapable of causing harm and are very affectionate and friendly. So, if you’re looking for rats for sale in the UK, have a look at these breeders:

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1. Isamu Rats UK


Isamu Rats has been an NFRS-registered operation since 2017, dedicated to breeding and raising healthy pet rats. It is located in Preston, Lancashire and is run by Jemma Fettes, who breeds rats with affectionate and confident personalities.

Isamu’s rats are in top health with even temperaments, in different colors such as agouti, topaz, cinnamon, and black. Isamu was the first rat in this breeding operation and is the inspiration behind the name of this business.

Jemma Fettes has owned rats as pets since she was five years old and had specific knowledge regarding their unique needs and personalities.

She always had a pair or group of rats living with her, either from breeders, rescues, or pet shops. Her passion for rats encouraged her to begin this breeding operation so that people could share the joy of having such lovely pets.

The rats live in a rat room created out of half the garage at her house; it has water, heating, and ample lighting. The temperature is set at the suitable range for these rats, above 10 degrees in winter and 20 degrees in summer.

Furthermore, the concrete floor is painted and is always kept clean. The room also has windows with fly screens to circulate cool air in warm weather. The rats have room to run around and play with their mates.

At Isamu, rats are bred with consideration for their well-being and health before anything else. Jemma follows strict guidelines to ensure that the rats breed safely and produce healthy and high-quality offspring.

Initially, the rats are kept in single-sex groups and only in mixed groups if spayed or neutered. They exhibit natural behavior when given fresh and suitable food, water, and other activities.

They are handled regularly, at least 2-3 times a day, to become affectionate and used to human touch.

A registered vet regularly checks up on them and provides medical support if necessary. The rats are also assessed for temperament, and those with aggressive natures are not utilized for breeding.

Similarly, rats likely to contract diseases are not bred from, either. The doe needs to be older than six months to partake in breeding and will only breed once in her lifetime.

The rats regularly attend shows, which gives them confidence and improves their immune system.

If you’re interested in homing a rat from Isamu, contact them via email and schedule a visit at the rattery. Meet the rats, sign a contract and bring your favorite one home.

The rat will come with a goody bag with their favorite dry mix, some wet food, high-protein treats, toys like millet sprays or small balls, and an essential guide for their new owners.

Isamu Rats Details:

2. Silver’s Rattery United Kingdom


Next on the list of rat breeders in the UK is Silver’s Rattery from Leicester in the East Midlands. They ethically breed rats to pet lovers with lovely, cuddly, energetic rats.

Their goal is to focus on the health and temperament of the rat while maintaining its good looks. Their vision is to support rat welfare and educate pet owners and breeders about their unique needs and characteristics.

The coat colors they breed are platinum, pearl, British blue, black, and sometimes mink, agouti, pew, and pink-eyed white. The patterns on their rats are solid with no marking, blaze, hooded, Berkshire, or Roan with standard, rex or bristle coat textures.

In addition, they perform temperament testing on all their rats within five weeks of age to ensure they’re friendly and affectionate enough to be adopted.

It helps them predict the traits these babies will have, and if the potential owner is looking for such a rat, they’ll be directed to them immediately.

At a time, they breed 2-3 litters on average, but they always consider the capacity they have so that no rat must compromise.

The mother rat, or doe, is around five months old when they’re selected for breeding, but other essential factors also matter, such as a minimum weight of 250g, no illness or condition, and a strong body.

As a result, a doe usually only breeds 2-3 times in her lifetime, and for the rest of her life, they’ll live as a pet in the rattery.

The mother and the baby spend the first two weeks together in their large bin cage with hides and other facilities.

Then, around two weeks of age, they will be moved to their grow-out cage, and when the babies are weaned at five weeks, they’ll be kept separately according to their gender.

During those initial five weeks, the rat babies are handled daily, with regular health checkups and cleaning sessions.

It allows them to get used to human touch and socialize. Then, at the age of six weeks, they’re ready for their final checkup and to leave with their new families.

The rats are fed on homemade food mix and lab blocks with veggies a few times a week. They only sell rats in pairs, and if you buy from them, you will get a lifetime of support from the breeder with a share in knowledge and understanding of the rats.

If you find yourself unable to home the rat at any moment, you can always bring them back to Silver’s Rattery, where they’re welcome to spend the rest of their lives.

Silver’s Rattery Details:

3. Esprit Stud


Espirit Stud in Essex would be vital if you’re looking for rats for sale in the UK. They are breeders and exhibitors of fancy rats with registration at the National Fancy Rat Society (NFRS).

They aim to breed top-quality show rats and focus on producing a variety of standard rats with conformation, good health, and even temperament. They follow the standard set by NFRS and have three different types.

They have Russian Blue from dumbo and rex; these are grey-blue with faint speckling and a dark undertone, eyes black, and a thick coat.

Another variety is Roan, born in solid colors but becomes progressively lighter with age and has symmetrical markings.

These two rat breeds are the most in-demand, with unmarked tails, colored eyes, and wavy whiskers. The third variety is copper; they have a base coat of light grey, their eyes are dark ruby, and their metallic sheen is speckled with lilac.

You can visit their website to see the waiting list as they’re a closed rattery, and viewing is not allowed.

However, you can find plenty of pictures and videos on their social media pages, and if you apply for adoption, you can get regular updates from them.

The rats will be available for adoption at the age of 8 weeks (about two months), and you can pick them up at the scheduled visit.

The rats come in pairs as baby rats need to have same-age company; it is necessary for their development and mental well-being.

At the time of application processing, you will be asked a lot of questions so the breeder can ensure that they’re making the right homing decision.

It will help create a proper communication channel, and you can always ask them for support after you bring the pet rat home.

If you cannot care for the adopted rat at any time, Espirit Stud will happily take them back and rehome them if necessary.

Espirit Stud Details:

4. Zephyr Stud


Zephyr Stud in South Cambridgeshire is another of the best rat breeders in the UK on our list. They breed top-eared rats in different shades, tones, and colors, such as American mink and cinnamon, agouti, black, quicksilver and cinnamon.

The breeder is a member of the National Fancy Rate Society (NFRS), the London and Southern Counties Mouse and Rat Club, and the North of England Rat Society.

She has been in the business since 2004, which gives her the leverage of experience and knowledge in breeding and raising rats.

The main objective is to breed well-tempered and healthy rats suitable for showing and as family pets. They have wide varieties available and are currently working on chestnut and double mink but don’t have any dumbos or rexes.

The waiting time is 2-3 months, and you will have to fill in a questionnaire for the breeder to help you find the best Zephyrs.

You will also receive general guidelines for caring for and feeding the rats, and you can make a scheduled visit after filling out the application.

The rats will live with their friends and the breeder till age 7 to 8 weeks, and then they will be ready to go home with you. You will receive a week’s worth of their favorite food, and some other times like toys.

You get to decide the name of the baby rat and will receive their family trees with a logbook that needs to be filled in and sent back twice a year. You will have support from Zephyr’s rattery throughout the rat’s life.

Zephyr Stud Details:

Conclusion For “Best Rat Breeders in the UK”


Rats are not an uncommon choice for house pets; they’re some of the cleanest and most intelligent animals. However, just because they’re easy to maintain doesn’t mean they don’t need as much attention and care as any other pet.

If you want to bring home a pet rat, ensure you can provide them with a happy and healthy environment.

There are many rat breeders in the UK, and all the ones listed above are registered at the NFRS. You can find more on the breeder’s list available on their website.

Some other things to look for in a breeder are their breeding practices, the number of litters available at a time, and how they separate their rats according to sex and age. We hope you make the right choice and bring your pet rats home soon.

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