Why Dogs Like To Sleep With Their Owners – Top 5 Reasons (2024)

A black and white dog cuddled up in bed beside his sleeping owner.

Dogs are very social animals, and when they sleep, they prefer to sleep with another animal or their family members.

If you are comfortable allowing your dog to sleep in your bed, there is no reason you can’t allow him or her to do so.

However, there are some things to keep in mind before you decide if it’s the right option for you and your dog.

Why do dogs like to sleep with their owners? Dogs like to sleep with their owners because it helps them feel safe and warm and makes it easier for them to protect their owners. It also shows a level of affection as dogs have a pack mentality, and in the wild, they would sleep with their pack members.

If you are considering letting your dog sleep in your bed with you, read on to learn more before you make your decision.  

5 Reasons Why Dogs Like To Sleep With Their Owners

If your dog seems to prefer sleeping with you, you may be wondering about the reasons behind it.

There are several different reasons why your dog may prefer to sleep with you or another family member instead of sleeping on his own.

#1. Security

Dogs feel safe with their owners, and the biggest reason they choose to sleep near them is to feel a sense of security.

When your dog snuggles up close to you at night or during the day for a nap, they may sleep better knowing you are near.

#2. Warmth

When your dog sleeps with you, he may enjoy the warmth of your body. Even though dogs have a fur coat, they can still get cold.

In the wild, dogs huddle up for comfort, and your dog may feel the need to do the same to stay warm. 

#3. Protective Instincts

Dogs stick together for protection, and they are at their most vulnerable when sleeping. If one dog in the pack is alerted of something, the entire pack can be alerted and awakened.

When your dog sleeps with you, it could be because of his instinct to stay close and be ready to protect you while you sleep.

#4. Comfort of Being With the “Pack”

Dogs travel and live in packs, and they are used to having another animal around at all times. 

To your dog, you are part of his pack. He will want to be close to you because his instincts tell him to stay close to the pack members.

#5. Affection

Most dogs are affectionate and like to be petted and cuddled.

If you don’t give your dog a lot of affection during the day or if your dog feels like it’s not getting enough attention, he may prefer to sleep with you at night. 

One way dogs show affection to one another is by simply resting in close proximity to each other. If your dog wants to sleep close to you, rest assured that he loves you!

A Dachshund puppy in bed with his female owner.

Why Some Dogs Prefer To Sleep Alone

Some dogs like to have their own personal space or just need more room to stretch when they are sleeping.  

Your dog may see his own bed as his territory and simply like to sleep there alone. Dogs often get up through the night and patrol their homes, but they typically return back to their beds to rest. 

If your dog has always slept with you and suddenly starts sleeping alone, it could be a sign of a health problem, anxiety, or depression.  

Monitor your dog for other symptoms, and if you feel there may be an underlying reason for your dog to be isolating himself when he sleeps, don’t hesitate to bring him to the vet for an examine.

Considerations Before Letting Your Dog Sleep With You

Some people like it when their dog sleeps with them. If you are thinking about allowing your dog to do so, there are some things to keep in mind before going forward with it. 

If you plan to allow your dog to sleep with you, make sure he doesn’t have fleas or ticks. You can get flea medications from your veterinarian.  

Keep in mind that once you allow your dog to start sleeping with you, he will likely always want to sleep with you, and it will be a tough habit to break if you ever change your mind. 

Your dog will also need to get on and off the bed safely.  

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Your dog may also need its own blanket or pillow to prevent him from hogging yours.

Once your dog is allowed in your bed, he will consider the bed part of his territory and will make himself comfortable. 

Related Questions: 

How Does a Dog Choose Whom To Sleep With?

Dogs typically bond more with one person in a family, and it’s usually the person who provides the most care for and attention to them.

It may be the person who feeds or grooms them or the person who plays with them most or spends the most time with them.

Dogs often sleep with the person they feel the most comfortable with and the closest to. 

Why Do Dogs Like To Sleep at Your Feet?

When a dog sleeps at your feet, he is being submissive to you. He may feel safe sleeping near your feet or may feel as if he is protecting you.

Sleeping at your feet also allows a dog to feel when you get up and move to a different location.

Final Thoughts 

Many dogs like to sleep with their owners, and if you are comfortable with it, then it’s perfectly fine to do so.

If you are going to allow your dog to sleep with you, be sure to make the sleeping area safe for them and ensure both you and your dog are comfortable.

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