Boxers And Water: Potential Risks & Tips For Safe Swimming! (2024)


Today we are going to talk about Boxers and water, and their potential risks while giving you tips on safe swimming.

If you have a boxer, you may be hoping to spend some time in the water with it, allowing it to cool off and have fun.

While some boxers make good swimmers, not all enjoy it. If you allow your boxer to swim, make sure you know what to expect from it. 

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Boxers And Water


Do Boxers like water? Many boxers do like the water and have fun swimming and doing water training.

Introducing your boxer to the water at an early age will relieve any fear it may have of the water and improve your dog’s chances of learning to swim properly.

Do you have a boxer and are thinking of reaching it to swim? Read on to learn more.

Boxers And Water – What To Know


Before you take your boxer to your nearest lake or swimming pool, make sure you understand how it may react to the water. 

Can Boxers Swim?

Most boxers can swim, but not all can do so properly. Don’t toss your dog in deep water and assume it can swim. Slowly allow it to wade in the water on its own until you notice it swimming and are sure it is comfortable with it.

Are Boxers Good Swimmers?

Most boxers are good swimmers, but some may be afraid of the water, and their anxiety may prevent them from swimming correctly.

Potential Risks


There are some risks with allowing your boxer to swim, be sure you are aware of them and monitor your dog closely when it is in the water.

Brachycephalic Issues

Boxers are brachycephalic due to their short snouts. This can cause some issues when they are swimming.

Their short noses are hard to keep out of the water, and they have to take short breaths more often, which means more of a chance to breathe in water. Dogs may get water in their noses and panic, causing them to drown.

Body Type

Boxers are not built to be the best swimmers. They don’t have a lot of webbing between their toes, which means they don’t move through the water easily.

They also have short tails, which prevent them from floating and steering themselves through the water. They are also heavily built with deep chests, which makes them less buoyant and can make swimming a lot of work for them.


Boxers have short hair and can have sensitive skin. Being in the water for long periods can lead to sunburn.

Bacteria in Natural Bodies of Water


Some bodies of water have natural bacteria growing in them that can make a boxer sick. Dogs can inhale and drink water when they are swimming, and too much of this natural bacteria can make them sick.


Some pools, ponds, and lakes are treated with chemicals to help keep them clean.

These chemicals can be dangerous to dogs. Boxers may get water in their eyes, noses, and mouths and could consume high amounts of any chemicals in the water.

Heat Stroke

When boxers are in the water, they may feel cool, but the temperatures outside could still be hot.

They don’t know to take a break because the water feels good to them. This could cause them to overheat and lead to a heart stroke.

Do All Boxers Like The Water?


Not all boxers like water. Some boxers can’t swim well and do not like being in deep water. Some will wade in the water and won’t swim. Other dogs do enjoy the water and learn to swim and feel confident in it.

Do Boxers Like Baths?

Many boxers enjoy baths as long as the process is a good experience. Being gentle and ensuring your dog does not feel scared or is not in too much water can help make it more comfortable.

Water Safety Tips For Boxer Dogs


If you are going to take your dog swimming, it’s important to follow these water safety tips. 

  • Introduce your dog to the water slowly. 
  • Give your dog time to feel comfortable in the water
  • Don’t allow your dog to go in deep water if it can’t swim well
  • Never leave your dog alone in large bodies of water
  • Make sure the water conditions are safe for your dog
  • Give your dog breaks out of the water so it doesn’t become too tiring

Related Questions: 

Do Boxers Have Webbed Feet?

Boxers have very little webbing between their toes, which means they can’t move a lot of water easily and may have a hard time treading water or swimming.

Are Boxers Brachycephalic?

Boxers are brachycephalic. They have short snouts, which means they have to work harder to breathe, and their breathing in the water may be less effective.

Conclusion For Boxers And Water: Potential Risks & Tips For Safe Swimming


If you think your boxer would enjoy swimming, it’s okay to introduce it to the water as long as you do so properly.

Never force your dog to swim or leave it in the water alone.

Make sure your dog can swim properly and give it breaks often to avoid exhaustion and brachycephalic issues.

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